Monthly Conference Call Tuesday, September 14th @ 9PM ET

We had another great training call take place on Tuesday, September 14th 2010 at 9:00PM Eastern.

On this conference call students got answers to some important questions about investing that are being asked on this site.

Listen to the Replay Online!

Total view website

i have a serious? My good friend said he would sell me his property cheap so i plugged it into the web site. To see the comps etc. And it is a good deal. The promblem is that he told me he has got alott of inquires about the property just after i checked it into totalview is this public knowledge? If you run a property value check on the property can other ppl go after it or just a coincedence? If so i dontknow if i will use totalview. Any opinions will help

Can't Wait!

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I just wanted to let you know that i appreciate and enjoy every call, they are always full of great info. I'm waiting for my Edge 2010 kit to get here in the mail. There have been so many times that i got in my own way of success, I had to figure myself out first. I'm inspired, I'm ready and I'm so glad to have this site to turn to for help. Thanks Dean and the Dean G family!

Did you make a offer

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If not, my experience is that once an offer and a DROA filed they have to take down all signs and off the MLS.
Hope this helps. If this person is a good friend maybe you could negotiate another deal but verify the other offers. The Art of Negotiations is to find the best deal for both sides. Especially if he is a friend. He maybe in trouble and as you said it's a good deal. There will be more deals to come. You don't have to make your first million on this deal do you? Just a thought !

Hard Money Lending

Would like information on Hard Money lending
and lenders and details if anyone knows of
someone in Ohio - thanks so much!


I am pretty new to this conference therefore I can't wait to hear everything that makes it interesting. Especially the material and tools to get me started. Also I'm looking forward to receiving my kit in couple of days.


The Answer to Rcttaylor's Question above on 9/9/10 at 19:41 PM ?

Greetings "DG Family" ! I too am very interested in getting & understanding the
answer(s) to Rcttaylor's question on TOTALVIEW !

When we use it & pull up data for a specific Street Address, does that search response-info hang out there as "public domain info" that others can somehow "stumble upon" & see it ... and possibly then act on it ??

( See Rcttaylor's post above on 9/9/10 at time 19:41 ... re what happened in that situation when he used it. )

Thanks for someone who really knows TOTALVIEW clearing this up for us. Blessings to you !

(from "blessings4u2", Stephen McLeod, on 9/10/10 at about 9:40 AM . Please respond-post, email, phone, or "PM" me back just as soon as you can. )

Vendor Contract

Does anyone have a vendor contract that they use and make their vendors sign for protection against liens, dates of completion, add on costs, etc.

Hard Money Loans

I would like information on Hard Money lending
details if anyone knows of someone in Orlando Florida.


How do i present an offer???????

Please respond quickly DG helpers, for time is of the essance...
I am on my first deal process and i need to know once i do my homework on a house. What do i use and/or say to back my offer up? For instance do i say "Since your house has been for sale over 90 days i offer 30% off FMV"? Or something like that?

Presenting An Offer Thru Realtor

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I have an agent who has been sending me listing of income properties over 90 days on the market.
I would like to know the steps involved in presenting an offer thru my agent to the seller's agent. As an assignment or no-money down?
Thank U in advance for all the help..


Excited 2

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The Sept 14th conference call will be my first. Just getting started and excited to get as much info as I can. Until I get my package, I'll be on the website as much as possible.

I'll Be There

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Thanks for the Opportunity to keep leaning!


Don't kill a kitten with an Atom bomb

Ask questions and listen.

"Is your house still available"?

"I notice that you have had it on the market for over three months. Can you tell me why you haven't sold it"?

"Why are you selling"?

"Would you be interested in a cash offer"

"I'm an Investor" I can make you an offer and close very quickly.

Now, remember to listen after every question. It may get very quiet [silent], but wait. They will answer, and you will hear the answers to everything you need to know to make the deal.

By the way; READ the BOOKS. Dean gives you every step.

And read the forums here.

Good hunting, and DON'T GIVE UP! In fact, when you get your first deal, keep on looking for the next one. You must keep seeking new sellers and new properties; or you will have to start all over again.


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As far as I know, TotalView just pulls together the information that you would have to go to several websites to accumulate. As far as it hanging out there somewhere in order for others to find, I suppose every click is hanging out there somewhere. I don't think that there is a way to monitor what others have searched for on TotalView, unless you were part of the TotalView owners or IT folks.

I have never had the experience of going to TotalView and having information populate in the fields, unless I have searched for it before. Your computer will remember where you have been and what you have searched, but I can't see what you have searched for.

I would find out who specifically called him and if they specifically found something on the TotalView site. I would also ask my friend who he has given the information to besides me.

We may have to find a website specialist to find out more information.


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After sign the purchase agreement with the seller, Do I have to
do one for the buyer too? Or just the assignment contract only.

Tuesday Night - Save the Date!

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...Dean, thanks for putting together another call for us. We registered for the call and we are looking forward to the call this Tuesday. I am sure there are going to be some great tips and information. Have a great weekend! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

I like the metaphoric header

And thanks this really is useful

Private lender

Hi Everyone
Do you know any private money in Michigan.
I wish all of you do good job.
Thank you

Hard Money lending

There are many Hard Money lenders all over the nation...each one has different requirements and different fees. Check online under 'hard money orlando florida' or just 'hard money'. There are hm lenders in other states that lend for florida, but you have to call around. I have called several and each person I talk to has been nice and explains if you don't understand things they are saying! But you just have to get on that phone! or email them! Hope this helps...

Private Money

Just like with the Hard Money lenders, there are Private Lenders all over the nation. Google (or whatever search engine you use) 'private money lenders'. Then you can mass email them telling them what investment you need the money for, what other money you have in the deal whether it's hard money or other cash or whatever, whatever questions you have! The lender doesn't have to be in your state...there are many lenders who lend out-of-state...just depends on if they like your investment!

can't wait for tuesday

Hi Dean,

I'm so excited & can't wait for tuesday's conference call. I know we'll be getting a lot of informations from diff. speakers & fr. you especially.
So i'll be there to listen & have a good day everyone!

working with realtors

When working with realtors do you offer them 6% or do you try to convince them to take less because you will be working with them on a regular basis? How much is suggested?

Vendor or sub contractor agreement

I am a general contractor and am acutely aware of the lien implications in the business. There are three items I use in business.
1. A lien release document to use for payments in progress.
2. A final lien release when work is completed.
(On either of these releases, no checks are written until the release is signed)
3. I had my attorney develop legal lien release wording that I had imbedded in a stamp that I use to print on the signature side of my checks. The wording states that by signing this check they have agreed to release all lien rights. Their signature on the check gives them their money and it further protects myself and my clients.

If anyone is interested, I will be glad to pass on these forms and the wording for a stamp. Possibly Dean may want to include this information for his members.

My advice to anyone who hires any work to be done by a vendor or a sub contractor is to make absolutely sure right up front that you will expect to have a signed lien waiver before they see one dime. It's your money and your property you are protecting.

One last thought. Having been in the business for many years, I have developed many forms that have help protect me and my clients from getting burned, including how to have you covered by their liability insurance. I will be willing to share this kind of information at no cost to Dean's students. He has been so generous to us all that I wish to follow his example.

Sept. 14 Conference Call

Thank you for making this opportunity possible for so many people. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to the call and the awesome information. But most of all, applying the information so I can change my financial situation.

Delete Message?

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I thought my response to the T.V. question (see next message) was going to actually show up right below - attached to the original question. It didn't and I would suggest that this be corrected in some way.
Also, I can EDIT my response (this is what I am doing right now since I decided to "quote" the original question - see next) but I cannot DELETE it. I would think this should be an option as well.

Total View Question/Response

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Rcttaylor wrote:
i have a serious? My good friend said he would sell me his property cheap so i plugged it into the web site. To see the comps etc. And it is a good deal. The promblem is that he told me he has got alott of inquires about the property just after i checked it into totalview is this public knowledge? If you run a property value check on the property can other ppl go after it or just a coincedence? If so i dontknow if i will use totalview. Any opinions will help

Total View is simply a tool to use. I'm not 100% sure I understand the confusion or the question. Checking the information on Total View doesn't "lock in" anything at all. It is information that is available for anyone/everyone to check out for themselves via different sites, etc.
By checking Total View you simply gained some information about the possible value of the property. Nothing more and nothing less.
This, at least is my understanding of this.

Totalview question

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Hi Dean,
I just want to thank you for the call tonight - I can't wait (as usual).
I have a question about the Totalview. It seems like everytime I put an address into it, it tells me that there are no estimates or comps for this property. So, is it a nationwide system or is only for just a few areas? Will it eventually get information for my area as well? (central Mississippi)
Any help would be great. Thanks again Dean!


Thank you Dean

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Thank you Dean

Total View

I have been hearing about total view. This is my first time hearing about this how can I get more info about this?

Thank You


I would like to hear more people from Canada. I want to see if their forms they are using works. I guess I just mean to say I need more guidence, and reasurance that it is working hear as well.

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