Count Your Blessings!

My REI journey has been a long hard road. I've had my ups and downs like everyone else. Along my journey I've acquired specialized knowledge that has given me the privilege to help others along the way. Every day I work through my fears and challenges brings me one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming financially free. Although I keep my vision of that future in my head and reminders of all over my walls, I still have to remind myself to count my blessings each day.


Everyday, whether I post or not, I read the post in the forums and I think....there are so many NEW people joining us everyday but do they realize the REAL opportunity that is knocking.

Its not everyday that you get to join a community like or much of anywhere else for that matter, and be able to talk with, get advice and learn from hundreds of others - ALL pursuing the same dream. Financial independence, security, log-term cash flow and peace of mind.

Too many renters, Not Enough Homes!!!

My heart just ached today for several people that have responded to our ad from this week. It took only 2 days to rent out the 3/2 we have ready for rent. I've had several calls from people in desperate situations. I just got off the phone with a woman who's daughter just lost her house due to foreclosure. We talked for like 1/2 hour. I just listened and sympathized. Unfortunately I do not have another house open right now. I asked if she had tried to sell. The mom said "No, because the lender had made it sound like they were going to work with us.

Believing in myself and working toward my REALITY

I think this blog thing is a good addition to the site. So I want to post a few thoughts that I dont think belong in my journal.

Well I realized a long time ago that if I could not believe in myself then I would never succeed in my endeavours and I could never really help others success in thiers. So via the school of hard knock I have ended u here. On Dean Graziosi's website with a head full of great real estate knowledge and a new found inspiration and abilty to believe in myself even more than I alrweady did.

Real REI

I don't really have any experience with other websites/chat rooms, but I've watched the kids get into these fantasy chat rooms (not bad, just kid stuff) where people create these little characters and make up whatever they want to about themselves. One thing about THIS site and the information in it is that it is reality and real-time. I love that.
It's great to share the REI that we get to do, big or small. So thank you to all that have shared, and NEVER feel like your story is too small to put in here. ALL REI is exciting to a real enthusiast.

God bless,


Privilege to be here.

One of my first thoughts each day (after thanking God for another day and thinking of my own family Smiling ), is checking on my DG family. Every morning I get on the computer to check new listings and dg site. I DO feel like this is my virtual REI family. I have to say probably once a week I have a little lapse of confidence in how aggressive I'm being in REI. But every time, all I have to do is come in here and read some encouraging posts and I'm right back on the top of my game. I really don't think I could do it so confidently without you all.

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