Conference Call REPLAY - Wednesday, June 29th @ 9PM EST

We have another amazing conference call scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th @ 9PM EST. Be sure to register for this call to claim your spot, mark your calendars and get ready for a great call with Dean. Resident REI Super Star, Joe Jurek will be on this call as well. Don't miss it! As always, we will be webcasting the call live on the DG website.

Listen To The Replay:

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Conference Call on Wednesday

Congrats to Joe Jurek. I look forward to being on it and to learn as much as I can. Proud of you eventhough I haven't met you in person. I have registered for the ocassion. Thanks so much Dean.

INdiana Joe

Can't wait to hear all about you!

Thanks For Another Conference Call

Shellsell's picture

Great job Joe and Stacey. You're always positive, full of energy and excitement. Looking forward to hearing about your newest success stories in real estate and congratulations on going out and teaching others.

Thanks Dean for taking time for another conference
call. Have a great weekend

This is Great!

Mark K's picture

Joe had so much information in EDGE 10 that I can't wait to see (hear?) what he's been up to lately.

Looking Forward !

Everything happens for a reason. I have been attending 2 local REI clubs meetings monthly since Jan of this year. They are on the first wednesday and third thursday. I am so broke that I do not have the $20.00 to go on wednesday. Timing is perfect for a conference call and I look forward to what I will learn and the knowledge I will gain from the call. A reality for me is that Dean Graziosi is my mentor. I am so grateful for all that Dean brings to the table/classroom via conference call, blogs, e-mails, books, events and on and on. Even when I am flat broke, life is good because of my faith in God and the gift I have been given of Dean.
There are others on dg dot com that I follow and consider mentors as they freely give insight and info on how they do their deals etc. Thanks

Watched him grow

To me Joe was a highly intelligent being and has this perfect wife and teammate that combined was the perfect receipe for success. I'm still working at and aware of my shortfalls and learning from my mistakes. Things do take shape and I have alot of knowledge but it's time for alot more of the action steps. Never give up hope I find my niche very soon. Go Joe and Stacey. PS. Big fan and like your style.

Can't Wait!

annettebates's picture

Thanks Dean and Joe! I can't wait til then.

I'll be there.

Thank you Dean and Joe!
I need all the help I can get.
I'm looking forward to the call.
Thank You Indiana Joe, for your blogs.I've learned alot from them, too.

registered for call!!!

Jay Sthilaire's picture

Will not miss the conference call! !! If you have not heard any of joes valuable lessons or tips on real estate. Then YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!!! I AM EXCITED to hear what dean and joe have for us . Not sure what it is but I am up for another round of learning.Joe has an abundance of wisdom and when he talks ...I am listening.

Indiana Joe

LTonda's picture

I am very excited to be in on this conference and I truely appreciate the opportunity to hear from the professionals.
Thank you Dean for the invitation.

Check to Red cross

Being from Missouri,and having family affected by the literally brought tears to my eyes to see Dean hand over that check!My wife and I only recently joined the academy,we're absorbing it all,getting it together to become investors! Thanks Dean,and everyone!

Registered for call.

dreamitdoit's picture

Love Joe & Stacey,they bring so much wisdom.
Looking forward to the call.
Thanks again Dean.
Corpus Christi,Texas

Registered for the conference call

Registered and waiting in anticipation to learn all I can. Thank you, Dean. Looking forward to it.


I signed up for this course for my son and my estranged husband

They are both American citizens although I am not and I do not live in the US. I will be more than pleased to dial in to the conference call in order to assist them in jump starting what appears to be a great opportunity.

My former husband will be back in the U. S. in a couple of weeks and my son will be available as soon as his college project is completed.

Best wishes to all who participate

We'll Be THERE!!

browleyteam's picture

Can't wait for this exciting call! I love and appreciate all the great info/wisdom that is shared thru this DG Family Smiling


Cant wait for the call tonite !

Frankg314's picture

Joe, Dean, thanks for this awesome opportunity !
We need all the information we can get on No Money down purchases. I have done it already, but am open to any additional advice we can gather.. Thanks & comon' 9pm !

Sanford, NC

I cant wait

RealEstateMD's picture

Little over 5 hours until the call, and I can not wait. I am looking forward to learning different items and styles.

anxious to hear my first

anxious to hear my first call

Listening in my first call

JoshV's picture

Listening in my first call right now..


First conference I'm excited

Outstanding information and

Outstanding information and more to go.

Web Conference.

J Rivera's picture

Dean, thank you for the opportunity of been a part of the ample audience on today's event, it is great to listen and learn Joe and Stacey's techniques and advice. Thank you again and best wishes for all of Dean's investors community.

Juan Rivera.

REO Bank Owned

Joe great information. I have tried the same thing as you making a low ball offer then work your way up from there. My husband and I have bought some good properties. I am now wanting to sale them becuase I do not want to be a landlord.

Thanks for the call

davidleetw's picture

We completed our first deal last year and am interested to do more. This is helpful to push us towards more. Thanks.

Great Call Tonight!

Really enjoyed the call, will be checking into everything you talked about woo hoo!!

Today's call

As usual Dean, you deliver with relevant and timely information! I continue to be impressed with how you give back and help all of us to become successful!
Happy 4th


great information, Dean and Joe are awesome. I am going to take action and talk to more DG family members. Happy 4th to all

Today's conference call.

Dean, Joe,

Great Call! I am ready to go to my next level.

Thank you both,


Thank You Joe Jurek and Dean.

Dear Viki's picture

Always love the awesome encouragement from my DG family. I am already looking and sending out e-mails on Craigslist.


Thank you Joe and Dean

Great call and encouragement. We are ready to get to the next level.

Thank you to both of you for your insights.

Jim and Lisa

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