Listen To Replay: January, 29th 2009 Conference Call

This month's conference call was a great one! If you missed it, listen to replay right here!

First time Buyer

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this week I started going out with a Real Estate Agent to buy my first house.Should I first learn Dean's program ,before I go a head and purches this house threw the agent. I don't want to effect my First Time Buy's savings.I heard that first Time buy's get's better deals.

conference call

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I just hear Dean confrence call, it was Great information.
I just want to Thank you Dean, and the winners, that shared thier story.


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How do i set up my profile.


Thank you Dean for boosting our enthusiasm on a consistent basis. I truly believe that now is a great time to get into real estate and am looking forward to succeeding as a real estate investor and, God willing, will soon be a success story that will inspire others to persue their dreams. God speed!!!

I am looking forward to us becoming partners on many investments in the near future Smiling

autonated foreclosure finder

Can't get into the website because it won't accept my email address. Can anyone tell me how to get in? Doing trial and so far it seems hard to get in.

reading the real esate millionare book

I'm in the process of finishing the be the real a real estate millionare has alot of vitalinformation on getting started in the real
estate.I have zero experence in investing in real
I'm in the process of obtaining dean's new book
and i know that after reading both book i will be armed to be a success and help other's to obtain there dreams.

Need info on Section-8 housing

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Hi - I'm brand new to DG and would like to know if anyone has some info or links to investing Section-8 or affordable housing? Also looking for tax advantages for this area of investing. Thanks!

just ordered book

looking for someone in Oklahoma City area to talk to Thanks

house under contract

Realestate co. has for 6 mths. Must I go thru them? Homeowner wants me to sell.


Looking for someone in the Everett WA area to talk to about real estate investments

John Carpenter

just ordered book a few days ago

Would like to talk to someone in the Oklahoma City area...Thanks,George

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