Dean's Interview With Channel 20

Checkout this interview done on Channel 20 with Dean!

Dean's Interview

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Wow this is pretty Neat

Great Man!!

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Just goes to show you that this is not a Joke! This Man is out helping people all the time. And I thank you for that. When I first started this journey my wife thought this was a joke. Well I proved her wrong, Thanks to Dean and his staff!

And I mean that!

Thanks Again for my new Life!!

Jay C

That's what we need......

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more people like Dean to get this country back on it's feet. Less politics.. more politeness.

Way to go Dean!

Andy Sager
Proudly DG's AndyS

Paying it Forward

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Dean, you will be making a difference in such a profound way for so many people with this program.
You're the man Smiling

thank you dean

So many people and the city will know how great dean is.

Great job

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I always like to hear how people give back to others around them. So refreshing. Thank you Dean! So glad I found this site!

Dean is the man

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Dean does do geat things. I have a feeling we are going to see Dean a lot more on TV with all the good things he is doing.

Keep doing what you do Dean.

Steve and Veronica.

Great Job!!

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What a fantastic why to help tha local economy, by putting local folks to work. Not to mention the opportunities you have created for the community. A tip of the hat to you, Sir:!!!

Service to the Many Leads to Greatness!!

Fabulous stuff Dean and Thank you for your amazing commitment to serve us all (both your DG students and the communities around the country). You are truly an inspiration to all of us


God bless you!!

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May God multiply your sowing and your reaping with much blessing for you,your family & DG staff!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Dean you really are the real deal. If im having a bad day I know I can go to this website and brighting my day

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

PS see you at the top

Thank you

Wow. This is so wonderful. What hope this will give to so many people, in a lot of different aspects. Hope for their future, their immediate situation, and hope that the American Dream is not dead....that this still is a land of opportunity; most especially for those that are willing to work for it and persevere. You have touched a lot of lives by taking hold of opportunity, and showing others it can be done.

Thank you Dean, for sharing the fruit of overcoming so many obstacles, over so many years. I pray that God will reward you greatly for your generous and gracious gifts.

Northwest Susan

This is Great!!

What a great way to give hope and incentive to people. Dean, you are the real deal! More power to you!

Pay forward

This is a great heartwarming act of kindness to this community. If only the rest of the people in this country would try to do things like this we could build a strong nation again. My husband just lost his job and I am going to encourage him to work with me as a team. I would like to be able to help provide housing for people trying to kick drug addiction and get back on their feet. This is becoming an epidemic in this country that I see working as
an ICU nurse.. Thanks for all you do, Dean, and
still being able to give encouragement to all of us every week..


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A really great thing to do. The blessings for paying it forward are abundant!


You sure are an inspiration to us all. You are showing what made America great. People helping people, taking action, following a dream...That is so Dean Graziosi.

God bless you,
Roger & out

That's great! Thank you for

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That's great! Thank you for all that you do!

Show them who you really are DEAN !!!

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Right on Dean
Thank you so much Dean for being the kind of man who can be such a perfect example of how this world should work by paying it forward and helping those in need this world needs more men like you and I'm trying to get there too.
Thanks again
your future partner


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This is AWESOME!!! there u go again....helping more and more!!! What a great feeling u must have to get up every morning and know thousands if not millions benefit from YOUR actions! !!!!
proud to say I know you!!!!!

That is Fantastic!

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thank you Dean!

Linda LaCorte

dgadmin wrote:

Checkout this interview done on Channel 20 with Dean!

This is AWESOME!

One of my hopes is to be able to eventually do something similar to this, & help folks who're most in need.
The instant karma alone is well-worth it!

Great job.

Run this on FOX, CNN, MSNBC !

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This is the kind of story that needs to be broadcast NATIONALLY ! I'd like to see what America can do if this had been broadcast on CNN, FOX, MSNBC ! We would'nt have to watch the politions point fingers at one another, instead, get American People and Investor's to bring us back ! This is just the beginning Dean ! Bravo to you for doing this in Detroit ! (Where's the Bill Gates' and Trumps' ??? )


Wow Dean, you really just keep giving and giving to everyone, your students, the DG family and to communities that need it. You have a such a big heart and it really shows in your actions. Thank you for taking us along with you.

That is...

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Amazing!! There's someone who is doing something great and ,"paying it forward" to those who can benefit. I must do this!
Great work Dean! Really inspiring. =)

Special people that do special thing's

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That doesn't surprise, me about the thing he doing for these people.The first day i listen to Dean on TV I new he was a special person.

This is what make's the different's in good people.

God Bless,



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This really shows your integrity Dean. Proud of ya!

Wow....That's great stuff

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Wow....That's great stuff Dean! I am proud to be one of your students.

Giving Back

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I'm going to add this link to my thread on the subject: Thanks for sharing a great example of win/win/win on a grand scale.

Dean's Interview

I wish I had known about Dean's visit to Michigan sooner I would have made the trip from northern Michigan just to meet him. Roger

Dean is prosperous

The donation of homes to those in need is exactly where I am headed. Glad you got there and we all should follow your lead.

dgadmin wrote:

Checkout this interview done on Channel 20 with Dean!

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