What Keeps You Motivated?

Everyday I deal with teenagers at my day job. Many of them struggle with staying motivated at school. I often encourage them to read "the Secret", which luckily we have in our library. Teens now a days are so anxious to grow up and many of them are already facing parenthood. But they seem to lack direction and motivation. They think school is a joke. Which honestly, to a degree is. Our school system has come down so far it amazes me. I actually am witnessing the dumbing down of America first hand, but that's another blog!!! LOL! Anyway, my point is, I try to help these teens find their motivation each day to keep them on track. Reading "the Secret" was a BIG part of my life change. It's not that I didn't know what the premise of the book teaches, it was that somewhere along the hard road of life I had forgotten the laws of the Universe. There are a total of 11 actually, besides the law of attraction. But again, I digress. My point is, if you don't have anything motivating you each day, then maybe it's time you find something that will do that. Then if that gets stale find something else and keep on and on. Life evolves and so do we. We need to keep evolving. The best way to do that is to keep learning how to have the right mindset to get through today. Then do the same for tomorrow. Write your goals down, have a daily planner, make a dream board, create a mind movie, say daily afformations, try tapping, meditation or even prayer. Whatever it is that works for you, DO IT! Remind yourself everyday what it is that you want out of life and continue to do so until you have it. This is just as important as feeding yourself, or breathing! You HAVE to feed your mind too, it's important! Actually it's the most important organ to properly maintain! The power of the mind is limitless, it's our own beliefs that keeps it's power limited. I know I sound like a motivational coach, but I'm not I'm just a real person, like you. I just believe in sharing knowledge to empower others, as I've been. I do it everyday without even thinking, to the teens around me and even co-workers that seem to be in that 8-5 rut. I have to stay positive and remain focused on the big picture because of what I feed my mind. You can too. Here's a great little video for you to watch everyday to start you off in the morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phL0RLKL8bc&feature=related

Wow Lena!

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That is great! It made me feel good all over! Smiling

My motivation is looking in the mirror every morning and seeing the look of dissapointment staring back at me...I don't like it so I do something to change it! When I look again at the end of the day I'm much happier! Eye-wink

Thank you for sharing!!!!



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That's great! Thanks for sharing that with us. Just keep doing whatever works for you... Eye-wink

God bless,

I love it!

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This is exactly what I am doing today -- DREAMBUILDING!

Great Advice

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As a teacher, I understand what you are seeing in the school systems. That is a powerful motivator for me.

Hey Paula...

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Where in AZ are you? It's nice to see another teacher going into investing. I have such respect for teachers and what they endure day in and day out with today's youth. All my best!

Elena Laughing out loud


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hopefully young investors will be able to live the dream. It really makes you reflect and think about the future of your life and others that you may know. It does come down to inspiration and motivation. Thank you and good luck with all your future deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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I live in Show Low, AZ. It is about 3 hrs northeast of Phoenix. I attended the EDGE. We didn't really meet, but I do remember you speaking. Good Luck!


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This is a topic that I could write about for hours. Setting goals for yourself will build motivation! It is so important to do and say good things about yourself. Constant exposure to a positive enviroment brings on motivation. Much success..........Lubertha

I get motivated by I just

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I get motivated by I just love it!


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The gift of life we are given everyday to get out and make a difference in the world in which we live. By being a living example for my children to follow and others as well. Being able to show them that all dreams are possible. Mch success to all......Lubertha


Thanks Elena, on one of my previous post I asked for some kind of encouragement to keep me fueled, and on track, this is the kind of "premium unleaded" I needed. Thank you

You're welcome!

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I know what that's like. I have to find new ways to keep myself motivated. So I'm always glad to share and help keep others motivated. Seeing Dean, Jan, Jeremy, Laura and Rina put a fire under me. But it can flicker out quickly being around negative people at work everyday. Sad
So I constantly have to motivate myself to keep moving forward... Glad to be your fuel. Eye-wink

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