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Replay! Conference Call Tuesday, December 22nd @ 9PM EST - Special Guest Jeff Jensen


Tonight (Tuesday, December 22nd), I'm going to close out 2009 with a tele-training featuring a FULL hour of Jeff and I talking about something everyone
wants to know...

How to Build a Buyers List in Your Town

Now go and register for the call to save your spot!

FIXED! UPDATED! ******NEW UPDATES! ********** Dean's Very Special SuccessFest Conference Call - Oct. 28th, 2009 @ 9PM ET

We have a lot of reports of people having trouble getting their order in. We have had way more people hammering the order system and video system than we imagined!

We underestimated the demand and you're in luck! Because you had a problem ANYONE who orders tonight will get a free book, whether they are the first 1,000 or not!


Also, we are extending the ordering for another 2 hours!

If you got froze during checkout, order now, you will not be charged twice!

Now go in and order before the clock runs out!

Here is the link to get Empowering Conversations!!!

Here is the replay!

Don't wait a minute longer to jump on the special offer created for just those who were part of SuccessFest!

REPLAY! Conference Call Thursday, October 1st @ 9:00PM ET!

Listen to the Replay!

Register for future calls here:

Conference Call REPLAY- Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 @ 9PM EST

The EDGE is selling out fast. Presale orders were closed at 12:30am EST after the call. The official launch started TODAY at 6:00 am EST. About 70% of the sets that we have were sold tonight, so the rest should be gone by today - there is only a limited number of sets we have left to ship, so first come - first serve.


PS: Great job on the call Joe and Stacey, and as always, Dean as well...!

Call REPLAY! Thursday, June 18 @ 9PM EST - What to do this week to make money as an investor!

The replay includes the complete call (those listening live on the web missed the end).

The number for success academy is below, give it call right now to get more information how you can be Dean's next success story!


REPLAY! Conference Call - Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 @ 9:00PM ET

UPDATE: Listen to the replay right here! (There was a little technical difficulties with the audio in the beginning but it clears right up once the call gets going) Eye-wink

Listen To Replay: January, 29th 2009 Conference Call

This month's conference call was a great one! If you missed it, listen to replay right here!

REMINDER: Conference Call - Thursday, January 29th, 2009 @ 9:00PM


Thursday, January 29th, at 9:00pm ET (6:00pm PT lookup time your time zone).

The phone number for the call is 507-726-3300 and the pass code is 88171.
A secondary number for the call is 712-338-8100 with the pass code 88171.

Because of response, the phone lines may be jammed, so if you happen to have
speakers on your computer, you may want to listen online instead of calling in.

Simply turn up your speakers, and with one-click of the mouse you're listening live!

To listen to the call LIVE Online please use the player below.

First, register for the call using the form below, this will get you access to the call in information!

First Name *
Last Name *
Email *

Special Note: We expect the lines to be maxed out so plan on listening online (it's a live broadcast) if you cannot get through.

When the call starts the below player will be streaming live for online access.

Update: Conference Call Complete! REPLAY HERE!

The conference call is complete. Thank you to all who participated! You can listen to the replay live online using the player below.

(Note: There are some technical difficulties towards the end of the call that last about 4 minutes. You can download the MP3 version and play it on your computer if you want to skip through it.)

Conference Call 12/9 - Get The Info and Submit Your Questions

UPDATE: The conference call is complete! Listen to the replay!

We have a new conference call scheduled for December 9th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

As many of you know, we offer the ability to both dial in and now listen live on the Internet as well.

See the rest of this post for access info and to submit your questions or comments you would like addresses during the call...

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