Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #114 - The Slippery Slope of Sabotage

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Hi all. Dean's got another great message for us in this weeks blog.

Updates on the private money, investment properties, changes to and more!

Then he wraps it all up with a slippery slope story that you oughta pay attention to. Someone in your life, (maybe even you) just might need to remember it.

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Slippery Slope

steve guy's picture

I dont care if your blog goes a little long or not!! You are so dead on about our reality being what we say or think it is, and thats why I add "We dont get all we want but we always get what we expect". Thank you for the uplifting message and ALL of the wonderful things you do for the DG family.

Preach Dean!

You hit the nail right on the head! Life on this earth is what YOU make it. Be THANKFUL for ALL of your experiences (good and bad), learn from them and move on. Don't dwell on the bad. It also works with fear.(that's my drawback) Don't let it paralize you.
Well I'm finanlly getting out there. I'm currently building a buyers list (which is turning out to be easier than I thought) and I just found a realtor. My goal is to buy 10 properties this year and I'm gonna use that bandit sign tip. Eye-wink

Thanks Dean for always sharing and believing in us.


positive mind compounded !!

Jay Sthilaire's picture

thank you dean for another positive mind compound !! i use your blogs as a tool to keep my thoughts and SLIPPERY SLOPES SANDED !! am grateful for your knowledge and experience shared.


mbehrens's picture

Great blog as always, these are all AMAZING things to think about. We all appreciate how much you care for every single one of us. Once again thank you for the site, the improvements, offering deals, partnering for deals, and taking the time to do these weekly blogs. I will look forward to every Monday for years to come Dean!

Gold Nugget!

bamagirl6730's picture

Thank you Dean for all of your efforts and the continual progression of growth, change, improvements. You stretch us, challenging us to take it to the next level and remove our excuses!

I as well have the largest amount of leads generated from bandit signs. I've been using white boards with black hand written letters. BUT will implement the black on yellow! Thank you for the 'gold nugget'!

(When someone is where you want to be, tells you what they are doing, DON'T question, DO it too!)

Can't hope that our tomorrow is better.....WE have to plan for it!

God Bless,

It Is So True

Thanks Dean for the great message:

You are right on the mark with what you said about working off of the positive positive things in our lives. If we stay focused on the positive things (and there are always many, it's just hard to see them at times) we will succeed. Thanks again for all the great information.
By the way, I am newbie and find your book, website and people helpful. I am in the process of going back and listening to each and every conference call and taking good notes.

Take Care,

Bandit signs

steinway024's picture

Great message Dean!
So for almost 18 months I didn't put up bandit signs. What was I thinking? That it was tacky. That I'd feel stupid. That they wouldn't work. Well, I finally put them out there, following Matt's guidelines. Listen up DG Fam, let me echo the truth here - they work! I've got calls coming in, following up on those leads, deals sure to follow...
And you know what else, don't get to tense about what day is best - just get them in the ground.

Dean and Family

kareng's picture

Being a positive thinker is definitely something that can be developed.

For a number of years I have studied, practiced and taught the Law of Attraction. It absolutely works!

Before I go to sleep at night instead of worrying about negatives I think of where I will be when I am successful, what I will be doing and who I will help to learn what I have learned. Then in my dreams that is what I see.

Yes, I have my "down" times. If I am feeling particularly blue, I will go run a hot bath, light scented candles and put on soothing music. I ALLOW 20-30 minutes (predetermined) to allow my self time to "enjoy" wallowing in my self pity. When the time is up, so is the pity. I dispel it and don't allow it.

We are in control of what we think. No one else. We must decide what that will be. CHOOSE WISELY.


A slippery slope

TrustPoint's picture

Is something we all need to be aware of in today's world. It is easy to get negative and takes practice to see the positive spin. Good post Dean.

Hey Dean

SouthsideJohnny's picture

As steveguy says; who cares if your blog is a little long. Acually it wasn't. Who can't listen to you for 5-6 minutes?! It was over before I knew it.

Again, thanks for the motivation as you always inspire us to reach for our dreams; no matter what. We all need to continually think of the glass as half full. Otherwise, there is nowhere else to go but down the slippery slope.

And Jen is giving some great advice (When someone is where you want to be, tells you what they are doing, DON'T question, DO it too!). Well, I plan on heeding it and being the best COPYCAT there is.

Success to ALL,

Well Said

TheYungGun's picture

Dean I think that the previous 9 people have pretty much summed it all up! I know it seems like I keep easing towards that slippery slope myself from time to time but I get ahold of reality and take a step back and look at the opportunity out there and it just blows my mind! We all make mistakes but like I've always been told it's not how you react to them it's how you deal with them and keep moving forward! So again Dean thank you for all of your inspiration, dedication, and hard hard work, we appreciate it more than you'll EVER KNOW!!!



TheYungGun's picture

I miscounted on that one (10) Think it was just the excitement that took over there!


Thanks Dean

steve and veronica's picture

For another great blog. I want to thank you Dean and Matt for telling us about the small town banks that do no season refi loans. We applied a while ago for a no season refi loan in Indiana were we have a rental home we bought for 15k. We should close this week on the loan for 45k. It has taken longer than I thought it would but we wanted the loan in our LLC name. We had to wait on paper work from California to send to Indiana to register our LLC in Indiana. Now that is all done the pay off is coming and we thank you for that.

Steve and Veronica.


Indiana-Joe's picture

Thank you for taking the time to do another weekly video blog for us. As I write this they are forecasting a minimum of 12 to 18 inches of snow for the Chicagoland area. While some dread the snow others find the opportunity in it. This is true in so many instances in life.

Times can be difficult and we can fall down that slippery slope in life if we choose. Even though we may be falling we still have control if we decide to. You are so right that each of us has the opportunity to create our reality and change our own destiny. Things that happen to us, can put us on another path in life. I reflect on this often because if you seek solutions they will appear. If you seek deals they will appear. As you have stated our perception can become our reality whatever that may be. The choice is up to us based on our actions.

We are looking so forward to the live Gain the EDGE 2011 event. We will always be grateful for your books, programs and events, because they took us off that slippery slope. We wish you continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


Chasing The Dream's picture

I hope your enjoying that Arizona sunshine and having a great weekend! I always enjoy the weekly video blog because it always contains those tips and golden nuggets of information that make me reflect where I have been, where I am and where we want to be. Your video blogs are always insightful and motivating and really make a difference for many people. Thank you for taking the time to share your words of wisdom. The weekly blogs really help us to get through those slippery slope type of days. (The SS reminds me of the Jon Bon Jovi "Slippery When Wet" album cover, but that was before my time. It must be Joe's album) Smiling Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey

Slippery Slope

Thanks for the wise words Dean. It's called "catastrophizing" when we tell ourselves those negative things. Basically, that means looking it as bad as it is and then making it as bad as it could be....and feeling it as reality. I have done that so many times and still catch myself doing it. But when I do, I tell myself "that's not what I should be thinking about", and ask myself "what should I be thinking about" to redirect my focus. It works.


slippery slope

Thanks Dean

Love your blogs and all the people in it with comments. Sent it to a friend that was down.
Looking forward doing my first deal here in Canada. Still doing studies on your site, and love all the info.

Thanks Again
Diane in Canada

Lots of Information in one Blog

Thanks for sharing Dean, you surely hit the nails on their heads. A lot of information in one blog. I did not want it to end.

God Bless.


I've been reading this other book to help me turn my life around and it's brought me to you, and to my own realization. i love watching your blogs and hearing what you have to say and reading everyone elses comments, if it weren't for others we wouldn't be where we are. I hope to meet you soon.

Keep your focus; stay on top

Kevin A Goldman's picture

Excellent message Dean. I have been on that slope many times. I know it well. But if I may quote a Jedi from Star Wars Episode I (okay, a bit dorky, but listen...): "your focus determines you reality." I have loved that quote for along time and it really says the same thing you said. We must stay positive; deal with the bad, let it speak through us for a moment or an afternoon or whatever, but deal with it and move on. Great blog, Dean!

Kevin A Goldman

Slippery Weekend

John Trivett's picture

Great Post Dean. This weekend I was on that slippery slope. Every job I had this weekend just seemed to go totally wrong. Basically I worked for free but I worked hard and gained respect from new customers and after it was all said and done, I made two new friends who appreciated my hard work. I consider myself a very positive person but sometimes its hard to keep that mentality with all the stuff around us that can pop up!
What a great post for a Monday morning to get me geared up for a awesome week! Thanks again Dean for the positive message!!


Great information

Thank you Dean. I've received your books a week ago, I'm still reading and watching the videos on the website. I am learning a lot from you and I can't wait to get my first deal, I will recommend your books to my friends.

blog Jan 31/2011

Pileing up negatives is I agree like strangling yourself..I learned that in my twenties.but thanks for the reminder as I am sure there is always someone at that point in life: secondly thanks for the reminder to have stuff ready to say before putting out Bandit signs: still working on my script but thanks for holding me back til my script is ready

Bandit Signs

Captain777's picture

Thank you Dean. I am going to revise my bandit signs and practices based upon the new info you gave us this week. I am believing this will bring a lot of traffic. I am going to revise my website and my 800 number for this revision too.

Another positive and motivating blog!

MWhite2's picture

Thanks for the inspritation!

jan 30 2011

jcwp's picture

Thanks again Dean! John from JCW properties here.positive,positive,positive!You keep pounding this into our heads....IT WORKS!
Everybody read the book "The Secret" than read it again . In the last 6 months my wife lost her stressfull-good paying job & came to work with me---Were doing it even better! We transferred her retirement into a self-directed IRA (you should do a blog on this)& started a second LLC. We just finished (this weekend)with the rehabbing of 2 homes & closed on Lease options on both as we had Tenant/Buyers lined up before they were done( Thanks to your marketing techniques?) $12,000.00 in our pocket this weekend with another $1400.00 month (POSITIVE)-cash flow. Please see my success story & vote for me. I have done much more since than!! This all started with 0-NONE OF MY OWN MONEY!
Keep it up Brother-You Rock!!

Slippery Slope

helpme2's picture

As usual a great blog with lots of information, inspiration and updates.
(Slippery Slope) Doesn't one need to keep at least one thumb on reality though? Zig, Zag, Duck, etc. I believe you said something to that affect awhile back.
The suspense about the changes keeps the mind puzzled & wondering some.
Thanks. Smiling


Needed the up lift to start my day

Keep It Coming Dean

Thanks Dean for taking time out to basically remind of things that if we think about...we already kind of know. I learn a lot from your blog every week and I appreciate the genuine concern you have for your students.

Thanks Man!

Keep on talking...

fnyzep4749's picture

Great blog, indeed!! Just to let you know, I've finally got my husband reading your books, and it's paid off. As I've mentioned before, we were investors in the past (1980's), and things have changed. He's found a possible partner (money), and we went out this weekend to check on properties, getting a good feel, in general. He is out again today. I am reading your last book. He will be watching this blog when he returns home. It's a great day, Dean Graziosi!!


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