TONIGHT!! Here Is A Simple 'Golden Rule' Of Buying Real Estate . . .


You Don't Have To Be Great To Start Buying
Real Estate . . .
But You Have To Start To Be Great!

Don't forget - Wednesday February 10 2010 (tonight)
7PM Craig Picard will be on a webinar speaking of:

Foreclosure Topics:

How to eliminate the competition in today's foreclosure market and
get better deals
How to be a Foreclosure Transaction Engineer
How to make big profits on properties that have no equity
Wholesale Real Estate Topics

How to assign or wholesale any type of real estate even REO's
How to get started in Real Estate with no money, no risk, and no credit
The one activity that if you fail to do will put you out of business
Funding Deals:

What money is available for real estate deals today
What private or hard money lenders are looking for from you even if you
are a beginner
How to present to lenders to get all he money you need
How to get over 20 lenders names & phone numbers that you can call the
day after the webinar, to start getting money for your deals!
So, I am strongly suggesting you . . .

Click Here to register for this F*R*E*E call

I am excited to hear your voice on the call, so when you sign in, just let me
know you are there by telling me your name.

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