Well just to keep everyone updated, it has been 5 days since our closing on our 4 unit property. We have 2 people being relentless about buying houses from us and also 1 person who has signed on to let us help him sell his house, not to mention the purchase offer we made late Saturday afternoon which will run out on this Saturday 7/18/09. BUT WAIT, the best is coming. WE JUST INCREASED OUR MONTHLY CASH FLOW BY $100.00 per month to $749.00 per month. Here is what happened. The only tennant we did not meet just gave us notice that she was moving out on Aug 28th. Not good news, but wait. Jeremy and I talked about it and I said I will get APT FOR RENT SIGNS and see what happens. Heck we've got 6 weeks until the our tennant moves. My partner jumps and says "I will post an ad on craigslist and see what we get. The phone hasn't stopped ringing. We have 8 count them 8 people who want the apartment a $100.00 a month increase in rent and one guy wants the place sight unseen, all this in less than 24 hours. Does this happen all the time? Probably not, but since the big guy up above is giving us the ball, Jeremy and Jan will run with it.Because this site means so much to Jeremy and I we wanted to keep you all up to speed and wishing much luck to everyone to achieve your dreams.....Jeremy and Jan

Hey, Jan & Jeremy!

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I left my congrats in your other "victory post" ( )
but wanted to shout the same in here!!
Congrats, congrats! You guys are unstoppable!! and you hit the "landlord " ground running. Eye-wink

Keep bringing us the good news! We love it!!!!!!!


Getting Better Already!

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Hi Jan,
I am so happy for the both of you guys. When it rains it pours. It is such a good feeling to know someone as young as Jeremy is out there being constructive in life. When so many choose to go the other way. So proud to know this. Keep up the excellent work. Continued success.........Lubertha

Jeremy and Jan,

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Way to go, great job on this deal! Real estate investing has so many benefits today and the benefits tomorrow can sometimes be even better. Good luck on all your future deals. Belieev and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Way to go boys

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I am so excited for you guys kinda makes getting up and welcoming the day be seen in a whole new light doesn't it. It is awesome that you are keeping everyone up to date on your process sometimes just seeing how the process works is motavation for someone who is tipping backwards off the fence. Great gooblygook you guys rock.
Continued success to you both.

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