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4/17/12 update

Well I hope everyone got to see Dean's livecast last night (or the replay.) Very informative and helpful.

Since my last posting I've:
posted on site,
Reported some spammers
Got 2 lists of houses for rent (in and out of FL)from my partner in CO. ( Anyone interested in turn key Rental Props please PM me Eye-wink )
Did some recon work on new areas to try to put bandit signs out again
Answered emails and PMs
Been doing a lot of THINKING!

After hearing Matt and Dean last night, I'm getting ready to try again to find a working RE agent. It's getting frustrating to work locally on my own so I'm thinking that if I can't try the 25:1 on the mls listings, I need to just stay with my out of area work.

That's it for now.
Till next time...


It seems like I have become the information center lately LOL. In the past week I have helped at least 4 DGers directly on the phone as well as with my postings. I don't mind so please don't take this as a complaint. Eye-wink This is what this site is for. I'm glad to help.

I'm finding it harder to keep my mind on my other biz as I gear up for another attempt at local business. My search is going into another town close by with a larger population and a bit more desirability. Hopefully my friend's little indiscretions haven't reached that far away.


So I had to disappear for a few days. LOL
There is still some fallout from the GF situation that has been occupying too much of my time. I also needed to get an order done so that too has been in the way.
But... other than that I've been:
Reading my Subject To book by Wendy Patton
Have had a couple of really interesting group calls with non other than Wendy Patton and Carol Stinson. Both were awesome and very informative!!!

Spent time on line helping a couple of DGers and was on the phone with another DGer.
Did my emails and PMs
Cleaned up my office a bit
Listened to some very good videos on REI
Read and posted to a few threads
and tried to figure out HOW to work locally ( all signs point to I need to go further away.)

getting back to work....

What's sometimes hard is understanding that reading is also working. I'm so used to always doing something with my hands that when I sat down to read my book about Subject Tos today, I felt like I wasn't working. At some point I know I will be doing more work with my mind than with my hands (the way it should be!!!!)but that day hasn't come yet. I'm hoping it's soon Smiling

So today's events included a conference call with my group, reading, posting here, and the dishes (lol) I'm used to doing the dishes again so it's not a big deal anymore. Laughing out loud lol

I'm feeling like I need to be doing more and I will be soon. There's no more excuses for my not succeeding so it's "get back to work" time.

I know it's early (11PM is early for me to be writing this) but I'm going back to work now.

3/17/12 A new(ish) begining

Well there has been some fallout from the GF being asked to leave. It might explain some of the failures I've been having at my local level but I will never know for sure. (That's either my paranoia or just a plain fact. Either way I have to overcome this or plan differently.) That's the dangers of dealing with a small town.

3/13/12 I'm Backkkkkkk

I bet you all were wondering where I've been. I must have fallen off the face of LOL
Okay, here's the scoop:

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