A new week, new SuccessFest treats for you...

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I talk a lot about avoiding negative people that distract you and cause doubt, but are you being skeptical to yourself?

Do you question or doubt facts and theories?

A skeptic does not accept the "Given".

There is a time and a place for skepticism.

This is not the time or the place.

If you ARE a skeptic when it comes to creating real estate profits, I can help you - IF - you are willing to take a little action.

To help you along with the process of believing in yourself and going out there and making the success you crave happen, I'm giving you something very cool.

Download Chapter One!

I've put together a mini-book, it's a concise guide filled with the essential "how to" actions that you can use to cash in with my strategies.

I've divided it up into three sections and you will be getting one section now and one in each of the next two emails I send you.

This first section you'll find out everything you need, to build that ever important buyers list.

So without further ado, here is the link to grab your copy:

Download Chapter One!

This is really going to help you.

Tell me know what you think in the comments below after reading it!

Also, checkout DGadmin's favorite techniques and add your favorites (in the guide or not)!


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Thanks again Dean you really touch me with all the cool stuff and its all starting to hit home.Im ready

SUCCESS FEST - Thank You Dean

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Thanks Dean to you and your team for continued inspiration. It is these doses of information geared to take action that propels us to go forward.

Start with the end in Mind.
Continued success,

Be well, Jose


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Your the best dean!!!

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This info gave me the motivation I needed!!!! Thank you soo much!!! REALLY GOOD techniques! Thank you once again!! :]

that was a great advice

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thanks dean i see these blogs add a lot to our knowledge of real estate investing keep it up.


buyer list

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OK, so i am going to post an email on craigs list now, print my flyers, etc, etc.

i have a very motivated realtor who has found a great in to the reo's from the bank....one investor between myself on the bank. i am OK with that start. he wants a quick turn. we will do the renovation and turn to another set of investors....so many homes, so many buyers...it has been many hours of my 'spare time' (usually in bed with the lap top prior to falling asleep ~ like i am now) and i am ready for my first deal to close!

thanks for the weekly and daily inspiration to keep going Dean!

Thanks again Dean!

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Another great tidbit of knowledge and inspiration. I know that if I keep plugging along everyday I will reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for all you do! Good luck and much success to everyone!

Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC

Thanks Dean

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Sometimes just hearing (reading) something that maybe we have heard before but put in a different way it sinks in more. Keep the treats coming! It gives me inspiration and hope!


Creating a Buyers list

Thank you Dean for getting me back on track life is funny how you can loose track of whats important when you have your daily routine going on I really need to focus on my dreams and financial freedom I do have the time Mahalo plenty Raymond 44

SuccessFest Treat

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Thank you again for this condensed treat to help find the buyers. Cannot make any money without those buyers. Hope to get my list expanded before the end of SuccessFest. I really need to close a deal by 10/31!


buyer's list e-book

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I think you are great, What you are doing is great! You've got a big heart. Forget the haters and copycats!


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Hi Dean,
Very cool ideas I'm telling all my friends and family about you and how great and good you are to all of us here.

Well done dean

Love everything here, gonna get going very soon. want to know all before i do anything , reading 2nd book now ,, wowwwwwwwwwww, great here

Very Thankful!

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Thanks so much for this information! This was something I needed help with. Now I have a step by step guide! It's great!

thank you

ive read the books this add fuel to the fire and can,t wait to hear more thank you again.

Your Mission....Our Success-THANKS!

I just wanted to add my ''two cents''.

Dean, you are definitely a giver and I know that I can speak for many in the DG Family when I say that we all really appreciate all that you do. You are trying so hard to help us--and I know that I am going to do everything that I can do to improve my situation by using all of the tools that you are so graciously providing. This buyers list info is great!!

Thanks again.


Super resource

YES, YES, YES, YES, and many more yeses.
If we all can not make this work, It will not be Dean's fault.
That's for certain!

Many, many Thanks,
Alice n John


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Thanks for your continued help Dean.

buying foreclosures

i have found all your information very useful.
however, my partner and i have made many offers for various reo's in our area but the banks seem to hold out for the asking price and we have not been able to purchase any real estate which needed considerable re hab at a price where after renovation, we could make a reasonable profit by flipping the property.

This is really Great!!!

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I hate to say this but still kind of scared, although this makes stuff sound easier.I had a stroke last year and really still working at coming back from that, so alot of my time is consumed with therapy. I am however collecting all the info I can from your letters and wonderful gifts. You are one amazing man!

Thank you soooo much!


Buyers List....

Dean, your timing is great!!! I was loosing focus and drive for a minute, but you always have the perfect and timely resource to offer and encouragement to not quit. Rather, take a small step or action and run with it. You're Awesome. Shalom...

You are the MAN!!!!

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Howdy Dean

Great information!!!!
Just stated your training academy last week and some this new information will come in handy!!

Thanks for being so open with all your REI now how!!

As (Roy) world say
Until We Meet Again

Awesome marketing!

Mahalo Dean,
Thanks for the marketing tips and wisdom for building our buyers list. Last night I met an investor and found out about his finders fee. He is the first name on my buyers list! Thanks to you, I knew exactly what info to get. I am starting to see, why its all about taking action steps. Looking forward to chapter 2!
Aloha and God Bless,

Buyers List

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Dean thank you for the little nuggets they are much easer to chew and swalow. Looking forward to seeing you on Success Mountain.

Ed B.

This is great!


This is very great information. I picked up a few good information from this section. Now I could try to move forward.

Thanks again!

Building Buyers List

Thank you sooo much Dean !!
You inspire each & everyone of us to take action by giving us an abundance of informations we really need for our real estate investing.
I can see that there's always hope for all of us as long as we ACT & Pesevere !!!

Building Buyer's List

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Thanks Dean for the helpful and motivating info!

Thank you for keeping us inspired, Dean !

First time posting,Thank you for re-inspiring me with the e-mails and this great info. it's hard not to get side tracked with lifes every day challenges but now, More ready than ever to go do my first deal now.
Don W.

Chapter 1

Thank you Dean. This is just what I needed!

Chapter one

Thank you very much for the first chapter. There was some very useful info. Stayed up late reading and doing some studying but it was worth it. Going to read chapter 2 tonight.

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