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I worked in New York City as a legal secretary for famous uptown attorneys for 15 years. On Sept 11, 2001 - I left NY because I was afraid that terrorists would strike again so I went to work as a legal secretary for the New Jersey Attorney General in Trenton, NJ in December 2001. I didn't feel fulfilled at my job as a legal secretary in NJ. There's been an entrepreneur lurking inside of me for decades. I've tried other business ventures in the past but never made any real money. I've been depressed about it since I left NY in Sept 2001.

I bought Dean's book in April 2009. I got excited and joined Dean's Success Academy but I had real doubts that I could make it in real estate because of the other business failues I've had. I was frozen with fear from May to Oct 2009. What woke me up? Dean's persistence that this program works in small and large cities. I bought an internet marketing tool today (10-20-09) that I paid $995 which was offered by PMI and I'm reading all of Dean's buying and selling marketing blogs. I am not frozen with fear anymore. I believe in me and this success academy that Dean has created. Thanks Dean.

I Choose Joe and Stacy.

I was frozen with fear to take action from May 2009 until Oct 20, 2009 because my past business ventures were failures. I didn't believe in myself. But Dean's persistence in showing me that real estate marketing can be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Dean's travels across America when he met with successful students sharing how they made deals has convinced me to get off of the couch! Marketing is always the hardest part in any business. I'm reading the buyers and sellers marketing info that Dean has given us. Thanks Dean. When I make my first deal, I'll put it on this website.

Sharon from New Jersey

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