Are You Getting Everything? We Hope So!

As you know Dean's Blitz is in full swing. If you were on the last call you probably heard Dean talk about a special REI tool he was giving away to everyone following the Blitz...

Well, it is coming very soon. In fact, the finishing touches are being put on as I write this and being leaked to a couple people at a time to get feedback and make sure the bugs are out of it in time for everyone to use.

With that on the horizon, are you sure you are getting all of the emails, and in a timely manner? Some people have reported the emails showed up a couple days late, or went to spam, or didn't come at all. We don't want you to miss this one, so to be sure you are getting the emails we put together this guide on how to "whitelist" Dean's emails to make sure you get it right away.

Checkout this link and it will guide you on how to ensure the email gets through, whether you use Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL or others:

The reason I put this out in advance is because when people start talking about the tools and giving their feedback, and asking questions no doubt many might miss the email and wonder why they had not received it yet. If you "whitelist" the emails you should have no problem getting it when everyone else does.

If you are unsure if you are receiving the Blitz emails you can signup again here (it doesn't matter if you are already signed up or not, you won't get duplicates):


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Thanks for checking on the family about the blitz your doing a really good job dgadmin. I am getting them and im always checking my inbox that is one thing that im on top of.Just keep sending them, I love to learn new knowlegde.


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Thanks for the the information and the update on the "Blitz". Most of the DG family are on the edge of their seats and can't wait to see what is next!

The great thing it is like a never ending assortment of goodies ! Once you learn, review and digest one helpful topic, your glass is refilled with another great topic! Information is power! Thank you for providing such great information for all of us to learn, apply and prosper. Continued success as the DG website reaches new heights! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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I just lovedddddd reading all of the real life stores from the EDGE meeting, so many signs of success and it shows us that this is real and very possible. Keep it coming Dean!! I look forward to seeing the success videos next!



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Thank you for letting me know about how to set up and check spam folder for your emails. I was wondering why I was not receiving any mail from you and low and behold here it was in my spam folder. I got it all taken care of read everyone and can't wait to see what is around the corner! Dean, I thank you for all your help that you have given us.


Thanks re: how to receive your emails

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I get a combination of emails of yours that go into spam and into my inbox, but I make sure I check each every day as I don't want to miss anything. Thank you for helping us figure out how to make sure we receive your emails and in a timely manner.

Also, the stories from the Edge participants were inspiring. Wish I could read them all! My enthusiasm is growing each day and I am so curious/exciting to know what's next...and what this REI tool is that you'll be giving us! Thanks Dean and the entire Dean crew!


I would have liked to have been there with you all but maybe next time. The stories were great and inspiring. Can't wait for what's next.


The letters were priceless!Just like the event was...Reading the Letters.

As Always

Dean, as always, it is never ending. As Jeremy said, every time we feel we've had enough, you keep coming with additional ammunition to propel us along. I do appreciate all the information you are providing for us all. May God Continue To Bless You.



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