Opps... Missing Forums

I had added a couple new forums to the site. I realized they were getting no posts there, so it seemed a bit odd. Anyways, I just realized when they were added it they needed to be set to public access.

This has been fixed, so you now have the following forums available:
- Rental Properties
- Rehab/Repair Talk
- Profit From Real Estate Right Now (discuss specifics in the book)
- Questions / Feedback (questions or feedback about using the site - not for customer service or REI talk)

Thanks, DG Admin

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Thanks for posting the additional forums. I really look forward to reading all the new posts and the exchange of some great informaiton with other DG Members. Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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Thank you guys, these are veryyyyyy helpful! = )

Thanks so much

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Just a note to say thanks. Having the repair/rehab thread will be great. Look foward to the help.........Continued success!

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