Gain The EDGE - Live Event 09

Check out the video we surprised Dean with for his Live Event!

gain the edge

awesome video...that one video alone gets me inspired...Next year is going to be awesome...still disappointing I couldn't go this year...Just starting out, I didn't have the money to do it though...On top of joining the academy, just wasn't feasible at the time the event came up.

Well deserved! An

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Well deserved! An incredible story of an even more incredible man.
Thanks Dean.

Success Guru

Great video footage and inspiring story. Love the jet, boat and car. Good Luck.


Very inspiring!

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I truly can't wait until the next E.D.G.E. conference. Everyone on this board is so positive.You are the people I want to be around.



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Great video of Dean!

I absoultely agree:
1. Gain Knowledge
2. Gain Capabilities
3. Gain Confidence
4. Gain Freedom

Best Advice!
Dean, I hope you have another EDGE conference!
Cheers! Smiling

Dean Graziosi - An Inspiration for all Investors!

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This was a very inspiring video that we first saw at the Edge Event in Arizona. My wife and I were very inspired by the video and it is great that we can see it again on-line. My wife was so moved by the video she began to cry. Thank you for sharing this video with us. Dean is an inspiration for all investors! Believe and Achieve Smiling Indiana-Joe


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this WAS a great video and he must have really been surprised when he first saw it. Thats what makes the DG family so special