Date and Time of Dean's Big Finale Revealed!!! Get your "Find Funding Now" Report and register for the call!

Hi! Listen. The Blitzkrieg is reaching it's peak
and I have to admit, my excitement level is at AN

Was that analysis tool my team took months to
create awesome or what?

If you don't know what I am talking about, it
was one more piece of the Blitzkrieg I
gave away on Tuesday.

But guess what?'s email is even better!

Here is why I am so excited.

My team and I assembled a Dream Team made up of myself, top
experts and successful students to teach you EXACTLY what
you need to reach the goals you have for real estate
investing, making money and improving the quality of YOUR

The Dream Team (see them revealed below) is the perfect
combination, of people who took real estate to the next
level and generated millions of dollars.

They have come up with more ways, (and I mean unique and
creative ways), to make income from real estate in less
time than most people can ever imagine doing.

And now I am going to make it so YOU can get this
absolutely, positively priceless information in your hands.


You get Me! As you already know, I have generated Millions
of Dollars with Real Estate. I'm still strong in the game,
investing and learning new killer techniques every single
week, and I love to share them.

One of My Star Students Already Knows...

Dream team member, Matt Larson, went from zero net worth
and living in a 300 sq ft rented apartment to being a
Millionaire...all 100% from Real Estate Investing.

He also rakes in over $7000.00 a month in cash flow. To top
it off, he got to retire from the miserable, dead end 9-5
to job he hated - - FOREVER!

Who else makes up the Dream Team?

For starters, Jeff Jensen, a top real estate coach in my
Success Academy, who has helped countless people achieve
massive success.

He is an outstanding real estate investor who started
with no money and has made a boatload for himself.
This is a guy who can teach and motivate like no

Anyone who has ever seen a video of Dream Team Member, Greg
Murphy, appreciates the guy who was working 60 hours a week
with his "credit in the crapper" (as he stated) and
started with no money and went on to make over $100k in
pure profit in the first few months of starting. And that
is only the beginning for Greg.

And that's just the start of the Dream Team, because you'll
also get trained by Nathan Street, Talmadge Bell, Lorina
Krisak, Greg Murphy, Chip and Andrea Weule, Bob and Debbie
Bouchard, Nathan Biggar and last, but not least, me, Dean

You saw glimpses of what some of these Dream Team Members
shared at my live event if you watched the videos in last
week's email.

But believe me, what you saw doesn't do the event and the
skills they shared ANY JUSTICE.

They rocked people's worlds with amazing information and
ideas to get everyone who saw them able to start making
money immediately!

It was a magical combination of my very top coaches from my
Real Estate Success Academy. My top students who started
with little or nothing to gain massive success and wealth
and of course ME.....

Now, on a very special call, you are going to learn what
this entire Blitzkrieg has been building up to and how YOU
can get this priceless information and training from the
Dream Team in to your hands.

How and WHEN This Will Happen

First of all, you need to know this opportunity to get the
trained by myself and the Dream Team will be truly limited
and once the opportunity we have created for you is closed,
it may never be available again. Really...

Like when Disney closes the vault on a movie. That is what
we are going to do with this priceless information.

So, I want to give you and everyone an equal chance to get
in on this while it's available...

Second, I will announce the day and time you can get this
priceless training, on a very unique tele-seminar you must
call in to hear on Tuesday of next week.

So, Here's what to do now:

AGAIN, I am holding the unique Tele-seminar On Tuesday,
July 21st to explain exactly what's going
on and how you can get trained by the Dream Team plus a
whole bunch of extra surprises to make this Blitzkrieg over
the top, insanely awesome.

I will also have a husband and wife as special student guests on the line
that were lucky enough to get the exact dream team training I am
talking about a few months ago.

And since that training, has gone on to do over 6 deals and
now has a net worth of nearly $750,000!!! Really, no bull...
Wait until they share how they did it!!!


The ability to get trained by this remarkable team I have
put together will be offered sometime next week, and you
will have only a few hours to get in.

After that, the door of opportunity will be SLAMMED SHUT!

I highly encourage you to be on the call Tuesday where I
will reveal what will be one of your LAST CHANCES to get
in. Then you will finally see what this Blitzkrieg has been
building to. Remember it was designed to create success in
a massive way for YOU.

NOTICE: Go ahead and sign up for the call below

And when you do, I will give you a F-R-E-E copy of my
Brand New Special Report "Find Funding Right Now"
The 7 ways to fund your deals in today's market.

Yes, that is an ethical bribe to get you on the one
teleconference call that could change your financial future
forever. So sign up, get your bonus and get on that call.

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to get
trained by these guys and me, PLUS get my new special
report - then sign up for the "can't miss"
tele-seminar Right Now.

I strongly suggest you get registered ASAP because the
lines are limited and lot of people are going to be
fighting for the few spots available.

Go here now to register:

We'll talk to you on Tuesday.

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

P.S. I almost forgot. After you sign up, come back to this
email, turn up your speakers, click
the link below and watch and listen to the video. If you've
already seen the first part of the video, don't dare move
because no one has ever seen the second part.

very cool


Date and time

MyDestiny's picture

Thanks so much! Already registered and ready to go forth. Continued success always............Lubertha

Date and time

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Thanks so much! Already registered and ready to go forth. Continued success always............Lubertha


Thanks again Dean! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

DG Members...Don't delay register today!

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Save the date for the 07-21-09 conference call! Dean's "blitzkrieg" continues to enlighten and provide unbelieveable information. We can't wait to hear all the details and information. Continued success! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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I am so excited about next Tuesday's call! And I can't wait to read the Funding Report that Dean provided. Just glancing over it I see how much incredible and valuable information is in it. I'm going to be reading it carefully over the next day or so.

I am delighted beyond words that I saw Dean's show on TV in February as I was traveling on business and came across it while getting ready that morning. With taking just a second of "should I order the books?" I decided that I would and hope I wouldn't be pestered with people trying to sell me more, or charge my credit card for things I didn't want (both things have certainly happened in the past). Boy am I ever happy I "just did it."

Again, my thanks to Dean and the entire DG team for what you are doing!

Nancy D.


John A's picture

Look forward to that evening! Many thanks for all the hard work that you share with us & helping us to rise to the top.......

Thanks Dean,
John A.

You ALL Need To Watch The Video With Dean

To Dean: Your video presentation sent chills down my spine. Your story and comments exemplifies the lives of so many. It's remarkable how your words make us think of not only focusing on the present, but reflecting on the past to create a brighter future. You are and continue to provide the tools for us to be successful and change our lives forever. But as you said, who will take up the challenge. Well I am telling you today, despite my situation, I Am Coming With You. God Bless You, the Team and The Rest of the DG Family. EXCELLENT VIDEO PRESENTATION.


Will be listening

Forgot to mention that I have registered for the seminar and I cannot wait, the anticipation is overwhelming.


Will be listening

Forgot to mention that I have registered for the seminar and I cannot wait, the anticipation is overwhelming. I bookmarked the report to read later. I tried to download the software to open the homework assignment and it appears that I computer cannot carry it. My computer wiz son is out of state. If someone could access, please sent to my e-mail at: [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers] Thanks so much


Report? Homework?

Dawn_Dean's picture

I registered but didn't get either. Can I still get them?

Looking forward to the call! Thanks Dean!


I'm so grateful!

I'm all signed up for the call. Can't wait! And thanks you so much for the finding funding right now report. I was all ready to purchase it!!

I really appreciate it.


the funding report!

JayBob's picture

Im signed up for the call. just wanted to say the report is one of the best things I have seen! you are the MAN!

thanks Dean


Very excited to be a part of

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Very excited to be a part of this. Ready to build the machine and jump out there and DO IT!

Please make sure...

dgmod's picture

Make sure to get your Funding Report that we are giving everyone just for signing up for the call on Tuesday, July 21st. The link to register is provided in the post above. You don't want to miss this special call that reveals what the Blitzkrieg is all about. We can't wait to release this to you! Talk to you soon.


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I registered but I didn't see any link for the report; can someone tell me how or where to get it?

How to get the Find Funding Report

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After you register for the call by filling in your information at: you will be directed to a VIP ticket page. You will need to click on the homework link to access the funding report. Hope that helps! The link to the report is:

All signed up and ready to go!

Thanks for all the resourcesDean. I'm a newbie and I've been going at this website full-time for the last week or so. There's so much valuable information that my only worry is being able to organize it in such a chronological way that allows me to learn correctly. I'm sure it'll all happen in time though =]
Take care everyone and I'm looking forward to the call!

WOW !!!!

fracarell789's picture

See everyone in 2010.....


Regina's picture

Ok, I got my homework, made my reservation, got my funding report and I am ready to go. I can hardly wait til Tuesday!


sdonaldson's picture

Registered, did my homework, got my report and can't wait til Tuesday for the call.
Thanks again to the DG team.
You are the best. No one even comes close.

I'm so excited about this

dtupak's picture

I'm so excited about this teleconference, way 2 go, Dean, you the man.

I Can't Wait

GBU Ventures HQ's picture

Ill will be there A SAP!

I am DETERMINED to change my life...

Determined77's picture

I have been reading about REI for the past two years and just absolutely spinning my wheels. I have studies under Kiyosaki, Jeff Adams, Russ Whitney, Joe White, Donald Trump, Douglas Andrew, and so many more to list.

I have learned so much from Dean since I first ordered his book in March 2009 (4 months ago), compared to the other "gurus" in the past two years.

I finally made the decision to join the Success Academy TODAY and really excited about the future! No one can get in my way, I am determined to change and help others along the way, while never having to work for anybody ever again. Thank you Dean in advance!! Your willingness to help others has not gone unnoticed.

Much success to you, your students, and family.


bombercpa's picture

Hey Dean & the DG team!!

What a great video. Simple, yet inspring, and trully shows how much you REALLY do care. It's obvious Dean wants to help as many people as possible throughout his unbelievable real estate career. And I truly believe Dean has become this successful because of his generosity and willingness to give back. We always see so many get ahead that trully don't deserve too, because of their selfishness, greed and total lack of consideration of others. It's finally nice to see someone like Dean stand tall above the rest for the right reasons!! If all you ever wanted to do Dean, is make a difference in the lives of others, you have hit this one so far out of the park, I think the ball is still flying!! It's obvious you have made such a HUGE difference to us all, and on behalf of all of us, we THANK YOU!!

I'm so excited and pumped up for the seminar next Tuesday. Wish it were now... Deep down, I wish you were going to be doing it where you live, here in AZ, so I could come and help out in any way possible. Seriously, I could hold the "boom" or "microphone" or something like that. lol

Thanks Dean!!

I also want to wish everyone the best of luck in their real estate endevours. But, it seems, that if you stick with Dean, you never will need luck with all the tools he gives us!

Take care,


Special Report

I printed the SPECIAL REPORT: Find Funding RIGHT NOW, 7 ways to fund your deals in today's down market, since I like to have the hard copy in hand for reading. It allows me to absorb the material better. This is one of the best documents I have ever read. I had to postpone cooking to complete the entire article and afterward do a dash to the kitchen since I was very hungry. I will recommend that everyone read this document, since we keep wondering why things are not happening for us. This valuable information lays it all out, concerning the actions we need to take and the changes we need to make to achieve maximum results. God Bless.



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I am so stoked about the conference call! This will be my first one and probably the best one!


farscapeprincess's picture

I signed up, got the funding report, and downloaded the sheet for "homework" which I've started thinking about what to write down. Can't wait til 6:00 p.m. PST Tuesday! Smiling

I only ordered your book a

I only ordered your book a couple weeks ago and it finerally came. I haven't been able to put it down. I've messing with this thing for a few years now and through your book, more questions have been answered in a couple of days than all those years combined. Thank you for the transparency. I appreciate straight talk.

Fantastic Report!

aerialist's picture

Wow. Finally had a moment to thoroughly read the Funding Report and all I can say is "fantastic!" Thank you so much for putting it together and providing it to us a free tool. It has such valuable and useful information in it. Most people/places would charge a hefty fee for it. Can't thank you enough for allowing that to be a gift to us during the blitzkreig!

I've REALLY been looking forward to tonight's call!

All the best to everyone who will be on it!
Nancy D.

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