It is just an Island right?

It is just an Island right? Well actually it is eight major islands but let’s just stick to “Oahu,” the busiest and most populated island at 1 million people. Well divide that by 2 and that is about how many apartments and houses are out there. With six different languages spoken fluently it makes this paradise a little more difficult. If you are doing business in Hawaii pleas share your experience and knowledge with Dean’s Family.


I am new to Real Estate Investing and I would welcome all the help I can get to get me started. I am in the Military station in Hawaii on Schofield Barracks, I am interested in joining any Clubs or Groups that are located out here on the Island of Ohau,

Robert, join the group and

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Robert, join the group and lets build that team that we need in Hawaii to succeed.

Robert that's Great

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Robert that is Great, email me at colleyhawk@****.
Are you a member of HiREI - Hawaii Real Estate Investors?

Any Response to your email?

Aloha Robert!

Any response to your email yet? I'm excited to join a club of investors here in Honolulu as well. Please let me know!

Thank you!



Aloha Sean,

I live on Maui and have been following the Real Estate market here. I found houses that was on the market a few years ago for $550,000 and are now selling for $299,000 in the Makawao area, which normally are in high demand. I know you currently focused on Oahu areas, but there are alot of prime choices here on Maui. I am new to Deans site and the real estate game, but I'd like to work and learn from you.

So how long have you been in

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So how long have you been in Dean's Program? You are right. Now is the time to buy with low interest rates and low prices.


In Hawaii

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We have been in Hawaii of an on for over 8 years now. The Market hit the bubble back in 2006 and is now finally starting to come back up again.


Aloha Team Hawaii!!

That actually sounds great! I'm brand new to REI, but I'm eager to learn from our more experienced Investors on here, so I'm open to be taught! I'm extremely excited to have found people out of Hawaii as I know, now is the time to make some serious money in REI. I've already joined (i think)so please contact me and we can move on from there. I'm in Waipahu, so not too far from Mililani and Schofield!!



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It is good to have you onboard the Hawaii Team. We should schedule a meeting soon.

Hawaii Meeting

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I know a lot of people are looking for help. There are monthly meetings for Hawaii Investors, in may seem like a secret but it is not. The meetings are the first Thursday of each month.
Please visit for more information, then click on the calendar.


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Hey guys,

Just found this REI club on the site, i just moved to Hawaii about 3 weeks ago. I have a big under my belt as in real estate investing and ready to start here.

My problem here is i don't have naysayers but more of people that don't care, sometimes not hearing good or bad news can be worse ha...

Ether way looking for a motivated partner or mentor kinda of person.

Hope to see you guys at the next meeting too, i am going to be there.


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