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Today is full day for me, have 4 comps for 4 houses, but all of them not going so well, the asking prices are all higher then my FMV. I start to question myself if I did anything to mix up numbers?_?. I am going to call the wonderful support line to find out what's up!!! I like to know to learn it why it's all FMV lower than asking price and did I do it right.

making more offers!!

Focus on making 5 offer this week, today find out at least 5 possibles home, tomorrow ask my agent to write up contract offers. Monday has one woman focus business for real estate club, Tuesday has my coach calling us to see how we doing. Wednesday going to Buyer summit at Las Vegas for 4 days. It's going to be exciting week, and September 15 is Dusting and I six years together ^_^ Wow going to be busy week. And got more educated meeting with Mr Dean Graziosi Ohhhhhh that's so awesome!!! Super excite!!!!!

of course, we also making to make some more deal and earn some green for our future. Thanks everyone for making our life exciting ^_^

Making offers....

Sorry I have not much luck with offers. It's showing the market going up.

My agent he was super upset when I made a offer today, it was sale by owner home, he said any serious offer will be considered, asking off 20% in the tightest market in 7 years.... I don't know how to respond to that.

Off course I was sorry and try to calm him down, but didn't get any respond back yet.

I asking him to give me the amount that he able to work with, it's that right thing to do?

Awesome short sale home!!!

Today I personally went out to check on one house that's super cute and (Cheap) outside it's well maintain I didn't have key to go inside, so I still making a offer on it. Due to lovely area, and great price. After I email my Realtor, I was super excited to tell my partner. and guess what it's may might be our first day, and he said we can do SHORT SALE. it's very true we can Not do short sale, when we don't have any money left and just starting this Amazing business, (Thank God this system work with poor people like us) lol so I don't know if it's true unable to do assignment contract or double closing. so I will call the support line tomorrow again, because it's 3 hours different from our time zone.

Finished first week!!

Well it's only first week, but felt like a season long. Done a lot actually, found buyers, got business cards, travel to see houses, made appointment to see attorney, and try to making couple offers to my realtor and got rejected and dump by her lol, my partner kindly told me its only first week keep up don't worry it's going to be alright We can do this. I love that man he always cheerful even when we have nothing but we have each other that when he said to me every time at lease we have roof over our heads!!! Good man hard to find those day, sometime I forget how luck I am to share life with amazing guy. We have our down time at DG real estate no one said its going to be easy, we will keep at it until we got it and do it right!!!

Same as my blog?

my name is Ling and my fiance Dustin is my best friend and awesome guy in my whole world is doing this Dean Graziosi Real Estate Investment with me, we are engaged to be marry, planning to date is December sometimes. I work as Manager for restaurant making very hard money but saving up for three years just on wedding, that's not going to be easy for us. I am Chinese and Dustin is America Iris Wonderful Man (in my world). Point is we use all our saving and I quit my 70-80 hours week one day off a week job for this, it is our passion and for future. I want to have everyone come to my International Chinese Wedding at China.Of course, by doing the Investment I don't have worry about money in the future because we don't ask for much just simple security income and better life style.

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