Looking for a investor group in the Bronx

Does anyone in the Bronx area or new york city know where i can find a good Investor group or a title company in that area?. You can reach me by phone 917-242-9754 or email at deegrant33@****. Just ask for Grant.

Hi Bird Dog For Hire LOTS OF Time to Search ?

Hi Brett here I,m a Bird Dog for Hire ? Please Reply Need Work asap , Have a lot of free Time ?, Hard Worker Right Hand Man .


I am looking for cash buyers and real estate investors to work with in the Farmington, N.M. area. Please feel free to contact me and lets move forward.

Getting back in the game!

I am so excited to be here! I had to step away for awhile to deal with some personal losses, but now I'm back, wiser, and stronger than ever!

I am home.


creative acquisition of properties in Cleveland Ohio - what do you think?

So I have started working with a great contractor in the Cleveland Ohio area and teamed up to bring great deals to any investors looking for one.

These deals are a little different to regular wholesaling and work as follows:

1. We find the property and present the numbers to you.
2. If you're happy with the numbers you enter a tripartite agreement with myself and my contracting team. You purchase the property and we rehab the house to an agreed ARV.
3. You provide up front 30% of rehab cost to begin rehab and for materials.
4. At 60% completion of rehab you provide an additional 30% rehab cost.
5. At 100%, you pay remaining rehab cost and consultation fee.You end up with a high quality property that you can rent for a great price or sell at the agreed ARV.

Buyer's List Newbie

Hi All, Hope you having a great Hump day.

I am a newbie at creating a buyers list but i am moving forward on doing it. I recently post a ghost ad on craigslist to start getting buyers and I have received emails back from it. Now here is the thing how do I tell them it is not a real AD along with getting information and not having them think I am a phony or them brushing me off? they actually left numbers to call them back.

Your thought Ladies and Gent.

Thank you in advance,

Have a blessed day!

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