REMINDER: Conference Call - Thursday, January 29th, 2009 @ 9:00PM


Thursday, January 29th, at 9:00pm ET (6:00pm PT lookup time your time zone).

The phone number for the call is 507-726-3300 and the pass code is 88171.
A secondary number for the call is 712-338-8100 with the pass code 88171.

Because of response, the phone lines may be jammed, so if you happen to have
speakers on your computer, you may want to listen online instead of calling in.

Simply turn up your speakers, and with one-click of the mouse you're listening live!

To listen to the call LIVE Online please use the player below.

First, register for the call using the form below, this will get you access to the call in information!

First Name *
Last Name *
Email *

Special Note: We expect the lines to be maxed out so plan on listening online (it's a live broadcast) if you cannot get through.

When the call starts the below player will be streaming live for online access.

conference call number?

I am new to this. How can I get the number? How can access all the previous calls? Thanks.

New to this

I'm so excited on learning Real Estate and making alot of Money to give my family everything I was not able to get when I was growing up. I can't wait to be able to supply a home and a good school also college for my children. I pray all goes well.


everything that I am learning is by reading all the blogs and they are great. Keep up the good job everyone. Thanks for everyone's help

conference call

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Looking to sign up for call on 29th How and Where?

conference call on the 29th.

Please tell me how to register for the call on the 29th. I heard the one on 12/09 and I want to get started. I am a little slow but I really want to do this.

Conference Call

I am with the other folks, I did not see a place to register for Thursday's event - I am ready to get started to achieve my dreams

How do I get organized with what's going on around me

I work overnight 10pm - 7am, am facing kemo and
radiation treatments due to cancer surgery I
had in December.

I want this so badly, you guys are my only
support, those around me think I'm nuts, they
are only seeing the stuff going on around them.

I am a woman of faith. I know god has sent me this opportunity. I don't want to let it pass
me by.

Help, what is the way I can approach this and
work this fabulous opportunity?

Conference Call

Can't wait to here what Dean has in store for us. Hope we all become millionairs soon. Good luck to everyone!

Conference Call

I can't seem to find the location to register for the conference call on Thursday. Help

Conference Call

I can't find where to register for the conference call on Thursday, Jan 29. Help please!

How to get on the call, and hear previous calls.

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To get the phone number for the call, put your name and email in the spaces at the top of THIS page. It gets emailed to you.

To listen to past calls, and sign up for future notification here

Now get going.

Blessings and all the best,


The registration form has been added

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to this post. Just use the form in this post and you will be registered.

Game Edge

I just listened to your conference call where you announced your event in Phoenix. I was extremely excited throughout the call because I know this is something that I would excel at. However, when it came to the price of $2495 thats where my excitment hit a wall. I have listened to other real estate investors in the past and it always seems that in order to get the big advice it comes with a big price which I cannot afford. Thats the reason I want to get into this because I am tired of just squeaking by and knowing that I could make a lot of money in this if I was just given a chance. I own my own deck & fence company and most of our accounts were homebuilders who are no longer building because of the downturn in the market. I am about to become one of the people that needs to be bought out before my house goes into foreclosure. What advice can you give that can get me started in your program? Please let me know. Thanks, Mark

A conference call worth listening to repeatedly

Tonight's conference call was full of information that propel new investors to get their feet wet, by getting in the game. It not only opens our minds to the realty of success, but that having a vision and talking about that vision allows action to occur. I have mentioned to several friends and family members about my intention to be a real estate investor. However, even though they know that whatever I aim to achieve becomes a reality, they are still skeptical. I am energized to to act and prove them wrong. Great conference call.


Make some money to pay for it.

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Assignments are an easy surefire way to make some cash. It takes work, but is EXACTLY what you need to be doing anyway.....LOCKING UP DEALS....Lock up deals any chance you get and if you cannot find the hard money or some kind of financing.......sell your find....once you are in escrow, you OWN the don't have to buy ANYTHING ....EVER if you don't want to, and you can still make living in real estate, and a GOOD ONE.....I am sitting on a deal right now where if my financing doesn't go through I will assign it....I am already marketing the assignment even though I prefer to keep the property. One thing for sure....I don't want to lose out on this deal. Either I buy it or someone else does....but that is my choice....because it's LOCKED UP.

Gain the Edge Live Event!!!

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I am so excited for the upcoming live event and you should be too. I am happy to be a part of such an amazing opportunity. Dean is doing his first live event for everyone ready to be educated. In case some of you are wondering what exactly gain the edge means, it's this... Gain the education from Dean Graziosi's Expertise. That is exactly what this event will be. I can't wait to meet everyone attending- hope to see you there!

Thanks Andrea and Chip!

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Very motivating to listen LIVE to actual members making it happen.

For those that are disappointed.....

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Money is not always the problem. I think the first thing that must be thought is "how do I overcome this problem"......The answer is found in the very books you are reading and in the pages of the website that you are visiting. You must THINK BIG.......Be bigger than that which opposes you. Yes it's alot of money, but that's the can you earn it? By getting out and making SOMETHING happen. I started 1 month ago, and I am in escrow on my first investment. If for some reason the hard money I need can't be found....then I have an assignment. I am already marketing the assignment, but will not sell the deal unless I feel I have to....Even though I am in this deal I am NOT going to slow down. I am determined (key) not to fail. ANYONE can do well if they don't give up and follow the example of those who have succeeded before them. GO FOR IT !!
Make no excuses...don't give up on your dreams just because you feel that you can't afford it. If you have that attitude....You are destined to remain right where you are. Outside the box....people are dreaming of how they can do it. Inside the box.....people are in despair. Life as usual is life at a stand still. Life outside the box is exciting and full of possibilities. Success is right around the corner....but you have to get off the couch.

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