Update: Conference Call Complete! REPLAY HERE!

The conference call is complete. Thank you to all who participated! You can listen to the replay live online using the player below.

(Note: There are some technical difficulties towards the end of the call that last about 4 minutes. You can download the MP3 version and play it on your computer if you want to skip through it.)

I'll be there

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I don't want to miss anything that
Dean has to share with us.

God Bless,

Great call once again!

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Hats off to another great call!

If you all have any further questions about the things specifically talked about in the call first do a search for it. A lot of this is discussed in detail in the forums.

If you can't find a good answer post it here and I or someone else can help elaborate or direct you to answer already on the site!


dean we missed a bit of your call you was telling us some very good info and it cut out for a few if you can put what we missed in your next weekly blog that would be cool thanks for time

Did anyone get the number for the coaches?

Hey Dean- great stuff and I am so ready to do this.. I have decided not to tell my fam & friends b/c I know that there will be some negative feed back from them as I don't want to hear it. I am looking myself in the mirror and encouraging me to just try this. I didn't get the number for the coach and I think that you said you'd give it. If it isn't too much trouble, and in between the new baby time, please send that number to me so, that if I get stuck someone can help me through it. Thank you and congrats and the new baby and the happy holidays. Francine

Conference Call

Great conference call Dean.  I am going to make my first assigmnent this week.  I have 5 houses that are 50 percent lower than the market rate right now.  Thanks again for taking the time to do these blogs and calls.  Nick Michigan

sort of had an A--HA moment

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In one way I felt sort of badly after the call as the house I just contracted was not an AMAZING deal (but it was for myself to hold) so I went online and re-confirmed it was close to amazing in comparison to similar sold homes.

But that "amazing" statement made me remember my best sales experiences. I totally agree when you believe you have something sooo darn good to offer that people would be CRAZY to pass on it, it is almost impossible to NOT sell it. I hope to soon be posting that I have stepped outside my comfort zone and written and/or assigns on a contract for another house on my watch list at a price I now think would be a dream to get it at.

th comment posted before I finished

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I wanted to say that I think I finally "GET IT"--how and why assignments work.


Francine... the number is

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The number for the Success Academy is 1-800-315-7782 x. 800. There is a banner on the left side of each page on this site if you ever need it.

I am confident

Thanks Dean.

Nothing left to do but the doing!


Like minded people

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wow Ken i can belive you're here too

love the youtube channel

God Bless

Gerard Doret

Like minded people

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wow Ken i can believe you're here too

love the youtube channel

God Bless

Gerard Doret

Dean Graziosi's Book R E Millionaire

I was wondering if anyone who has read Deans book, found the "arrows" useful in the purchase of a home. I am still trying to figure out how to use them... Thanks for your input. gar

Thank You!

I've been stuck in neutral for 5 years, although having bought other No Money Down programs, etc., then selling them on eBay. The problem was not enough coherent and relevant training for all economic cycles. I even took a real estate course in Florida that left me asking the questions YOU HAVE ANSWERED. So I'm writing to say "Thank you" for a book that is not only concise and relevant to today's or any day's market, but is easy to read and understand. It's a great book for beginners like me, with not only the aforementioned chapters, but delivering simple, do-able, motivational solutions to psychological hang-ups in the middle of the book. Good timing! You're going to be the one to turn it all around for me. Don't go away, your whole program is invaluable! jbp

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