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Here is a sneak preview of what is coming in the 2nd month of the series.

Expert - Bill O'Rafferty, Realtor Watch Now!

Investor - Chad Merrihew Watch Now!

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Empowering Conversations

I watched the first installment of the Empowering Conversations video series this week. While I am generally pleased with the Dean products I have purchased in the past, I have to say that this one is perhaps the best so far (other than "Profit From Real Estate Right Now".) Certainly for the money, it is a real bargain.
What I liked best: seeing Joe and Stacey talk about their deals. Having followed their adventures on DG.com, it was a thrill to hear about their first deal from the horse's mouth, so to speak. I liked the fact that the interview was focused on the details of the deal and not just the results. As happy as I am for their success, I wanted to know how they did what they did. That is what the video delivered.
What I also liked: the cool storage case. I know, I know, that is kind of shallow, but it looks cool on my bookshelf.

What I didn't like as much: Dean talks twice as much as Joe and Stacey. Please don't hate me, and understand that I think Dean is super terrific, but I bought the videos to hear from his students.
That said, all-in-all, I am very excited by the new series and eagerly look forward to the next installment. I have not been this excited about real estate since the end of Success Fest. After watching the video twice on Tuesday (once all the way through, the second time to pause to take notes) I actually was inspired to go out on Wednesday and try some of the things I learned, and guess what? I am in pursuit of my first deal! After six months on the sidelines, I am now in the game! I can't think of a better endorsement than that.

empowering conversations

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I agree. What I really appreciate was detail. I want to hear what works and what does not work. I am assuming the students you will interview we have heard of before which I appreciate that info also, but please cut to the chase. I like the idea you are trying to go into depth with their techniques. I really like the email method as it gives me a chance to clarified my position. This is particularly important for me as I have zero business experience and my mind works twice as fast as my mouth thus, I often sound as I do not what I am talking about even though I do. I also appreciate Joe laying out reasons why the low price and both their braveness to stick to their guns. I think we can all worry that the deal will be lost and can easily get caught up in the negotiating process and over our heads. Sometimes forgetting there will be another deal, especially in a really small town. So hearing them offer a low offer and stick to it was really motivating to me- it can be done.

I value the students input immensely, yet I am also interested in the professionals. Once I began to network I am getting spammed by a lot of others, so I have to weed through those. There is a real danger in getting to much info to take any action so I am trying to just stick with your info for now. Why I want to hear from your people is your high level of integrity and ethics, as I have been burned before. I appreciate how you go out of your way to find the best for us.
Thanks for this program!


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This is the first of what I hope is many satisfying videos that I watch in this series. I have only watched the studen seris but it has given me the inspiration to get off my butt and get started. I hope to have my first deal real soon and I will use what I have learned so far to make it happen. I am really glad that I have gotten envolved with this group and I hope that I can be just as helpful and caring as what I have seen so far. My biggest stopping point has been my fear of failure because my wife does not think that this will work I am convinced that it will and I hope to convince her also. I would like nothing more than to have a profession that I can share with her. She has so many skills and ideas and can help me stay focused on what we would like to accomplish. Thanks again and let Dean know that I said happy birthday and I hope that his present was all that he hoped for.

J Doss
Flagstaff AZ

credit repair

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Thanks Dean for the interview with Jeremy.

I wasn't all that excited about the topic. My credit score is in the 800s. But,I learned a few things I never thought of. It also helped me to help clients out There are a few points I wonder.
Can one have too many credits cards which could drop your score, even if there is a zero balance on some? Is there a magic number, especially when closed accounts stay on your report so long. What inquiries drop your scor and what ones do not effect it beyond the three credit bureaus. Thanks for the answers in advance

At first glance

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Hey Dean,
Looks good so far. Wait..think about it. Would we fall short of what we expect. Heck no...far and about. That is yu and that is why I became a member of this site. Chad didn't say much. I would be interested in more of what he said during his interview. Bill O. gave a lot in the short amount of time. Thank you again for sharing. Will we get to see you next commercial before anyone else?! Thanks again for being loyale to the ones that are loyal to you!! I am excited to have a whole year ahead of me to learn from you and your staff and the DG family! Again, thank you for everything!

January DVD set

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Just wondering if there was a problem getting the January DVD set for Empowering Conversations sent out. I have already paid for the DVD's and have not received them yet. The payment was taken out of my account the last week of December. Please let me know where it might be. Also when I signed up I was told in an email that the DVD's were $29.00 and I was wondering why I am paying $49.00. I thought the whole purpose of ordering when I did was to get the discount. I think I am paying full price. Not that they are not worth it, just thought I got the discount. Your help with both of these matters would be greatly appreciated. One more thing is ther any way to let me know when they are going to take the money out of my account. The last time caused me to be over drawn on this account. I only keep enough money in this account to cover my bills. I use this account on line so just to be safe I keep very little money in it.

J Doss

Empowering Conversations Sneek Preview

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First off, Thank you Dean and Crew. You have reignited the ability to dream again for so many of us.

Im a newbe but I love all of your videos that Ive been priviledged to watch. Yet, on this sneak preview I couldnt tell if it was going to give me what Im looking for which is more of the actual how to's...exactly what did they do & how did they do it. I received my first packet of conversations last month and it was AWESOME..thats exactly what I got..the how to's from the horses mouths..This sneak peek didnt give much of that but I expect that it will be as good as the last one I recieved.

Again Thank you..AWESOME JOB!!!

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