East Baltimore Development

I just wanted to pass on some information,just in case you may not be aware of it.

Baltimore City has acquired all the properties covering about 88 acres north of John Hopkins Hospital, dealing within the Middle East area. The borders are: Preston Street (north border), Madison Street (south border), Patterson Park (east border) and Broadway It also includes the 800 block (from the Madison border) and up (to the Preston border) of Bradford St.

Baltimore City has eminent domain on all this property so don't waste anytime. The Real Property Data Search will still show the prior owner as there has not been enough time for the recording to change.

The City paid a FMV price based on two appraisals and also pay relocation benefits to the homeowners. Renters can get up to a possible $70,000 in relocation benefits and homeowners can receive up a possible $250K in relocation benefits. Established criteria determines just how much they can receive up to those stated amounts.

There are also revitalization projects going on in the surrounding areas of Oliver, Bradford East, Milton-Milford, McElderry Park, Patterson Place,Butcher's Hill, Washington Hill, Dunbar Broadway, Gay Street and Johnson Square. However, these are community revitalization efforts and are not properties acquired by Baltimore City eminent domain. I am waiting for a return call from someone to provide me more updated information on the above mention surrounding communities.

Keep this information in mind when searching for leads in the East Baltimore area.


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