Conference Call - Tuesday, March 1st 2011 @ 6PM PST - "Marketing Properties for Quick Cash"

We had another great conference call on Tuesday, March 1st. If for some reason you missed it, then you are in luck. You can listen to the replay below right now. The topic for this call is "Marketing Properties for Quick Cash"

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I'm ready

willowme's picture

Looking forward to hearing a live call!

Call with Matt and Dean

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I'm very excited to hear this call. Dean and Matt are both an inspiration for us not just in real estate but in our other business.

A BIG THANK YOU to Dean and your staff!

Who's got the popcorn?

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Thanks Dean and Matt! Looking forward to it.

Looking forward to starting, just got my package!

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Just need to read a lot since I'm very new to this. I want to put a lot of effort and time on this since it looks like it pays off. We'll see, wish me luck!!!


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Amazing call!! I an taking these tips and running with them! Learned some new stuff... thanks Matt!

Conference Call

Great call Dean & Matt good information.

Thanks Bertha

Great call...TY to Matt and Dean

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Thank you sooooooo much if the call I learned so much. I would Love to get my hands on a hars copy of a check list of what Matt is submitting! I am greatful that I got the night off from work to be a part of this call. Please keep on teaching me!!

Marketing to buyers for quick cash

A little disappointed expected more solid information and less cheer leading.Still, did learn one thing so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Looking forward to the next one.

1st conference call

This is my 1st conference call and it was awesome. I am looking forward to getting busy as a real estate investor.

Thank you


Great Phone Conference

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Hey Dean and Matt,

This was a great phone conference. I learned a lot from you tonight. I will begin immediately to put these practices to work, I see the top of the mountain, and you have given me the tools to get over it to the other side.

Thanks you greatly,



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THAT is what I was missing....full service. Thank you so much Dean & Matt! INCREDIBLE WAKE-UP CALL!

A Massive amount of information to literally 'gain the edge'! Smiling

Thank you,

Great Call TONIGHT

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Great Job Matt & Dean. What wonderful information you shared tonight. Enjoyed!!!

Dean and Matt

Great, Great call!

The Student has become the teacher.

What a great call! Thanks so much Dean for
having Matt on the call to share his knowledge.

It is encouraging to know the student has become
the teacher. (:

Thanks so much,


conference call

john here hey dean thanks for the email about conference call you and matt sharde some great information i really enjoyed it again thanks a million good night to you and your family matt and the whole dg family.

conference call

john here hey dean thanks for the email about conference call you and matt sharde some great information i really enjoyed it again thanks a million good night to you and your family matt and the whole dg family.

WOW !!!


conference call with matt

being a full service real estate provider is golden this will take out any question of why the investor didn't bite. also the fact of selling cheap like walmart will keep them coming back especially if you can give them a bank that will refy without seasoning.last but not least become a problem solver and y ou will make a lot of money thanks matt and dean and company SAL

Conference call w/ Matt

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That was a great call. I was just doing a book report project with my daughter a week ago and lecturing her on the importance of the presentation. First, that it is eye catching, second, that it is to be full of information. Leave the audience with no questions. Do all the work for them. Basically that is what this conference call was all about. Make it easy for the Buyers to sign on the dotted line.

Thank you, Dean and Matt

New perspective!

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Thanks Dean, Thanks Matt, and a terrific call tonight.
Key take away for me was the idea of efficient gathering of business details for a full service approach. “Deals are like diamonds, value is higher when they look good from all sides”.

Keep Smiling! Eye-wink
Chris L.

Great call!!

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Thanks Dean and Matt for a very informative call. I have been a member of the success academy for a while now but haven't been using my access to my coaches. I am the type of person who has to do it all myself and have spent the past 2 years setting up my business foundation so that when I began my first advertising campaign, I would have everything in place to hit the ground running. I have a full time night job and so I don't get to see a lot of day time hours. That made me realize that I would have to set up my investment business to handle everything in a more automated way.
I have finished my home website, my four satellite sites, my 1-800 number with COA and I have spent countless hours and dollars on my education. I am now ready to begin my advertising and start seeing results from all my work.
I'll be calling a coach on my next day off to have them review what I've done and to ask some questions that will help me move into the next phase of my real estate investing career.
I know that this is the year and this is the time for me to succeed. Thanks again for all you do for all of us. Best wishes.


Conference call replay

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When I found out about this conference call, I put it into my schedule. I was really looking forward to it. Then, somehow, I got distracted and forgot about it. I got in on the live call just as everyone was saying goodnight. I was upset with myself. Then I thought, maybe they will post a link to a replay of the call by tomorrow. Well, as it turns out the replay was posted right after the live call was completed. Can't tell you how much I appreciated that. Just listened to it and it was a great call!

Great Conference Call!

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Thanks Dean for the conference call. It was wonderful to hear all of the information presented by Matt and yourself. I was able to get three pages of notes, plenty of inspiration, and hope for the possibilities that are out there waiting for me to grab them once my buyers list is omplete.



this was my first live conference calls. im so excited to get started and the info today was awsome. i have to develope a start up plan. the call was a tad overwhelming,and there are so many helpful different web pages thanks dean

Great Call

tonyramosjr's picture

I thought the call was good and very informative.
Looking forward to getting started myself once I receive my books.

WOW i have no words :)

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This was my first call ever here at the DG family, and I just have to say amazing. A lot of great information was given and I am putting it to use. I can not wait for my next one.

Generosity and golden wisdom

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What a combination Matt & Dean-
Thank you. This call contained such a complete & easy to implement formula for success. All we have to do is DO IT! I never stop learning, new nuggets of wisdom sink in each time.

Need To Make This Work!

Hi, i am out of work for the 1st time since i was 16yrs old. i am now 34yrs old married with a 1yr old and another one on the way due April 30. I no longer have health insurance because it was through my job. So I have to make this work. I was laid off Jan. 31, 2011 and today is March 2, 2011. I have put apps. in everywhere, but as of now no one is hiring. Today was my 1st day hearing a conference call. I am still waiting for my books to get to me, and I know nothing at real estate.

I just know that if I can work 10-12hrs a day for someone else, to help them meet their goals. Then I can do that and some to provided for me and my family! I am open to any help that is out there, and I'm willing to help anyone that feels that I can help them!

its good to ere the conference

i think its just great the conference in Bakersfield . and there was something that one of your guys suggested Doug Williams i'm looking into it now i think it could work for me if profitable the way I believe. I will get my first house from You good luck and God Bless.

fantastic excellant call as

fantastic excellant call as always thanks again Dean & Family YALL ROCK!

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