Who Am I ?

I'm a Gator Fan, Transplanted from Florida ( I really mean transplant ) moved to NC, followed my daughter two grandchildren and her Eduction. As a boy I stayed bussy in Drum Corp. D.C.I. have been selfemployed most of my life, since the 5th grade. As a young adult I made 5 semi succesful companys, love all kinds of music like , Clasical, Jazz, some Pop. Real Estate is my real passion when I get up in the morning, i can't think of anything but R/E, we had some succsess in "99" but had a bad partner I use to teach this stuff, what I tought him allowed him to go on TV and teach others what he learned. In 2005 I had a stroke that eraced 20yrs of my R/E memory, in 2009 as a new Invester I'll live life and let live with a promiss to be a "Problem Solver " for those that are losing thier homes in this tough bad economy Edgar Barajas " Learn To Be A Problem Solver "

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