Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #320 - Do you want More?

Do you want more?

More money? More happiness? More joy and excitement?

More vitality and passion and love for life?

Dean honestly knows he can help achieve all of that and more...

Check out this week’s Weekly Wisdom and see how...

Hope you had a great holiday!

Hum yep that was a little deep and Good.

Thank you Dean for that very good tuff video.
When I was watching I was thinking this guy had so much stacked up that he caught the FLU from being so stressed out.

I think you are the best in teaching people about how to earn money in the real estate business and your and are two fantastic sites to belong to.

Thank you very much with much gratitude.

Perfect timing!

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I really appreciate the words of wisdom, Dean. Sometimes we forget that others have the same experiences as we do and we allow the obstacles get us down and keep us there for too long. Your video this week was perfect timing to help me lift my spirits. Keep it up and best wishes for the New Year!


Why this went wrong or why that went wrong can all be looked upon as things that were meant to go wrong for a reason. Conversely, same can be said for why this went right or why that went right. Bottom line is that things just go the way they were meant to go, regardless of how we wish them to go.

As all things in the universe, random events will eventually guide our destiny. Our only recourse is to interpret them as things that were meant to go one direction or another.

Obstacles Are Exactly How We Perceive Them

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Well stated Dean. Thanks again for the words of encouragement. Appreciate it. God Bless You My Friend.

Keeping yourself in the right mindset is important!

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I know how easy it is to make things into more than they really are and it is crucial to not let this happen, keep things in perspective. I have gotten very curious about this Tony Robbins fella, I want to attend an event but I really can't afford to attend one right now so I have been watching a lot of his videos on Youtube, he has techniques that will help you see things for what they really are and condition yourself to be able to take on anything, I highly recommend these videos to all the DGers!
Happy Holidays,

I couldn't agree more, Thanks for the reminder!!!!

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I couldn't agree more, Thanks for the reminder!!!! We tend to lose sight and have a poor me party, Obstacles are nothing more than a test of our believe system. Have FAITH and BELIEVE in YOURSELF!!!!!


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Tony Robbins has many good books that can give you more insight also. Best of luck in 2015!!!

Whats meant to happen

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Great weekly wisdom Dean. I feel the same way on what you were saying on sometimes in life what happens to us is meant to happen. We might look at it like a potential set back but god might want us to sit back and look for something that we are missing or look at out situation a little different. Also maybe like you said, it can be just to sit back and enjoy the real things that matter in our life like family.

Thank you! The obstacles

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Thank you! The obstacles won't hold us back. They will help us become successful! 2015 is going to be our year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Hi Dean, This is the year that makes the others pale in comparison. The obstacles are the ones we have on ourselves. Thanks for everything you do for us and the help we'll get this next year also.
I look forward to a great 2015 and the best to you and yours.

Happy New Year Dean!

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Thank you for another awesome Weekly! As soon as I saw the line "Do You Want More?" in my (email) inbox, it put a smile on my face... Of course I do want MORE!!! I am so looking forward to 2015! I had many obstacles this year, but they have only prepared me for what's coming my way; as you say, I am polishing my diamond, and it will shine like no diamond I have ever seen yet!
With your 'Weeklys' you keep inspiring me keep reaching for my goals and become the best that I can be!
Thank you very much Dean!

fighting my ass off

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after many hard months of trying to stay on my feet, i'm refusing to quit. i drove a truck for over 20 years saw dean on tv one day went in full force. i have not been successful to date and now the money i had saved up for truck repairs is gone( spent on real estate education), i have to believe now more than ever that i have to make it, if i don't i will be in the street soon. i try to keep my wife positive but it is getting harder. i'm keeping my head up and hopefully i will get some deals on the books.

Thanks Dean

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Great Weekly Wisdom as usual! Never give up and take action always moving forward!

Happy New Year to you and your family,

Do you want More?

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Hi Dean,

Glad you are feeling better....Smiling

Another great weekly wisdom......speaking of that " Pile Of Crap " we all have one.....We put things off....drag our feet about " getting it done "

The New Year is a few days away....One thing I am going to do for sure is to Start shining up" that diamond " you speak of.....and get it done....Eye-wink

Thank You for all you do......Smiling May you have a Happy New Year....xo


Nicole graham

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Hello! Dean

I had the exact same thing to happen to me after return from DWD and I've been the same nagative thoughts.
Was sick for past 8 days and all kinds of things going throughy head.
Your weekly wisdom help me sort out my feelings and thoughts.

Right on Dean!

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so right these obstacles are things meant to be overcome & I do believe that this life is a test! And we have to pass this test to move on to the next level!

Happy New yr & I have 2 props under contract still & are set to close 1 on Dec 31st & another Jan 9th & stand to make $6,500 for both total.

And now making 8 offers today, 4 in KC 4 in San Diego. God bless.

Crushing Obstacles

Obstacles are just that opportunities meant for growth and development to take us to the next level

Happy Holidays Dean and Family / Staff

Larry Cox

Sorry to hear about your situation. Perhaps a look into brokering might be one option.

So Right

Your so right. And having a positive mindset about obsticles is so vital to overcoming challenges. I remember yoy said that can only stop my progress with my permission. I have to agree to let them stop me. Thank you for alwsys keeping things real.


Thanks Dean!

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For sharing your own personal struggle recently with the stinking thinking. It's a Great reminder and ww that it happens to us all. Problems/obstacles are a sign of life without them we are flatlined and lifeless. The harder it is the more we grow and growth is happiness. I'm very grateful and appreciative for the obstacles, challenges and problems in my life but can easily get back to limiting beliefs and must be reminded to be grateful for them.

We have had an amazing time with family over Christmas and we are so blessed!

2015 is going to be outstanding! Wishing you and all DG family a Happy New Years!

Make it a great week!


Hi Dean thanks for the up beat info, Iam polishing and have looked at all this in a different way and it will be fun to get it done.Thanks for your heart felt words, sincerely, Jim

Happy New Year

Moving forward. Time for renewal. Setting priorities and establishing new goals and tweaking current goals. Dreaming big to crush the fears. Breaking addictions such as a television program that is a real distraction. Change of routine so that I am not doing the same thing over and over again. Realization that shame causes me to defend myself and then defense evolves into excuses. Constant re-hash of what happened is poison and keeps me stuck and frozen in place. Let it go, let it go, let it go.

Living alone isn't always easy especially on holidays but I like being able to call my own shots and the freedom I have. On Christmas day I was having trouble deciding what to do and had three options. Hometown buffet or stay home or what I really wanted to do and was unsure of taking the risk. I took the risk and gave myself the gift of a white Christmas. I filled the gas tank and drove 94 miles to Lake Tahoe. I got out of the car at Harrah's and felt and heard the crunch of snow under my feet. It has been 10 or more years since I had done that. Well, I headed inside and went to the 18th floor to the Forrest Room buffet. I ate while watching some lite snow flurries and the lake and snow on the mountains. A fast moving storm passed thru Sacramento going east and dumped a foot of snow in the Sierra's. Because it was fast moving I felt that the roads would not be a problem and I was right. Enough traffic had gone thru and the roads were dry until I got to the Tahoe basin and then they were wet. Snow plows had gone thru and it was piled on the side of the road. It was 29 degrees at 3 pm when I left for my trip back. Then I saw all the people headed up the mountain to play in the snow and ski. They were finished unwrapping gifts and done with their holiday meal. It was a beautiful and lovely day.

2015 has got to be my year for a break through and I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Next level.

Dean this is a cool weekly wisdom. I agree with you that instead of being discouraged we should hurry up and try to conquer the problem .When we conquer we can move to a higher level.Great idea.Thanks Dean.

Polishing My Diamond!!

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I love this Weekly Wisdom! I am polishing my diamond and POUNCING on my challenges and obstacles! Great inspiring motivating message Dean thank you so much!! God bless you!

Getting back up

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Hey Dean, I had the same thing happen to us. I got the flu and both of my kids got the flu, and Bo had to take care of us. I haven't been sick in years, but this was the week of Christmas and I just thanked God for that because that was what was supposed to happen. Stop and rest, read, play with the kids. But I did realize that I have to push through those obsticles. Thank you for sharing.


Still here

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Hi Dean,
Catching up on a lot of weekly wisdoms. I also wens to a Tony Robbins event and injured myself (not during the fire walk), but hurt my knee really bad from jumping up and down too much. Then got home at got a really, really, bad cold, that flared up a residue of pneumonia I was still struggling with.
Yep, being tested big time, in many ways - but you know what? I'm still here.

Todays wisdom

Thanks Dean! I like very much your video on doing unto others what you would have them do unto you. Thanks

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