LLC - Type of Business (Wholesaling)

I'm trying to access an LLC number via Dun & Bradstreet. However, real estate wholesaling is not part of the SIC (SIC is the type of business that one will be conducting). I would appreciate if you could throw out some ideas which closely match a "real estate wholesaler" type of business.


Looking to Buy Homes If you Have a dEAL

I work for a investor who does a lot of re-hab in the Mpls and St. Paul Area, so i am learning from him as i re-start my investment . So if you have some properties thst you want to assign, please contact me at TCMadvisor@****


Interested in your proposal's picture

Hello, I'm from the mpls area: robbinsdale.
I have a couple of properties locked under contract, but don't know how to contact you (TCMadvisor@???)

Thank you,

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