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It has been a while since I have posted a "editorial" so to speak on the site. I am still here everyday reading some posts, front paging new posts, a couple replies when I have something worth throwing out there... but since so many on this site are so talented I have sat back and let it take an organic path.

Likewise, Dean is on here virtually everyday seeing what is new, what deals people are doing, etc. He is usually the one saying "Hey, did you see that great deal XYZ did!?" before I have seen the post.

The feedback on the mentoring is almost exclusively very positive - and most of the regulars on the site that are now seasoned investors got their start with the mentoring program. Even with all the knowledge in the world, it is that accountability that is the difference between getting over that hump or not for some.

However, a couple less enthusiastic posts have cropped up over the last couple days, which is not exactly what the team likes to see, but it is good in the sense we see the feedback at the highest levels and gives us a chance to identify any issues - keeping what we offer light years ahead of the others who teach (or try to teach) REI and ensure everyone is happy and on doing what we can to keep people on track for the goals they have made for themselves.

With all of the company growth over the last few months there is undoubtedly going to be an account exec, or rep here or there that doesn't fit right with our family and uphold our standards. That seems to be where the lackluster posts centered around, and not really with the mentoring program itself. Trust me, by Monday - with your help, those problems will be routed if they in fact exist.

Dean is traveling today, but he spoke with me about this and he is waiting for specifics to rectify any dissatisfaction with ANY portion of your relationship, be it an account exec, a rep, a part of a program you are having trouble with, etc. He is also likely going to chime in here with his thoughts.

With your insight, you can allow us to find to fine tune parts of the programs you may be having trouble with, or even identify those representatives who are not representing Dean or the team in the way they should.

It's been well over a year with this community in full swing and many thousands of students, and with only a couple dissatisfied individuals on the community. But even a tiny, small percentage of people who have a problem with something is too many for us.

With all that said, if you have any feedback you want addressed by Dean, myself and the rest of the crew, send a email to infoatdeanenterprisesllcdotcom. (replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with "." - I just posted it like this so the spammers don't find the email). A small team of us personally reviews these everyday. Use the subject "Feedback For Dean" if you can so we can sort which are directly for Dean and our management.

Thanks! Smiling

PS: Just so people do not just reply here there are no comments on the thread - email that email because it gets circulated in real time to several important people, including Dean.

PPS: I have locked the posts because enough has been said on the matter and there is no sense in wasting time debating instead of doing. In the future, if you have anything you don't like, or you really do like - send it there, so we can focus on the best parts and eliminate anything that is not positive or is a source of frustration. I am going to enforce the rules more strictly that a customer service issue needs to be handled with our team, and not the site. The members of the site cannot resolve a CS problem, but we can - so there is no sense to derail constructive REI efforts, which is the sole purpose of the site, not a customer support portal. That is located here:

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