I grew up in a family retail business that spanned 20+ years. "Normal" for me growing up was working hard, making good decisions, treating employees like family, taking vacation without asking anyone or fitting the '1 week per year worked model,' eating good steaks, and enjoying life.

I was privately schooled until college when I attended a public university. I learned more about business from the age of 8 to 18 being around family business than I did at any level of formal education. I spent most of my 'early years' with my eyes and ears open and my mouth shut - unless to ask questions, which I do a lot of. After college, I spent a brief time in our armed forces.

During my 'institutional' working days, I excelled at many things and was often complimented for over achieving. It never took me long to get bored with mundane tasks and the lack of challenges that my J-O-B created. I started feeling resentment when I felt I was out-working everyone around me and wasn't making anymore money for it but I figured 'who' I was working for was.

I took some sales jobs shortly after because I knew it was a skill I needed to make any serious money in the future. I then took knowledge of carpentry skills, which I learned from my step-grandpa who owned his own company and a close personal friend, combined them with my newly acquired sales skills, driven by J-O-B resentment, and applied skills learned from the family business to buy my first house in 2004.

The rest, as we say, is history!

...I have never found anything more challenging and more rewarding that allows me to experience life than Real Estate Investing!

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