Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #326 - Unleash Your Inner Brilliance

Have you ever been labeled? Has it negatively affected you without knowing? Go check out Dean's powerful weekly wisdom ASAP..

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Thank you Dean!

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this weekly really touched me... thank you for everything you teach us so that we believe in ourselves, and accomplish goals far beyond our wildest dreams!

Thank you!


Everything is destiny. For as long as I can remember, every high achiever was at one point diagnosed as dyslexic. Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Tommy Hilfiger and Jay Leno are just a few names that come into mind. I think it all has to do with the way the mind processes things. Dyslexia is perhaps a blessing rather than a handicap. Being too logical or level headed is the worst trait one can possess. It can stifle and prevent action. Semi-mad or eccentric works wonders in this crazy world. Having too much blood in your alcohol system is never a good thing. Here is a list of famous people who were diagnosed with gift dyslexic.


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Hi Dean,this weekly wisdom really touched me...

hitting home

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That's what this one was for me. I know from experience that I can change my mindset in an instant but when you're in it you don't realize it. What I have to do is self examine on a regular basis.
keep moving forward,rob

Best Yet

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Dean - Great Stuff!
Posted this message on several FB Pages... Hope it goes viral as so many people need to hear this.


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This is powerful! Thanks for sharing!

Thank You!

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Wonderful story and example, thanks so much for sharing!
You helped me today to focus even more on my 'Why'!!

WOW again

welcome to my world....I like you always had a hard time learning, also my reason for not going to college, so went to work instead. I was good at what I did, but school not so. you hit the nail on the head again, you don't realize how much it effects you and by you bringing this up hopefully will enlighten others to see just that. now where's that speeel chek at Smiling

Great message Dean

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I fall victim sometimes to trying to always work hard on my weaknesses when I should be focusing on my strengths. Thanks for sharing the message Dean, I am back on track to improving my strengths.

Strengths VS Weaknesses

Awesome....Weakly Wisdom Dean / Do what you are good at and have Use other peoples skills/talents to do the things that you are not good at :--))) Ties in with UA --- Unique Ability ----

Applying what I have learned and using my unique abilities has allowed me to do 2 flips (in another state - 1 recently closed and 1 getting ready to close) / not to mention with rentals doubling income

Life is a Great Journey - Gaining Wisdom each and Every Day!!! Have a Great Week :---))


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Hey Dean, Thanks for opening up. I will continue on this RE journey and I will not go elsewhere for education and inspiration.
You are the real thing.

Unleash Your Inner Brilliance

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.....Smiling

Thank you for sharing some personal issues you have experienced in your life....and how you moved past them.....It's always encouraging......Eye-wink....xo


Thanks Dean!

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What a great message. Concentrate on your strengths! It seems that when I do that I actually find ways to improve on my weaknesses. I can delegate the things I don't do well OR find ways to approach them that makes me stronger in that area. Just like your reading issue, instead do the audio books!!! Great stuff!!


Weekly Wisdom # 326

Thanks Dean for sharing your personal experiences with us. Through your wisdom and knowledge, you have continued to inspire me to be confident, determined, focused, enthusiastic, and motivated, to work harder at accomplishing my dreams.

Thank you Dean, thank you everyone.

I might be slightly maudlin, but I really appreciate being able to come to this website and get to Dean's videos and see the comments others post. It gives me a great lift and points me towards a positive direction. So, thank you for sharing, and I can't wait to get to one of Dean's programs!!

Jessica Greene

I was a late diagnosis.....

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I always had trouble in school when it came to reading and it wasn't until my senior year in High School when my sister, then in college studying to be a special ed teacher, recognized or suggested I be tested for dyslexia. Bingo! Problem identified but all that time was lost. However, because of my "problem", I had become a visual learner very early on. Most of my grade school report cards read " He tries hard but fails to complete..." and " Shows initiative for starting but fails on the follow through." I had the desire to do many things but not the ability to understand how to complete them. ( That did change as I became an adult. It's how I became, as I said in last week's WW, a "jack of all trades".) Thankfully, I didn't have teachers like yours Dean but my parents did push me to do better. They didn't know I had a problem because I didn't know I had a problem. But there was an upside to my situation. Now, because of my way of learning, I have a tremendous memory. ( It actually freaks some people out what I do remember. lol ) That has helped me succeed in my career and business. I AM the living example of "There's more than one way to skin a cat." Eye-wink When you want something bad enough, you just find the way to go through your obstacles!

Another great & timely WW. I get stronger after watching every WW.

Looking forward to seeing you again in AZ!! Smiling

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013,2014 and soon to be 2015 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud

Dean amazing

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love what you said you dont know how to spell or write but you are a NY times list bestelling author!!!

well that is me too, on not spelling correctly or being a good writer but i am going to be a ny times bestseller too I hope. very inspiring & momentum is building right now especially with the edge coming, cant wait.

That was great! and funny too.


Thank you very much for your wisdom and that was funny too.

As you have said you are the best on the planet with real estate education.
You are the best that I have seen or heard.
You are a sparky star on this planet.

with much gratitude, LL southern california

Life Simples.

So often we tend to over complicate things in life when it's this simple.

Thanks Dean for giving a very different prospect on the way we were taught.

Wow ..Dean I have heard you

Wow ..Dean I have heard you say this in other ways before but there was something about this delivery that was just very impactful that inspires an individual to keep on pushing until you break through....don't ever give the jazz pianist George Sherring said "pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again" (and he was blind) awesome...awesome

Boy oh Boy

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If you have seen some of my post then you know that I am the same way. It was a great Lady named Carol Artizone who helped me made it through high school. I reached out to her several years back and thanked her for the hope she put inside of me. I cant spell worth a crap still and I read so fast that I put words in other words place making me read it over again. For me it was my forth grade teacher that called me that (stupid). It caused me to be the class bonehead and I failed the year. Looking back I thank her now because I have the ability to help others since I now understand it. Live, love and empower. Keith

Awesome Dean!!!

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Always love to hear your story and how you have overcome! Thanks for helping me look within and refocus on my unique abilities! Momentum is building and I'm so excited of the EDGE!

Make it a great week!


thanks for the information.....

Thanks Dean

Always enjoy your weekly wisdoms working on what we are good at is great advice.

Thank you always


-->I'm gonna have to
remember that about
dancing with the energy
that's thrown your way...
I like that idea. Smiling

Don't worry learn from it

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Hi Dean, thank you for sharing this, I have learned so much from my past and what others thought of me!!! I have moved higher than that, learned from it and now helping more people than you can image. Thank you for your words of wisdom to help others and I am glad your teacher did that because it made you are who you are today and we know you and you have helped so many people because of it.

Tina Scott

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