For Those of You With Houses For Sale, Under Assignment or Want To Market!

As you know, we are working on adding a lot of features to the TotalView platform ( Everyone that visits the site can use the research tool, which we are expanding also.

But one of the most valuable and inituitive parts of the system will be the marketing system. I cannot stress how HUGE this will be. Yes, we will cover all the bases with this, from acquiring deals, to building your buyers list to, to finding buyers for your properties (and LOTS of them). Seriously, once we have this fully completed it will be like having your property listed in the MLS, maybe even better than being in the MLS. Your property will literally be at the fingertips of tens of millions of people looking for homes.

Here's the catch though... right now the tool is exclusive for people who bought the EDGE kit. Before we can roll out the submission system to provide our property feeds to the real estate web giants who will then syndicate them on their real estate websites we have a minimum of 100 real, actively for sale properties. These can be assignments, properties you own, or even list properties on behalf of your friends who are selling theirs FSBO to help them get some exposure.

If you have at least one real property currently to list and would like to get access to the marketing system so we can roll this out in full force, email me and provide me with the following information:

- Your TotalView username (if you don't have one, create one for free at the TotalView site)
- The number of properties you have to list right now
- Can you add the properties in the next few days?

I will grant those who have request it access to the system that will be listing at least one property for at least a few months, if not forever.


If you do not end up listing a real, legitimate property you actually have interest in, your access will be removed promptly with no chance of getting back in since this could cause us credibility and our ability to work with these partners. Don't worry, if you don't have a property to list yet, you can always contact me when you do and we can get you going then.

We are close to meeting our minimum, but we need a few dozen more properties to hit 100 (but the more the better). We can then push our feeds to these sites and I would be surprised if people are not knocking down your doors once these feeds hit their sites.

You might be wondering what sites the properties will be displayed on sending buyers to you?

Think Yahoo! Real Estate, Oodle, Vast, Zillow, Google, Trulia, Frontdoor, HotPads... and dozens of other big listing sites, which then feed their data to thousands of other smaller partners.

Count me in Dean, I have a

Count me in Dean, I have a property that belongs to my parents that I can list (maybe two) One for sure.

PS. Read my post about a member cruise if you haven't already and let me know what you think.

Thanks for all you do Dean,



Rina's picture

DGadmin, I e-mailed my info.


ready to start

just trying to get started .....action has no season.....

Another great benefit!

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Thanks for the information about the latest DG benefit. I am going to send my information today. Thanks for always keeping us current with the market and creating very useful tools. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Sounds great

I just sent you my info. Im new and cant wait get started


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thanks dean i have a property locked up on contract.i will send u the info but i do not have the edge kit but am a success academy student.this tool will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It is so wonderful to be in the company of such Rock Stars.
Info is on the way.
Thanks Donna

I want in!

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I have e-mailed you my info.
Please let me know if you need any thing else.


all done

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Thank you, I just added one property and sent the e-mail.


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Can you tell me when we might hear some feed back about how we might get our listings posted?


3 home to list

I have 3 homes that I would like to list, I just started today getting into the material, and have been reading and going threw the stuff like crazy.



SOON - - -

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I will be doing this soon!!

2 houses

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I have 2 houses I would love to list.


First Contract - Assignment

Thanks Dean! As usual, you are on top of things. I have one to list. My first contract for assignment. Info sent.

Thank you!!

One for sure maybe two

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Do you still need some houses to list? I have one myself and could list one for a friend.

My Home is for sale

Would like to sale it
Think for everthing


Great Idea

Yes Dean, Lubertha and I have a house to list. Cannot wait to put it out there.


Beautiful Eastern Sierra's CA

We have a house to add to the list. Contact me for infomation
Thanks Charisse & Vic

This is AWESOME!!

Hey Dean! You rock! I have a home I'm considering putting up for sale! Please contact me with all the details!

STUPID question?

Hi Dean! Im a newbie and very excited about that fact I might add...I am not however, familiar with the EDGE kit what exactly is it?

Edge kit

Please explain? I have bought two properties and sold them, thanks to Deans motiavtion encouragement.

Edge kit

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Just a question? Has the edge kit been made affordable enough maybe through installments if it went back up n cost?

buyers steeling the deal

how do you stop this

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