Do You Have an Unfair Advantage In Real Estate Investing?

Having an "unfair advantage" is an important aspect in any business, and so it holds true for real estate investing also - maybe even more than ever.

With some real estate markets shifting in high gear it can be harder than it has been to scratch together a great deal and it is easy to be discouraged when you see houses being sold for full or above asking. This is where that "unfair advantage" comes into play, and every good investor will need at least one to keep their competitive edge as the market continues to heat up again in certain areas of the country.

This week Dean Graziosi revealed several techniques and strategies for real estate investors that will help give you the edge you need or to add a new tactic to your bag of tricks. Check out the full the article for details!

Real estate business is

Real estate business is another way of earning a big money. - David Contarino

25/1 strategy

Hello Dean
Your teachings are awesome I have been listening and learning from your weekly wisdom as well as from other material you teach.

Where can I find the 25/1 strategy video that you and mat did? I watched it once but can't seem to find it now. Please advise asap I think it was unfair advantage #3
Thank you

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