Student Wisdom #21 - Keep an I out! - With Donna Britten

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from Donna Britten!

Donna is here for just a short couple minutes to discuss the importance of follow up in your business and how big of a difference it can make in your success.

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Lead Statistics

Nothing beats networking. FSBOs, Internet and targeted marketing are way too low to even consider.

Networking – 32%

RE Agents/MLS – 28%

Driving/Walking – 10%

Newspaper/Ads – 9%

Foreclosure Listings – 7%

FSBO – 4%

Internet/Database Research – 3%

Targeted Marketing – 2%

Other – 5%

That was another great one you did

Donna, thank you very much for your time on this video blog. Your such a professional and know what to do in this business.

Again thank you for your time!

LL Southern California

thank you both. And you are

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thank you both. And you are welcome

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