Stay a Part...Not Apart

Here's an important truth for everyone who relies on the information, support and wisdom from this investor community.

We are here to continue to guide, help and encourage you to succeed. Not only real estate, but in reaching your goals as a citizen of this planet. While some are feeling elated about their outlook for the future, others are feeling the exact opposite. Take this message to heart. You have all the capabilities you need to live the life you want.

Thanks Dean

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Just wanted to say that I didn't take advantage of the "IE" right away but I am going to be a part of it soon. Thanks for the payment plans but even the $253.00 was high right now! I have it (the "IE" membership) as one of my goals. It's good to know that is still going to be there.
thanks again,
John H

Incrediable opportunity

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Thank you so much Dean and all of your team and coaches for giving this increadible opportunity for people to connect and support each other!!

This is the greatest creation of all!!

I got in!

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I got in, and it feels pretty awesome! It was so nice to meet you in person at the Summit in Vegas. My husband and I are now the proud owners of a rental property in Tennessee. And I also purchased 4 Tax Liens funded with our IRA. Finally we can let that money work FOR us, instead of just sitting there doing nothing.
Am very much looking forward to all y'all's success (as Robert Shemin would say).

Love y'all!

Thanks for the post. it is

Thanks for the post. it is better and stronger to stay as part or a whole that separate and be apart.

Thank you Dean

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for talking about this site vs the new one so that we all understand that this site will still be here. This is truly an amazing site. I know I had some harsh words about the change, but I am truly working the site and adjusting to the new information and changes. I Truly, truly appreciate this DG site. You do what no other person in business does, and I hope you forgive my humble opinion about the challenges of the new site for me. I am making it work. That is afterall why I jumped in! Tammy

Stay Apart Don't Let Fear, The Vilian, Negative Rule Your Life..

I have started many programs and gave up because I felt I'm not good enough, I'm stupid, I don't know how to talk, Scared of the Unknown, Scared to speak out, Took all the Negativity from Family and Friends....I hit rock bottom...Then I seen Dean on TV 5 or 6 times it was like god was trying to tell me something but I didn't see the signs....One night I did and I got his book never read it still haven't I'm not much of a reader...I read a few pages and found the web site address for this web site...I Joined PMI going into it if I don't finish or move forward with the program I felt if I learned anything it would be worth it to me...Like every program I got stuck couldn't get past getting the buyers list I felt stupid hated myself for making things harder then what they are...Well I got another phone call and that's when My life changed I have Dean to thank because if it wasn't for his passion on wanting to teach his students and yes it cost don't go out on the town for a couple of months....The call was from High Probability living and they gave a hand full of PMI students a chance to go through the program with 8 sessions with Mark Tapp...I was skeptical at first and I was one of the students they picked...The program was worth every penny...Mark Tapp change my life...I have never felt so good about myself he has literally turned my whole world around...I learned to live again and I Learned to open doors and move on to the next....I since Joined Insider Elite program and I'm going to keep moving forward and open more doors...I believe that everyone should go through High Probability Living it changed my life and I thank Dean for his passion for wanting to help his students to be the best they can be....
Thank You

RE: "lost in NJ" I'm from NJ as well

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I couldn't join but will when the next opportunity comes. I will say that NJ homes haven't gone down as much as the rest of the country as a matter of fact it may be in better shape housing wise than any other state at the current time. But is that such a bad thing? There's still foreclosures, upside down mortgages and jumbo loans out there about to add to the list. Once you find a deal below market the profit will be higher than other states. And if you are looking for areas that have dropped in value you have Edison and Atlantic City that were both on the top 5 hardest hit about a month ago. There's still plenty of deals to be made here but if you don't like the situation here there's NY and Philadelphia right next door. The main thing is building a good team and knowing your market. Even if you don't know the market at least have a team member that does. Go to your local REIA group which is what helped me. If you don't like the one near you go to another one but you'll be with like minded individuals and may be able to connect with a few and make things happen. I'm not someone that usually makes it in any program but this site alone has help me tremendously. When I finally went to a REIA meeting I connected with my now business partner and we didn't know at the time but we are both DGer's. I wouldn't have met her if I didn't get out there. Jersey has plenty to offer and there's also deals right here on this site. Try to get your mindset open to possibilities because if not you'll have a deal right in front of you and you'll either hesitate or not see it at all. I know you can do it. Don't give up!


Where is it?

I do not know where it went!

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Sorry Gloria! Sad

Lost, keep at it daily

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What did you do today, yesterday and the day before? What are you planning on doing tomorrow? Basically, have you taken action everyday? Have you asked questions here on when you've hit stumbling blocks? When you fall down, do you give up and say it doesn't work, or do you brush yourself off and try again? Its about mindset; which is what the IE helps give you. I'm sorry things aren't working out for you, but I hope you give yourself an honest assessment. I know that back in July I was working on 12 deals. EVERY SINGLE ONE fell through. But, it doesn't stop me. I KEEP GOING. I don't simply say it doesn't work and GIVE UP. This is about persistence, perseverance, patience, and picking up after failures. Success is 90% failure!

Real Estate Invasting

Researching, checking it out, dipping my big toe in the water one step at a time

30 days to RE cash

I'm reading this book now. one of my goals is to do as it says to do. Hence this post. If anyone is trying to find cash buyers, it seemed impossible to me at first, Go to your local REI clubs. I have not only meet and had coffee or lunch with with several cash buyers, but a few have taken me out to there projects to show me the ropes. I love my new career
Best Wishes to you all

Rather than...

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In Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," he sights the different mentalities between "we can't afford this" and "HOW can we afford this?"

A friend of mine's daughter asked her father for a new iPhone. He said, "When you sell my sailboat I will buy you an iPhone." So she got on eBay and successfully sold his boat. She got her phone.

I'm enrolled in Insider Elite. I wasn't going to at first glance. But when Dean offered the trial, I went for it. Don't really have the money. So in this interim trial period not only am I soaking up all the benefits, I've reviewed my monthly expenditures (each small, but they add up) and I am cutting out unnecessary expenses and making small sacrifices to be able to afford the benefits of the IE program. It's my leap of faith. It's chock full of "goodies!" There's great value in this program. It's "needs" over "wants." I need this program to further my RE future. Gotta give up something, to gain something better! Laughing out loud
It's like Dean says: Belong to something bigger than yourself."
PS. I will sell something if I must. Sticking out tongue

When you read...

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When you read Dean's books, he explains how the real estate market "roller coasters" over time. He tells of the 6-7 different markets. It's up to investors to understand and decide which one they're in at any given time and to adjust their model to that specific market. Every strategy model works, but not in every market. Adjustments must be made. See: BARM

Dean been off doing other stuff, but I did manage to:

Go to the Azeria Real Estate Meeting here in Tucson, and made some contacts! Wooohooo! I have talked with two Real Estate Agents and asked them to send me listings on properities I am looking to invest in. I have at least two contacts for Lenders, with access to many more lenders! I talked to one of the Lenders and he said to bring him 5 best deals to see what can be done. Now that's where I am at, oh yeah I also made a list of properites I am looking at, but need to figure out what's next. Help with any advice. Still need to Read my books, about half way with my Profit from RE Now book. I will be back on track tomorrow. I started today again. A lot has been happening in my live right now, and I desided that I will look for a night shift J.O.B. which I hate to do, but need the income right now. In getting a night job, I can persue my dream now with Becoming the Real Estate Investor I aim to be. Thank you and God bless you all!
Nancy as # 1 *Sunshine*

thinking outside the box

i myself am totally disabled spending pretty much 24/7 bedridden..but knew about property from being in construction for over 30 yrs...yet have learned from dean as iv'e been open minded to learning from anyone if you're in the right place at the right time...i do have some days i do take extra pain meds to do property deals to finacially secure the rest of the time i have an my wife and kids/grandkids life when gone...also teaching my wife and a friend to carry the torch... the friend i'm helping is also disabled that recieved a settlement and had a bank investor set him up with monthly checks taking there part,with him being in his 30s when happened his accountant asked him a yr ago,now in his mid 40s and his principal going down if he had money he didn't tell him about..after telling him no he told him he would be broke b4 he was 50 leaving him homeless...being a single dad with a 5 yr old son he called me and asked for help.. what i have done for him and myself is started buying houses in good shape needing no more than 10 grand to get them rentable...telling him we would not invest in any house after done in any neighborhood we wouldn't live in the county i'm investing in i live in myself made up of several small country towns with rent from $350 for a 1 bedroom up to $1000 for a 3 beddrom,and a up and comming secret is to shoot for house we can rent out for around $500 a month and buy for under 40 thou...that way they will rent out in any economy,and if sit empty a month or 2 between renters the rent is low enought it won't hurt after you have enough of them...i told him it's not a get rich quick sceme but will give him a life time of finaciall security with the money he had to work with and would take 1 yr to have him paying his bills with alittle left over each the end of the 2nd yr i would have him with about $3ooo a month after paying bills owening his houses outright..we are now in the 2nd yr and on track..then the 3rd yr we would start buying an sellin if he wanted or hold and rent for more income...but then would move into getting a few loans and buy apts. so since most get used to living off what you have comming in,with him depending on rent money to live and my wife being in the same situation after i pass loseing my ssi disability and disability pension checks,i now have comming in to live off of and invest, until she is old enough to retire being in our late 40s, after 15 yrs the apts. would be payed off giving them a might be playing it the safe way but it works for us...i did buy a 5000 sq ft church they were asking 67 thou. i got for 20thou. just about ready to go on the market as a 4 bedroom,2 kitchen,original hardwood floors refinished,17ft heigh living/kitchen ceiling with open floor plan.masterbed room just is the original balcony for the organist,closed in being just under 500 sq ft with 12 ft by 11 ft walkin closet....bell tower closed in with windows with custom made stain glass windows on all 4 sides being 60 plus ft heigh as an observation tower and basement finished set up for entertaining,keeping part of the church look with the original windows and more,along with the old style caracter being built in 1850,and combinding it with modern style...was tricky keeping all 3 but have had plenty of good comments on it and not one bad one...hopeing to appraise for 250 thou. has been a 2 and a half yr project so i can pay as i go..already paying off and not oweing anything on it when it sells i should be able to buy myself 3 or 4 houses for cash and rent out for the same $500 a month i'm setting him up doing...after that knowing each of us will have plenty of equity by already having houses paid off,we will explore new ideas from there...not touching our principals/original houses, we will have finacial security for life and hope to try some of deans ideas from there, possibily taking in new investors...who knows maybe be lucky enough to do a deal or so with dean...thanks DEAN for your motovation to keep going and reminding me if an idea fails if you keep going it was just the idea that failed and you don't fail until you give up !!!!!


Instead of taking time to watch videos I have, look at the sites available to me, or go over the notes and workbook i have, adjusting my lifestyle for a better tomorrow has been in effect. and here I am today ;)I am setting a goal to take 5hrs out a day for two days out of a week for my interest here. GOD BLESS all.

Weekly Wisdom - Mid-week

Hi Dean,

I will remain on your sight no matter what. I will be moving in the next two to three months. When I do, I will be making a lot of changes in my life. Change is good and I think it's good for me. You have given me so much wisdom and inspiration and uplifting. I am eternally grateful for this.

From time to time, since I have no home computer, I will be using the Library one. I have to do some major job hunting and then in 2013, I will definitely be a part of the DG family and the success academy.

Talk to you soon,

Mid-week Weekly Wisdom

Hi Dean,

You are so right about feeling you're the crazy one if you try to learn Spanish among Italian-speaking people. When my other two children started school, the school sent home a number of forms to be filled out and to be read. One of the forms said to only pack healthy snacks for the children. When I attended a school function - I think it was meet-the-teacher night, they told me I was the only one reading and following what they sent home. Every other parent in this school was sending junk with their children for snack. I did feel left out - almost as if I was crazy, even if this time, I was doing the right thing.

That is why so many of our friends discourage us from getting into Real Estate. However, I do not listen to them. If I feel something is going to be good for me in the long run, I will get it done, no matter what anyone says. I have a friend right now who calls me a lot. I have cut down on the calls by putting my phone off during the early mornings and when I am praying. Then I attended two schools so she could not call as much. I have told her I am not a phone person. She calls anyway. If I cut her off, she calls back a bit later. It got to a point where I had to ask her not to call me during school or when I am praying. She calls at night. The bad thing is that she talks about what her family and friends have done to her. I keep telling her to move on and although she says she is, she is stuck in the past. If I do not answer my phone, she shows up at my door. The thing is, she is a good person. I have mentioned Real Estate to her. She said she is not interested in that. I will not let her keep me from doing Real Estate, though.

Well, I have to learn to say no to her. People like that do not take no for an answer. I do not want to be downright rude to her, but right now, it looks like my only option. If I tell her I'm busy, I'll call her back, she calls.

Until the next Weekly Wisdom,

Mid-week Weekly Wisdom

Hi Dean,

Thanks again for always inspiring us. We all need that from time to time. I hope all is OK with your step-dad. Well, stay healthy and happy and hardworking. Till the next Weekly Wisdom

Weekly Wisdom

Hi Dean,

Because I was so busy getting my medicals, then driver's medicals, then police check, then studying for my 'B' written exam, then attending classes for my 'Z' licence, which is air brake, since most buses have air brakes these days, then going to training school to learn to drive the big long yellow school bus, and finally doing and passing my 'B' practical exam, I did not have much time to go to the library. I had to drive for one hour to do the practical, then have a driving lesson in the big long yellow school bus for an hour and a half, then drive an hour back to Milton, Ontario, where I live. I had to wake up at 5:30, do a 20-30 minute work out, prepare my son for school since he is in French Immersion, take him to his old school for 7:45, because the bus goes there to pick up the children for French Immersion from his old school, then the bus leaves at 7:46 a.m. and takes him to his new school. When I returned, I had to prepare for two schools. All that's about to be over and I have to do some serious job hunting. I ended up missing out on the four videos. When I attempt to tune in now, I just get the mid-week Weekly Wisdom. I will, however, participate next time around. I won't be so busy, and I hope to have my computer, cable and internet at my new place.

Talk to you later,

Video 4

Again, Dean, I did not get Video 4. I got mid-week weekly wisdom. Later will be greater.

Bye for now,

Thanks Dean

Hi Dean:
Listen, i just wanted to take this opportunity in short to say, that you are truly genuine, and honest, and although i have not done my first deal yet, i feel motivated after reading your book and noticing one of your students is from where i live Brooklyn NY; hence, i at first thought it wasn't possible in being that it is expensive where i live, but my community is a jewish community, although i'm not jewish, and they have a lot of money to spend, since they are all millionaires, and will buy any priced property. My hope is to do my firs deal and hopefully work for you as an area manager one day. If i could work for you today i would quit my job today, that's how serious i want to take this. I just want to give my kids a better life, i'm not concern for myself, but for those i love.
Well, i said i keep it short. Thanks, for listening and hope the best for everyone here.

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