Conference Call Replay available now. You don't want to miss it. Listen Now!

The call is now completed. The replay is available using the audio player below.

Turn off your cell phone, don't answer email and tell the family you need a hour of private time - then click the play arrow below and listen to the replay of an amazing call. Plus learn how you can get some amazing bonuses.

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Looking forward to it!!

Rina's picture

Can't get enough of Dean's or Greg's insight! This will be an awesome call!!


Can't Wait

randy428's picture

Am really looking forward to hearing this on, expressly seance a lot of what I do is similar to his strategy. Plus he is from the south and not to far from home.


Conference Call

bwoodworth's picture

I signed up for the call from the link and then got a message saying it was October 11th. Is this the accurate time or is March 11th the accurate time?


The More The Better

Earl Hughes's picture

I just can't wait! These guys/girls rock!!! The saying of 'Knowledge is Power' is apt. For me, this knowledge (from them) also gives me confidence to step out and keep trying.

March 11th is the accurate date

Sorry for the confusion. We will fix that immediately. The call is on March 11th and you don't want to miss it. I have had a chance to meet Greg and speak with him on numerous occasions. He has a great system that is very effective and he is making big profits with a small amount of time invested. I'm looking forward to the call and hearing more details on how he has perfected this strategy.

The Call

I am so looking forward to this call in March. Also I am in need of where I can find the call or weekly blog where Dean was talking to some gentleman about fixing your credit. I need some information off that call or blog and I can't remember which one it was. It was when he brought in special guess. Can someone please point me the direction to find it. Thank you Glenda Thank God and DEAN for this site.

March 11 - Conference Call

westerwayne's picture

I'm really looking forward to this. It sounds like it's going to be practical information we can use right away to help us with whatever our individual needs might be. In my case, this is perfect. I'm now pretty much where Greg was when he got started so I'll be listening with both ears. Hear ya' March 11th.


Conference Call

March 11 is marked on my calender, I can't wait to tune in. I'm excited and looking forward to the call.

March 11 Conference call

AndyS's picture

I am REALLY looking forward to this call. I am sure that there are more people out there than just me who say this but.....
As I read my email from Greg Murphy about this upcoming call, all I did was say "Yes, THAT"S ME!!!" over and over. I am that guy and I need help. My only wish is that the call was tomorrow!


Thanks!!! Again!!!

Mcarlo24's picture

Just wanted to say Thanks... These calls are very motivational, easy to listen to and grasp, and for me, are a Convienant time at 9:00 Pm EST... Gudos to the DG team for Keeping the INFO train a movin...


Dan (mcarlo24)

Hope there's a replay!

I still have a night j-o-b & cant do thurs evenings. Any chance for a replay? Please!!??

Informative Conference Call

I have marked my calender for the 11th. This should be a time of great information being shared. I can not wait to be part of it!

my 1st conference call

young Money's picture

I'm so excited about this conference call, this will be my first real estate conference call and I can't wait. I know good and practical information will be shared during this time. Looking foward to the date!

Conference call

This is a GREAT IDEA!!! My husband and I are working on our first deal using a combo of Joe & Stacey's REO info and Greg's lease with option to buy info. Keep the information coming!


March 11, 2010

jazzingcoco's picture

I'm looking forward for that Conference Call Smiling
It's gonna be another great call!!!
~Miyuki "Coco"

really want to hear this one - but no confirmation

I signed up - even tried it twice. But I just get looped back to this same page saying to register for the call. It doesn't give me a confirmation page with call-in info and I've not seen an email come through either. This happened for the last call, but last fall I used to get confirmations. Help!

A leap of faith

I can't wait 'til March 11th - I would like it to happen today! I reiterate Andy S' comment above: "That's me" also. Greg hit on the money. Procrastination can ruin you - I didn't 'take action' sooner when I first ordered Dean's books - Now, I am taking action by joining in on this conference call. I have nothing but faith on those who are willing to share and help those who are in the same situation. Thank you.

Yes, I'm with You I always like to listen to You

biguseof's picture

Hi Dean,

You are the best mentor!


March 11th call

I really need to hear your stories and get myself going. I will be there!!!!

Save the Date! - March 11th DG Conference Call!

Indiana-Joe's picture

I can't wait to hear what Greg Murphy has to share. As Dean has said, Greg is the "No Money Down King"! Thanks for another great opportunity to get additional tips and strategies. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe



the call

So happy to hear about the next call. I know we DG family members are excited about hearing the strategies and tips from the very own Greg in person!

Best of the day to all!

I will be there. Thanks for

richlacelle1004's picture

I will be there. Thanks for the notice. I am looking foward to it.

Bothell, WA

the call

there are three of us partnering up, so just sent Sara Posey and Chris Burke (my daugher) emails to give them heads up also...we are busy studying and hoping to make it big soon as we can. Have great encouragement all the time from te members who are already making money and increasing their net worth. Can't wait to get there myself (ourselves!!). Good day to all.... Lena Richardson

Of course I'm there

Jan Malek's picture

No other place I'd rather be.

This will be great

This will be a great opportunity to listen in to those who have made it and take the time to give it back. One day, and soon, I hope to have that same opportunity! Let's all be sponges out there.

Real Estate

I'm looking forward to call that can change my life.

strategy call

Have. signed up, but am not sure it's confirmed,since I got thrown back to sign up page. Hope you got me in, as I really need help. Have read the journels of these three and am impressed. Looking so forward to this call, wish it was tonight.

Looking forward to it !!

Waiting for my first deal to sell. Maybe I'll have a signed P&S by then. It will be great to hear the strategies being successfully used in this market.

Tele-Workshop Conference

WealthyBlessings's picture

I know this conference is going to be off the chain!

Thank you, I can not wait.

Peace and Blessings,

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