Student Weekly Wisdom #20 - Shout It Out! - With Keith Boley

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from Keith Boley!

Good golly, get the word out there. Keith is having deals fall into his lap all because of his networking abilities. Drum up more business with these strategies.

- Keith Boley

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so proud of you

Hi Kieth you touch my heart deeply with where you are going and what you have done!!!!! Awesome to say the least, I feel somewhat stuck, but over coming it with that great positive spirit and yes it takes some doing but I will push till I get it.You are so amazing, much success, sincerely, Jim


Congratulations on your success Smiling





Thanks Tons

keb64's picture

Thank you Jim for the very kind words. This years edge made me come to grips with the reality that I do make a difference in peoples lives. I talked to a man that works in the hotel two years back and this year he was a student. Told me that it was me that pushed him to change his life and that my friends hit home..Keith


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That is an awesome deal! I am also in California and am researching through the online property database for orange county. My question is, do you think using is a good way to see what kind of deals people are getting out there? I have found some 20, 30 and even 100k below "zillow estimates" of some properties in Santa Ana and Anaheim but not sure if zillow is a good determiner of true market value. Any thoughts?


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They are ok but I would use several to help you be more on target. I use a title portal comps on what has sold..Keith

Great Post

Makes me want to tell the world what is on my mind.

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