Last Chance for Gain the E.D.G.E. Investor Summit

WARNING! Time is Running Out!

Friends, my upcoming first ever, live real estate investing training event (Gain the E.D.G.E.) scheduled for April 24-26 is only weeks away.

We still have some unconfirmed seats, so I’m urging you to make up your mind fast. Right now I’m opening 11 seats that will be available to the first of you
to get there. I’m telling you, if you want to for sure be equipped to make a killing investing in the rest of 2009, you must first invest in yourself and get out here to Arizona for this real estate investment summit. You have no risk, (see my guarantee in the letter at and you’ll walk away, ready to make your first offer within hours, or days of returning home.

Are you concerned about things changing in your life? Do you need some reassurance that things will be okay? Then you need to come to this event!

Maybe you’re doing okay, not worried about today, but wanting to take things to the next level? Anxious to super charge your success and FAST? Then come!

If you can be here, I know you will be head over heels happy with your decision. You have my personal word on it. Head over to to see everything I have in store for you and to reserve your seat now. Remember I am holding 11 of the unclaimed seats open for as long as they last.

Excited for you,

PS: If you cannot make the entire payment for admission, please call my office angel, Megan at 1-800-489-7003 ext 10 and ask about a special payment plan.

PPS: Want a preview of what you’ll learn when you come? Then listen to the replay of my call with student and speaker Greg Murphy.

Excellent Customer Service!

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Wow Dean!!

Such excellent customer service on your behalf. Thats wonderful and I look forward to seeing you there next month and I encourage anyone else that wants to make money, learn from the top and BE A REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE to come and join us.


"No question - is a Silly question"

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Just thought I'd ask - Is anyone willing to cover my fee? Talking about putting myself out on a limb.

I can promise on my son and my family that the deed will come back to you. In one way or another. My work ethic is simple...Honesty and Quality. I have and never will take advantage of any consumer.

I'm new and learning 24/7 while also try to work installing water heaters, spend time with my wife and child, and trying so hard to not let this economy bring me and my family down.

I've never asked anyone for anything, because that's just not me to do so, but again the economy has brought my brain to start doing things out of the normal. I must admit it's exciting, but talk about having the butterflies. I can't believe the things I've been doing w/out hesitation. As the quote goes..."Knowledge + Action = Results" by DG.

November 24, 2007 - I remember seeing Dean's infomercial on a little T.V. while I was waiting to be seen by a doctor to treat my 2nd and 3rd degree burns and yes I wanted to call and order the book, but I did not. In 2009 again my brain is looking for the answer to survive this economy. I still remembered his infomercial and did an internet search for the name "Dean" that was all I remembered and sure enough found it...and boy I've been full charge and using money I don't really have to be spending to get the info and yes there is no price to knowledge and material he gives us. Reading literally 24/7, taking action, contacting people from the start-up support specialists/coaches, and even the office manager. What a Journey.

I believe the "Gain the EDGE Event" would be the most beneficial to learn directly from the people who have been successful. To mirror their techniques and do exactly what they've, because yes they have already eliminated all the guess work as to what works and what doesn't.

Again - I'm very willing to re-pay every dime and then some to anyone willing to support a very young, determined, and focused individual.

Just in case - No one is able to...I will still continue this Journey with Dean and his team of professionals and still be very determined. Like I said I'm putting myself out there, because I truly understand the value and benefit of such an EVENT.

Thank you all again for all the info from the other about info Heaven. =) Thanks again.

Even if I can't make this event any of you who are serious about becoming an REI, should definitely do what they have to in order to attend. I know I sure am.

I will now post this and worry that many of you will think I can't believe he posted this. I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I really am just trying to do what I have to, in order to do what I want to. "Become a Real Estate Millionaire"

need help

looking for an investor in the seattle / everett washington area to speak to about some deals

can you..

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cover the cost of transportation and/or lodging?

can you..

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Not sure if you were referring to my "outrageous request" or "johncarpenters" (about talking to someone in the everett/washington area about some deals.) I'd love to respond to him, but I only know so much right now...the time invested since I recv'd the material on 03/20/09 to now...literally over 70 hours...I haven't much sleep lately. =) But I enjoy it and it's fun learning and seeing the major potential. For someone who knew absolutely nothing, to what I know now about REI. Truly amazing how investing time in knowledge by reading and learning from genuine and the best people.
Really is amazing and a blessing.

I find myself talking to family and friends about how the can do exactly what I'm doing if they just step out of the box and believe. It's funny how so many people just don't realize the potential or are so use to the traditional way of doing things. Anyhow that is their right and we cannot force anybody to do anything they don't want to. So for now my only option left is to just prove show them. All I want is for them to use me as a Spring Board to ignite their passion for what the truly want. It's so sad how the world happenings have affected people in their moods and daily life. I constantly remind my family, my friends family, extended family...that problems are only situations and as long we stay together as a family and enjoy that we are...we will be just fine.

I begin to work with a coach today actually, being it's 5:24am pst...I need to goto work first and install some water heaters...then come home and speak with him at 7:30pm.

I have been able to sort all the info I've indulged myself into these past 10 days and have finally realized that my niche market in today's market are:
Search your Killer Deal (FSBO or REO's), lock-it w/the contracts (a plus when you have your REA to handle that, and since I can't buy outright I've created a buyers list. It's very minimal right now. I believe it'll grow fairly quick.

Anyhow I don't why I always end up rambling on and on, when I'm hear on this site...I think it just feels really good. So anyways - if by chance you were responding to my request. The answer would be YES - I'd be able to cover my airfare, and worse come to worse if I can't find a cheap local hotel in the surrounding area, then I would definitely prepare to pay the $185/per night at the Grand Resort + $20 for tax and their fee and then my airfare around $200
So I'd be looking at around $610-$700...which I'm sure I can come up with before April 24th. It's just the $xxxx for admission that is out of the question do to my circumstances. I've been investing money I really don't have right now into this program..I'm somewhere around $800 already since ordering the book and it's only been 10 days...and my mortgage literally became 1 month behind as of 04/01/09. I'm really putting myself in a position where failing just isn't an option. Hence me going way out of my box to ask things I would never find myself doing, because very and truthfully out of my characteristic to do such. My brain figures out this point to do all and anything you can to make it happen.

Well I really need to stop writing such long messages. Sorry I'll stop...take care and thanks for listening.

For the sake of not thread stealing...
Last Chance for Gain the E.D.G.E. Investor Summit

You all gotta go if you can. I know it's going to be worth more than every penny.

Massive success...

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I will and I am - doing all that I achieve a level that my family and friends think is not attainable. You are absolutely right, when you think it, your brain will follow, and your body and actions will follow. No matter what. So look forward to failure and learn. Embrace challenge...Life is Challenge, Challenge is Growth, and Growth is Living.

Thank you again and I will let you know... when the first deal is I do know that you are a consistent contributor to the people who come to this site to learn from pros.

It was a great event!

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I am so fortunate my wife and I were able to attend the Live Edge training event weekend in Phoenix, AZ. It has motivated us to another level. We can't wait until the 2010 conference. Believe and Achieve! Smiling

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