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Prime Holdings & Mgt LLC specializes in purchasing distressed properties nationwide. Typically, these properties are in need of some type of repair, ranging from minor cosmetic repairs to complete gutt.

The majority of our properties are sold to Investors for significantly below market value, who will rehab the properties and resell them at full market value.

Our PHMLLC Investors receive "first look" at these properties for purchase prior to us putting them on the open market, or rehabbing ourselves.

At PHMLLC, we have a nationwide network of wholesalers, servicing firms, compilers, and reo companies who present us with GREAT deals on a regular basis.

Prime Holdings and Management Commercial

PHMLLC work with niche funding sources located throughout the United States and Canada. Most businesses have unusual funding needs that cannot be addressed by the commercial banks. These are businesses that either do not meet the credit standards of the banks or where there is reputational risk so the traditional lenders/banks will not fund such borrowers.

PHMLLC introduces special situation financing to any given opportunity. Businesses considered for funding need to have the capability of penetrating or creating global markets.

PHMLLC have Private Investors that can provide seed capital, but more importantly, experience, contacts, marketing and financial advice, customers and business development expertise, pointers on the importance of protecting your intellectual property, hiring and team building, and the guidance to make your business the success you want it to be sooner. If you have built successful businesses in the past, then you know that building the team to make it work is critical.

Prime Holdings and Management LLC
P.O. Box 5472
Mooresville, NC 28117

For more information: http://primeholdingsmgt.com

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