The New Kid on the Block...Ken McDougal Jr

Hi everyone,
My name is Ken McDougal Jr and I am brand new here. I am 50 years old, married to my beautiful wife Kim and we are are both happily married and self employed and currently living in Jacksonville, FL.

I have been a Professional Photographer for over 15 years. My wife Kim is a very gifted and talented graphic designer. I started like everyone else (doing weddings, portraits, pets, families etc...) but after 15 years of dealing with all that "Drama" I decided to get out of it. I still love to shoot photos but now I concentrate on nature. I am currently selling vintage postcards, trading cards and old historic black & white photos full time on Ebay and studying Real Estate through Dean.

The only problem with my current business is that it takes a long time to build and the bills come due every month. So I have decided to start a new career in Real Estate.

I'm brand new to all this and I know there will be hurtles along the way because my credit is Really Terrible (right now.) I'm probably going to drive a lot of people crazy with the questions I will ask but I beleive when I don't understand something...I ask!

I am currently reading Dean's Book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and I just hooked up with this website. I am really hoping to network with allot of people here in order to become successful at this. I will not stop until I am a success.

I believe Dean when he says that Real Estate is the best way to become a Millionaire and that is what I am intending to become.

Well...I've said enough. I'll see you nice folks around the boards and on the calls and on this website.

God Bless you Dean and everyone else here.

Ken McDougal Jr Smiling

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