Making offers....

Sorry I have not much luck with offers. It's showing the market going up.

My agent he was super upset when I made a offer today, it was sale by owner home, he said any serious offer will be considered, asking off 20% in the tightest market in 7 years.... I don't know how to respond to that.

Off course I was sorry and try to calm him down, but didn't get any respond back yet.

I asking him to give me the amount that he able to work with, it's that right thing to do?

Just Finished the Boots training

We covered this in class. According to everyone at the training, it may be time to find a new agent. Your offers are calculated aggressive offers. And your agent - and their agent - are required to present them to the buyer - even if it "offends them."

Remember, too, only 1 out of 25 of these "calculated aggressive" offers will be accepted.

Who cares what the market is doing? This agent just sounds like he/she is afraid of working for an extremely low commission. That's a valid fear. Ease their pain with explaining your 25 to 1 ratio. You're doing all the working choosing the A list properties. All they have to do is a 5 minute search, and show you a few houses if the pictures are no good and make the offers with a format contract where they only have to change four items. Easy!

This method has been working very well for Dean's students in an up market and down market for years. Don't let them feed you their line of bull. If they won't work with you on this, NEXT! Find an agent who will. But - without giving your entire method away - let them know ahead of time you are going to be making a lot of offers and that they will be CALCULATED AGGRESSIVE OFFERS (that means low). Go ahead and tell them your ratio, too. Let them know you don't expect all of your offers to be accepted. And don't round off those numbers. An offer of $23,456.72 looks more thought out than $23,500.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much

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Totally understand!!! I know it's a lot of rejections before one accept. good luck with your business,and thank you.

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