I am officially under contract!!!!

I made it! I listed the house on Feb 3rd and it went under contract on Feb 14th! I wanted to get 152K for the house and ended up with 151K....not bad!

As we were making the final testing of everything we had a pipe break inside the wall - YIKES! We had to cut a hole in the wall and fix it, lucky for us we were able to determine the area since everything else in the piping was new - this was the only place where we didn't check.

So, I will repaint the wall today and hook up the sink, again.

The house is beautiful and the couple is very excited....and so am I. This is my new career and I couldn't be happier. The appraisal will be sometime this week and I am on the high end of the market so I hope it does well.....

Wish me luck!!!

PS....take a look at the before and after photos of the kitchen and living room.....it's a great transformation!

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Great Pics !

WOW ! I'm soooooo excited for you ! The house looks BEAUTIFUL ! What an awesome Valentines Day Blessing ! Keep it up and looking forward to reading many more success stories ! GOD BLESS.... Carrie

I am officially under contract

Thanks for your comments.....I am very excited. I am already on the hunt for a new property.....


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Great job Susan! I am hoping to get my first deal locked up soon. My fiance and I have been busting our tales to get the right deal. We are working with an amazing RE agent who is always trying to get new properties and deals. Keep up the good work and wish many more deals your way.


Congratulations Susan

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Thanks for sharing the pics; nice kitchen too.


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Nice job its all down hill form now

congratulations isn't life great of joys when you want it to be

your in heaven right now



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What a transformation!

Great job! On to the next.


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