Last Chance EDGE!

Wednesday we offered the "Gain the EDGE" at home course and that night, we sold out long before we planned to pull the offer down.

So I've decided I'm going to do something to hopefully make those of you who are upset, feel very happy again.


But There Are Some Ground Rules

1. I've posted the recording of the call from Tuesday night so if you missed it, you need to listen in and hear EVERYTHING my guests talked about here:

2. On Sunday July 26th for 6 hours – and six hours only! - I'm going to open the order page back up and offer 250 more of you the opportunity to grab a copy of the amazing "Gain the EDGE" at home course.

Why only 250? Because we had to get more sets of this program produced, there is a minimum number of orders, and with the people that snuck through Wednesday, and the minimum order number, that leaves me with about 250 to offer.

So on Sunday, from 12:00 NOON to 6:00 PM PST you can get your shot at getting a copy using the link below - BUT THERE IS A CATCH!

And like it or not, that is it! I'm slamming the door shut on this program after that, and definitely will never offer such a low price on it if I decide to sell it in the future.

I'll send you one last email on Sunday to remind you - and by the time some of you are home from church, the 2nd chance course will be available.

So please, don't be ticked if you missed out, now you have a second chance.

Now if you we're upset with me, I hope this makes you feel better.

Just don't miss out this time...OKAY!???

Have an amazing weekend, and don't forget, Sunday is your final, no reprieve, no 3rd chance, day to get the most powerful, simple and effective real estate investing training on the planet!

All the best,


Must Have!!!!! Do Not Miss This!!!

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Ordered the course before the call was finished. Have just begun to explore all that comes with the package and it just blows me away. Thank You Dean for this incredible tool. Tools, so much it's just unbelievable. This whole thing is going to crank up the deal big time. Thanks again Dean and all the folks who worked so hard to put this amazing deal together. This takes us to a whole different level.


I successfully ordered the EDGE and got involved with the edge forum and the APF and everything, and now suddenly I received an email telling me I no longer have access and privileges to the edge forum.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


You can't miss this opportunity Whose ready to change their life

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Hello DG Members,

My wife and I attended Dean's Gain the EDGE live event in April 2009 and it really changed our lives forever! It was the complete package that provided step by step information to help change your lives with real estate investing and know how. The amount of information was so tremendous that I got more information in the first hour than I hoped to get from the entire event! If you want to change your life, now is the time.

As Dean also states in the above video blog, the DG website is another great tool to add to your education and support team. So be sure to jump into the forums and ask your questions because together we can get to our desired destination even faster. My wife and I can't wait to get the EDGE home study course because we want to dissect every tidbit of information from the event. We had so many great ideas from the event, we want to go through the course again and again to add even more items to our list.

Normally in life, you never usually get a second chance, how can you pass up a third opportunity? Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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We ordered the Home Study EDGE package as soon as the teleseminar ended. We have treid several other things and seminars but there was always something missing... We believe that this will be it, Dean's personality and honesty has standed out from other gurus that they just want to sell their products.
In the meantime we just received the new book Profits from Real Estate Now and we are reading and reading and learning.
Can't wait for the EDGE package to arrive.
Thanks Dean for this opportunity, we believe in YOU.

Absolutely Priceless

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Nothing will ever compare to being at the live event, but I am so excited to bring as much of it as I can back into my life with this package! For anyone not there - you have no idea of the value of the information you are going to receive. There is something for everyone here - and its more than motivation and inspiration - its the actual tools and lessons to pick a strategy and make it work for you. It will be like having the best support group you could imagine right in your living room whenever you need it! So I am so happy for all of you who couldnt be there to have this chance to 'attend' via this dvd set. And I'm so grateful to Dean and his amazing staff for changing my life and opening so many doors for me this past year. I had no real estate or rehab knowledge, and am currently on my fourth property. I am way below my own success goal, though, but plan to blow myself and everyone around me away by the end of this year so watch out Smiling

Looking Forward to Sunday!

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I am a Graziosi client for at least a year now if not more. Although I want to be much further on with my investments I need to acknowledge how much I have already with Dean's previous programs. I went from nothing as a single mother to 3 houses now on to my forth. So I am really excited about this new program! I am banking on it giving me the edge I need to step it up! Sunday can't come soon enough!
Thank You Dean!
Sheri -

Can't wait

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I ordered the edge home study course and can't wait to receive it. I believe this will give me the edge in investing as well with all investors will benefit. Thank you Dean for sharing.

Very Excited

Listened to the webinar Tues., ordered the EDGE kit on Weds. (had to go to the bank first!) and I can't wait for it to arrive.
In the meantime, I am beginning to work with the APF and learning about the other bonus tools. These should keep me busy until the kit arrives. Cool


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Hi guys am dean's graziosi fun and to be sincere i did not get to have a chance to buy GAIN THE EDGE 09;i did purchase his two bestselling books on real estate and students secrets booklet,back in march 2009,when i was in a brief leave from deployment here in IRAQ, I SAW HIS Teleformatial and it made me purchase the books;i feel like i am missing alot though i have been receiving emails of events happening but i can't do anything being,i wish that i can get the GAIN THE EDGE home course,to prepare me when i get back to the states to get started since i will be seperatng with the my worry is if i miss this copy can anyone assist me to get a duplicate copy since i am trying to order it online come this sunday 26th july 2009.I am seriously want to take action? like dean says.
Thank you dean for what you are doing to change peoples lives....

How to Get The Edge

My wife and I would like to buy the Edge, but (don't laugh) we do not use credit cards, what are our options??

How Sad is this?

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I really wanted the Edge but I don't have the money to buy it. I'm not trying to get sympathy I don't have a job I really wanted to get this but I forgot I'm broke, so I guess this can't change my life, kudos to those who have it.

A permanent EDGE!!

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While I've been gone all week on vacation with my family, I feel like I've missed out on something HUGE here on DG!!
I am so thankful that I have a copy of the EDGE Home Study course coming to my door (CAN'T WAIT TO RELIVE IT ALL AND HAVE THE TOOLS HERE IN MY HANDS), but I am sad I missed out on encouraging everyone else to get in while they can!!! I see there is just an hour and a half left to order (if they're not already sold out!), and I would say that if anyone is still debating, getting the EDGE info is a decision I believe you will never regret! And if you need extra help, we will ALWAYS be here to help you take those next steps. Even if we are gone from the site sometimes, I know speaking for myself, I will be around permanently. I can never repay Dean enough for how he has changed my family's life! Seriously.

Thanks to all and good luck!


Edge program

Money will not be avable until aug 1st please let me know if I can get the program on first thomas walker


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Don't let anything hold you back from living your dream! Congratulations on joining the Academy! That is a huge step in itself! And the same coaches that taught at the EDGE (along with so many others of their caliber!) are part of the Academy. While you might be missing some of the exact tools we were given at the EDGE, and the experience of hearing the speakers, take what tools you have and make them work for you! Yes, those that get the EDGE have great extras to work with, but with ALL Dean provides, it is ultimately YOUR determination that will make you successful. Don't be discouraged! Smiling

God bless,


P.S. Knowing Dean, he will CONTINUALLY be coming up with brilliant new things for us. I have started my own living DG library (no dust settling on THESE programs!!) and I am thrilled to add the EDGE to my arsenal. Every great tool gives an advantage, but the ability to succeed truly comes from WITHIN! Smiling

P.P.S Keep getting what you can from Dean (each tool is a great asset), but never let perceived "limitations" stop you in your tracks!!! You deserve a wonderful future, and that's what Dean dreams of for all of us!!!!!!! no matter where we are starting right now! Eye-wink

Thank You

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I apologize for sounding bitter earlier. I just really want this to work and hate that I can't get all that is available due to finances at the present time.

I do appreciate your encouragement and hope to be able to post my success story soon.

Thank You


To clarify...

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The EDGE information is cutting-edge and comes with SO many extras, there isn't anything like it and it will be a HUGE jump-start for all those fortunate enough to get in on it. (The new strategies/tools that were shared at the event were things I had never heard before!)
I just don't want anyone to give up because they couldn't get the EDGE at this time. Dean's books/programs and website are loaded with tools and support to make your success a reality. ALWAYS.


P.S. And success CAN happen in as little as 30 days. I am happy to know many folks who have turned their lives around in short order using what Dean has taught them. So NEVER, NEVER give up. Smiling


Wish I had purchased the edge but I had to wait until I see how I made out after the surgery and they turn me on because I didnt want to waste me if I cant uses the tools to help me Sad I hope Dean is holding it for me until I am ready and I can call him and ask for my kit.


I missed the edge too

But i will work with what I do have. Thanks for your feedback...I needed that...this forum is great. it's the edge I needed Eye-wink


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I can't believe i'm 2 months late. I'm another new guy. My bro and I just got done listening to the replay of the conference call of July 21st. It is now 3:50am on Sept. 5th 2009. Sooo Bummed. Oh well gotta stay positive. Hopefully next time we'll be here to receive such a great offer of wisdom. This is my first post. Very happy to be part of this family/community.

The Edge Sound Like the Ultimate Tool

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I joined September 3rd and missed the opportunity for the Edge too. Maybe I will be able to take advantage of the opportunity when he offers it again and probably at a much higher price. I have already flipped two houses but that was two years ago. I am hoping that Dean's tools and this site will help me get moving again.

Try this

Like some of the Dean's family who could not afford the EDGE, use your initiative. A fellow Dean's family approcahed me if i could help her acquire the EDGE package. She bought the EDGE package ane we share the amount. After reading and watching the videos she let me watch and read it too the articles. Well, for newbies like who had no deal yet, I guess this is the best thing to do. Hope Dean'family and administration will understand this. Thankssss

More from the EDGE

Hi all,

We missed the EDGE also. Does anyone know if it will be offered again any time soon?

We luv this place!
Alice n John

the edge

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i can't get the money to buy the edge does anyone in arkansas have it i might be able to pay half of it to see a copy of it

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