What's Your "Why" for Investing?

In my video I say why I started my rei journey. I don't remember if it was edited out or not. So I'm going to share it with you. I apologize if I'm repeating it. The reason or my "why" is because of my three lovely daughters. I struggled a lot when they were young and we couldn't afford to have many of the material things their friends had. So I had to work AND play many times to save up and buy them. When I did my first deal I was able to splurge a little on them. I bought my oldest her first car for graduation. I bought myself a van so I could have reliable transportation for once. The twins got school clothes, a computer and other stuff they'd been wanting for a while. I can't remember it all now. Boy being able to give my kids these things made me feel like such a winner. Not to say that material things are most important, they're not, but when you've been without for as long as we had it was such a great feeling to be able to splurge on my family and myself. Although I didn't spend all of it, I continued to invest and lived off the fruits of my labor for a while without working a j.o.b. The luxury of having freedom of time was the BEST reward.
So my question to you is what is YOUR "why"? Doing it for the money just isn't enough. The money's great, but it's just the result, it shouldn't be the reason. There's got to be a reason for wanting the money. Is it for your children? To pay off your home? Maybe send your kids to college? Help those that are less fortunate? Find your "why" keep that vision and stay focused on it. Yesterday my oldest daughter turned 21 and is starting a family of her own. I'm determined to build an empire to leave for all three of my daughters and their families!
Here's a short video of "why" I stay focused on REI:


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Great Post!


Your post was made for me! I have been seeking the answer to this question... not just in real estate, but in life. It is so important to have a "why!" I am currently seeking my purpose in life, and I am finding that RE will help get to my purpose. RE is not necessarily my purpose (I'm very passionate about it and love it), but my purpose is more along the lines of being a teacher's teacher, life coach or whatever else you want to call it. RE will allow me to pursue this passion and/or purpose without having to be tied to a J O B! If you do what you love then it's not a J O B!



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I believe your "why" blog is terrific. All of us want to be financially free and have that "why" to help us get there. The destination is always more fun when others (hopefully many of the DG members) are ready to come along for the ride. I am sure your daughters are very proud of you. Keep up the great work and good luck on all those future deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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Sounds great! My "why" ? I have had some very hard life lessons through my lifetime. Some I just never thought I would get through. Although I did get through so many troubled and hard times in my life, I thank "God" for all of them. Hard times always teach us something in ourselves, STRENGTH and SURVIVAL ! I am happy to have a family that is "wealthy (IN LOVE), healthy ,happy and holy". Having a loving family helps in many ways. My destination is in Real estate investing. I know this because I have the passion in me to do this. Although a little scary at times I want to leave a legacy for my sons to carry on. This is also another way of helping those in need.I also will be able to work on my terms not on someone elses. : )

REI keeps me at peace and it

REI keeps me at peace and it keeps me going.

Good for you!

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Thanks for sharing that Mike!

"WHY" you ask?

A lot of my why is the same as yours. Although my children are grown now I have some of the greatest gifts they could have ever given to me and my wife--- "grandchildren". They're a big reason for my "why". I agree that the money will be nice, but the security of knowing I can pay my tithes, my bills will be paid (on time, lol) and most importantly "freedom"! Freedom to do what I want and when I want. I've lived paycheck to paycheck for so long I thought there was no other way. Vacation? What's that? I've heard other people talk about going on one but for me, when I get vacation on my present job I just don't have to go to work. There's usually no room in my finances to support a vacation. I've always said to myself that working for some one else is what I must do to sustain my way of life, but if GOD ever provided another way for me to do things on my own and not have to punch a clock for some one else I would take full advantage. Here I am REI community, DG family, and I'm here for the long hall. That's my "why".

That's awesome!

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Yes, the freedom of time is the BEST feeling in the world. When I had made my money from REI I was like Greg Clemant. Happy about my life again!! was excited to wake up each day. Not having to work an 8-5 was my biggest accomplishment (other than having my children and writing music that is.) lol.
But I really felt like a winner for once. I could actually buy my children things that I had to save up for before and still have plenty left over. God provides us many ways, it's usually through our own fears or hang ups that we never receive them. The key is not to give up when things get really bad. I've been there and I'm still here working at it. Keep your eyes ALWAYS on the prize! Eye-wink

Why am I doing REI's

Simple reason, DEBT. Like most people in America, debt is on of the leading reasons why I am happy that this opportunity found me, or shall I say a God send. I've been experiencing money since I can remember. I have tried every business opportunity out there. I have always dreamed of being financially independent and self-employed. Always doubting whether or not I could do someting on my own or having faith in myself. Like most family was the driver for wanting to do more than just working for someone for 30 to 40 years, retiring hoping that you saved enough to enjoy the remainder of your life, but life always seems to slap you in the face and say what were you thinking. Coming across this opportunity just proves that there really might be someone out there that wants to "Pay It Forward" and watch others fulfill there dreams with a little effort and a huge amount of support. For once, I want to see what it would be like to not have to worry about living payceck to paycheck, or worrying if you'll have a job over the next 10 to 20 years if at all possible. I want to be there for my children and/or a family member when a crisis comes up instead saying I'm sorry I can't help. This opportunity is those that are smart enough to see how easy it is and not a It's too good to be true" thing. All I have to say anyone that's in this is JUST DO IT !!!!!! and let your faith in God do the rest.

Thank you

Very good post, one of my "why" is for a better retirement life and a rewarding new life in REI.

Betty Smiling


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That's a great why and almost identical to mine. So put some pictures up of that new life to remind you daily of your 'why'. Keep your sights on tunnel vision until you achieve it. If you stumble and fall, get right back up, tomorrow's a new day and it's full of possibilities and opportunities!

Elena Eye-wink

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