Hello I'm Scott. As we get members we can schedule a REI meeting. I currently live in Waco, but will be moving to Victoria in March. I specialize in short sales, and help real estate agents with the entire short sale process.
I created this group so we can start networking and building a membership.
Please, post a basic introduction stating what town or area you live in, any idea for this group, and invite others to join us.
I will be recruiting all types of real estate profesionals from all over our area to join our Dg family and this group. I don't plan on trying to do that alone. That would be rather hard for one person alone to accomplish, but if we each invite the realtors, investors, subcontractors, brokers, lawyers, etc from the towns we live in then we will accomplish this together.


South Central Texas

Scott,cotact me so we can talk this investing thing over for this area.I am in Sinton ,which is the Corpus Christi area ,and was unable to get started for one reason are the other. Jimmie12

Hey Scott

Get idea, for a rei group in the area, Im in Alice, Bout 40m from Corpus.. just starting out and lookin for any help through this adventure.. thanks

That is awesome Frank.....

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That your in Alice. My grandfather has lived in Freer for the past 30+ years. As a fid I spent at least a month every summer in Freer with my grandfather who was also my fishing buddy and frind. We're going to end up being friends being successful togeter and catching a lot of fish on the way.
Like I said before we will be affected by those around us. So by surrounding ourself with likeminded motivated inspired REI winners all options beside winning are non existent. That is what this group is for and about. It's not just a REI group/club. It's a group of people that are surrounding themselves with the right kind of people.



Scott..thanks for sending the link. I was having difficulty connecting to here.

Did you start-your first steps-in starting your REI biz with the 24/7 phone line, flyers with goal of getting a sellers/buyers list?

TexGal Welcome

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I posted the wrong link. You are visiting right now. If you want to join goto my profile and click on that link(#2 of sites I visit). That will take you to the page where you can join this group.

I am starting a bit different than others. Check out my profile 'about me' and my journal at:

to read about how I am doing things different.

Basically I am learning as much as I can. I am buiding up this group to surround myself with likeminded poeple that will help me succeed and that I can directly help. I am building my buyers list and my RE team. So when I move in March(to Victoria) I am ready to hit the ground running. Everything I do everyday is with that in mind.
I am also going to be spending at least a month in Tucson, AZ between now and then. I am going to get some things done while there also. I need to update my journal about that, set some goals, and make some things happen. Like put some Tucsonian money in my pocket.


Great Idea

Great Idea Scott and thank you for taking the time. I live in Austin Tx and recently lost my job so trying to make a go of this. I hope to do some flyers/canvass a neighborhood or two soon ;and possibly set up a cheap answering service. Joe


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Success in REI is all about networking. Think of and all you have learned from others here. This IS a network. We need to get our Texas network started.

Ideas? Comments? Complaints?

I have been researching REI clubs, and have found a number of them in Waco, CC, Houston, SA, and even Austin.

I had a good phone conversation with a REA in Victoria today. He might work out for me. I like a lot of things about him.

Add to this. Let's get something going. Ideas? Comments? Complaints?

We also need to schedule a REI meeting for us. We need to get everyone's location so we can figure out where would be best for us all. The next idea is when. What day and time is going to be best for all of us. ie. Mon evening, Sat afernoon, whatever IDeas?

I am going to AZ in a couple of days and won't be back to Waco until late Feb. I will be in south central TX(Victoria) in March or April, so I won't be available but the rest of you could get something started.
I am going to visit with other clubs and learn what I can from them, between now and when I finally move. I will take notes on any ideas to help our club.
We need to get something scheduled so we can start inviting others like REAs, mortgage brokers etc. There are six of us in this group now. If we all invited one or more RE contact and have 12 at our first meeting then we will have 20 a meeting or two later.

We also need to start discussing topics, etc. I think "Buyer's List" would be one good topic. It wouldn't hurt any of us to improve our buyer's lists.
Input needed! Reply to this post with any ideas. Topic suggestions?

It's all about networking so let's network! Working together, locally, with others in RE is our bread and butter. So make a note to take some ACTION towards putting this group together.


Buyers List

I started a buyers list from going to Real Estate Club Investors meetings and asking for business cards; and sending them all an email within 24-48 hours saying it was good to meet them; could I add them to my buyers list; and what type of properties where they looking for? This was not easy for me as I am introvert by nature-so had to come out of my shell; so to speak. I got good contacts and potential buyers from this; even met a fellow deangraziosi student at a meeting just by mentioning this website and deans books. As for bringing in others-I have been talking to a Realtor friend of mine for some time now about all this/and he just started sending me MLS listings; and also talking to a RE Agent who wanted to go into Investing-but instead got a license. Time will tell on these..



I live in San Antonio, Texas and I want to start to position myself around positive like-minded people that share in the quest for financial freedom. I am determined to create enough passive income to invest full time. I current buy older mobile homes for cash and then refinance them to a owner that wants affordable housing. I plan to start doing the same thing to houses after I build my passive income up to a level I can live off. I want to also work on assignments until I build up my capital. If anyone wants to be considered in 50% after repair value deals for assignment fee, let me know. I find deals all the time in San Antonio Area but lack a significant list of cash buyers.


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Joe, tell us about lease options in Texas.
Might there be a way we can do sandwich leases within the law?

We need to chat. First of all, I can help you with buyers. Secondly, I have an idea I would like to pursue that is all about mobile homes. I also know someone with many years investing in mobile homes. I plan to gain a whole mess of knowledge and also possible get them involved in this idea I have.

Joe aka West and I are planing on meeting in March in Austin. It's probably going to be a weekend and about the third week(Sat the 20th maybe). Once we have a specific time, place, and date we will post it here. All are welcome to join us.

I would like to plan a group meet and greet for all of us on Sat March 27th.
I am not sure exactly where yet. I guess the first thing we need to decide is the town. We need to figure out where everybody is and who all plans on meeting up with us. I know Joe(Austin) will if at all possible. DrWill(SA) said he would also.
I will be living in the Victoria area by then(I think). So I am thinking somewhere in the middle like Gonzales which looks to be about 40 to 50 miles for each of us.
That does not account for others group members. We have approx 7 weeks to work out some details. So post here ideas, concerns, etc.
I just looked at the Texas map and chose a place(Gonzales) in the middle. Speak up if you have a better idea. Another idea might be in SA. That would be a lil farther for Joe and me but still only about an hour drive. It all depends who else is joining us.

An hour drive or even more is nothing once a month knowing such a meeting of Dg students all from Texas would be worth a tremendous amount to furthering our REI careers. I for one plan to be a full time REI as soon as possible.

Now what time, and how much time do we need? I am thinking we meet about 430pm to 'meet and greet' at a resturant(early to beat the dinner crowd). It would need to be a decent place but not expensive(buffet maybe like Golden Corral?). Then we have dinner together at 5pm. After we eat we have a casual meeting over coffee, pie, etc.

Our main agenda for this first meeting is to meet and learn a bit about each other. Our minor agenda will be to iron out the where when etc of further meetings.

I personally want to touch base with Joe and DrWill because I am planing on working in Austin and SA, and I want contacts in both. Corpis Christi also and maybe even Houston but not for a while.

We need to discuss this and work out some details. So post here. All are welcome to pm me, email me at scotthignight@**** , or call me at 254-339-5431. I have been having problems with my phone but the phone company promised me it will be all fixed and back to normal tomorrow(Fri 29th) sometime. So if you call and don't get through try again later.

I am going to be rich aka finacially free with lots of big toys like a nice big expensive fishing boat. I am also going to help a lot of poeple improve thier lives. My question to all of you is: Have you decided to do whatever you have to and NEVER give up no matter what to reach your goals and get rich(or whatever your dream is) or are you going to later wish that you had made that decision?

Are you with me?


We have quite a few new members with us now.

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I just wanted to say it's good to have you with us. I hope you all make me richer...oops...I mean that we all can help eath other...yeah that's it...Eye-wink

Anyway, I am so excited about finaly coming back to TX and to start meeting with all of you and making things happen. Yes, I mean making things happen for you and you and you and even me! The more I can help others the better I will do and I know it. So my plan is to help as many as I possibly can at every chance I get.

We need everyone that has joined this group to start discussing our first actual get together meeting. As stated above YOUR input is needed. PLease, add your opinion, concerns, etc.

Those who are serious and who take action will shine. We will leave any others behind wishing they had taken action and were still with us!!!!
Who are you?

Do you know what it means to take action? Do you know how to take action? Think about it and answer honestly don't guess. I can and will help you as long as you are honest, and that starts with yourself. Taking action, getting started, etc is very very easy. If you don't think so or don't know how then ask me.


Just joined the group.

Glad to be here and part of the group. It's nice to know other people from Texas are searching for answers too. I am actually from North North Texas(one county from Oklahoma!) I may be able to make it to a meeting, but it would need to be on a Friday or Saturday.

Is anyone going to the EDGE Event?

YES, I am.

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I will be there if I have to walk the whole way from South central Texas. I already have my spot reserved and paid for.
The rooms are 110 a night and we need to stay for 2 nights(Fri and Sat so $220). The nice thing is that some rooms have 2 beds and the price is the same, so back to $110 each and we each save $110 by sharing a room and split the price.
Julie, I don't mean you and No way I'm shy!!!! I do know another girl going that is looking for a roomy, though. I will pm you about that too.
I am looking for another guy to split the room costs with though. I would much prefer it to be a fellow Texan. Pm me.


Meet up group

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Count me in on the meetup group. I live in San Antonio but can drive up to a couple of hours if need be. I've actually been to a few REI seminars in Houston so I'm not afraid to travel. I also attend two REI networking groups the first of every month in San Antonio, so I may be able to get a few others to attend our meeting in March.

Great idea to start this group. Let me know if I can be of any help to get this started.

That is awesome Fish

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I planned on looking up other REI group and attending also. It is good you are already making a list. Don't get me wrong I know our group of DG students having a meeting will be "more special"(lol) but my idea was to see what I could learn from others and then share with 'our" family group. So Fish that is you current job then. Thank you for volunteering....grin!!! I will join you if that ok with you when I get there.
Between fishing and REI it is starting to look like I am going to be pretty busy.

who r you?

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I think I have chatted with and "know" more in this group then anyone else. There are some that I don't know or recognize. So I know there are others that don't know who you are. So first of all Welcome to our humble little group. Second, please, introduce yourself and say hi.


Joining rei

Sorry about being lost for awhile. I had been looking for someone in the area and got no responses and didn't expect any this time. Glad to see this happening and welcome you to So. Tx. Really looking forward to meeting up on 3/27 to see what kind of ideas we can get and what we can do. Tried to find investors in the area by DG means but was unable to locate any so I got a little dicouraged. Great to be getting someone in the area to work with. I'm feeling pumped up right now.

Just joined your DG REI Group

Hello, I am Dan DeCoff. I just joined your South Central Texas DG REI Group. I am in Aransas Pass, TX. Have been with DG REI less than 1 month. I really need to be with like minded people. Hope there is a meeting soon. I can be contacted via PM or Email (preferred - posted on my profile page). Hope to hear from all of you soon. DAN

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