CA: Undeveloped 440+ Acres with Breathtaking Views

CA, close to Malibu, downtown L.A. (Los Angeles county)

442 acres (zoned: A-2)

JMV: $35 Mio

52% ===> Wholesale Price: $18 Mio
($8 Mio in actual CA$H required! Owner willing to finance the rest)


This is ONE huge parcel, (probably the last) privately owned land that size in LA county, zoned A-2 for residential, orchard, horses, cattle, vinery, golf course.... you name it!

The property is already approved for at least 65+ luxury homes (on 2 acres each), but will probably allow you to build more like 90 such homes). It has GEOURGOUS 20+ mile views, is located in a very desirable, high-end area. And you can pick it up at less than 52% of its actual value. Email for more photos/info.

Make an offer, or bring your developer/buyer!

CONTACT: call Conny (727) 394-4986

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Please, feel free to post your own Wholesale Deals here!

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....because that's the reason why I created this group in the first place! LOL

The more, the better. And hopefully I you have properties my investors can buy!

Lots of success to all of you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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Anybody interested in a wholesale deal/rehab in Greensboro?

2+1, $21,000 27406

Email me for more details!


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Anybody interested in a wholesale deal/rehab in Greensboro?

2+1 $21,000 27406

Email me for more details!

Any rehab deals in GA?

I was wondering if there are any rehab deals in GA anyone might have? Thanx.

There are a ton that I know of...

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Hello HolyJuan,

Shoot us an email and we'll get you a list of rehabs in Georgia. Just send us your email address and any criteria you need and we'll get you some homes to choose from!!!

Chip & Andrea Weule


Anyone interested in deals in northern Al.?
I will birddog for any interested investor.
I live in Cullman Al. and can work from Birmingham north to Tn. state line,including Huntsville, with the Space & Rocket Center and Redstone Arsonal.

If titerested go to tedeliz@****


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hi conny,
i'm new to this club and want to know if you or anyone have anything new?
i'm starting to wholesale in md.,de.,and n.c.
i'm also interested in national wholesaling.
let's make some money.
keep moving forward,rob

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