Looking For A Mentor

Hi, I've been at this for years.... I'm looking for a mentor that has gone thur the hard part already, someone that has closed deals.
I need help I don't wanna give up because I feel Real Estate works and reading comments and stories on this site everyday proves that!


How to locate investors but were specifically do we find the properties needed to pass along, our investor.

Thank You.


so when using the double close exit strategy what forms are needed?

Never Give up!

today is a new day and I am ready to get this going again,
today I recommitted to my faith as well as a renewed commitment to my health.
and a fire for getting my business going by the end of the month.

so I worked most of the evening after work to setup my business to get leads.

it is set up and now I will wait to getmy leads in.

I will post results tomorrow...

Lien on property

I have a friend that bought a mobile home, the mobile home burned down in a fire. The insurance company sent out a check, but it has their name and the lienholder on it they never knew it was a lien on the property. the lien holder said they have to give them the check or it won't be cashed.

What can they do?


Hello my name is Steven and I attend college and recently I noticed several homes around the school go up for sale. I was wondering if anyone was interested in buying the house and paying me a Finders FEE?

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