Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #118 - How to Drop Your Stress Level INSTANTLY

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

This blog is AWESOME! Today Dean is going to give you his very own secret to getting things done.

If you are time pressed and often stressed over not accomplishing enough, here is your FREE solution!

You will also hear an update on our private lending, our property buying, and he blows the whistle on his "whistle" - (you gotta watch to get it).

AND...if you haven't heard yet, we have a super informative FREE training call Tuesday and you don't want to miss it!

So stop reading this and start watching Dean.

I'll be waiting

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Great blog, that yellow pad works good. I hope my email is in that target area, would be nice to get more involved with DG Enterprises,and see if there are any properties in this area. Thanks for your efforts.

Appreciate you!

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Thank you Dean for all your continual efforts! I love how you never fail to encourage and empower but more importantly direct/teach. Why I feel you have and will always surpass anything else that's out there. Not one to leave their students all excited with the "You can do this, You can do this"....then students look around and say "O.k. Great, Do What?" LOL YOU give us an exact step by step plan to achieve the results!

I for one can testify the notepad WORKS! I get at least 10X more done than strictly using a calendar/organizer.

Thanks Dean...You Are AWESOME!

Appreciate you and Matt both for taking the time this week for the upcoming Conference Call. Stoked About It!

Jen Gray

Wont miss this call!!!!!

I'll def be there dean!!!

The Yellow Pad

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That is such a great idea Dean, and too watch you explain how you re-write it every morning, and how all that works is really amazing. I will begin that tomorrow morning. Thanks for a great blog and I look forward to listening to the call Tues night . Have a great week Dean.

Best Regards,
Curtis Fillers
(Charlotte, NC.)

Wow Dean Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

GBU Ventures HQ's picture

You know What I love About you Dean, you alway time your time to Help out people who needed it...

This really mean a lot to me to have this type of support I wish we all live in the same neighborhood because this website some me so much love, Dean you and every one here are Family to me. and When I make it big I will make an efford to meet everyone in person to thank you all.

I really needed to here that

Thank you So much Dean

God Bless you And Everyone Here...

Let's Make 2011 a year we never forget


P.S. I live in The NYC Area

Ever so grateful for you and what you give!

The world is a stage and we all have a part to play. I Thank God that HE made you the way you are. A very giving spirit you have and your delivery is perfect. Thank you so much and I will be on the conference call gleaning all that I can. You know what, I just thought of something. I wish there was a spell check here for our postings. Is that possible? I am certainly not technical so yellow pad works for me. I also buy the 9 1/2"x6" spiral notebook and put everything in that. It acts as a journal and record of everything that happens. notes, goals, grateful list, phone calls, appointments etc. I date each page and just keep going. When I fill one I start another. It helps me to see where I have been and to see if I am making progress on personal things as well. Its becomes a record of my life. Almost like a time capsule. When I am gone I am sure someone will find it quite interesting. Some will think I was "nuts" and some may think I was brilliant. Enough for now and thanks again.


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Jeremy and I are keeping are fingers crossed, along with Jim Kendrick that New York state is in that target area. Many deals to be had and many more on the horizon.
As always, you give so much to so many. With much thanks and continued success...Jan and Jeremy

Another Note

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Hey JBTOGGS would be in that New York area also Dean along with Elix Brown. Couldn't forget the Rat Pack....Jan


As always, we look forward to that weekly blog. Thanks Dean. Trying new and different things will definitely move us closer to our target of success in real estate. We will also have to monitor or keep track of our daily activities to ensure regular progress.

Thanks For Another Video Blog

Shellsell's picture

Hi Dean,

It's great you are helping out the DG family with
making good deals. Great idea with the yellow note
pad. So looking forward to Tuesday nights call.
Thank you for taking time out of your schedule for
the conference call. Have a good week. God bless!!!


Looking to give this call a real listen to.
I know it'll be very informative.


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Thanks for doign another weekly video blog for all of us. It sounds like there are more great things on the way and we can't wait to hear the latest opportunitities. Thanks for sharing your yellow pad organization system with us. It is like the old saying of "if you want something done, give it to a busy person." Looking forward to the conference call on Tuesday night. We wish you continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Deans To Do's

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Thanks for the blog. I just wanted to remind those that have your books that there is a section the site that has your Daily To Do's list

At first I wasn't using it but after I started I could sleep way better at night instead of waking up several times in the night.

I saved a copy and I use it very often this might help.

Hi Dean

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I learned about the Yellow Pad organization tool from your EDGE 2009 DVD set and have been using it to get my business foundation laid out. I only update it every month, but that seems to be working ok for now. I know that when I start marketing and the pace of my business begins to pick up I'll be updating it more often. I'm really looking forward to the conference call tuesday. Thanks for all you do.
Best wishes.


Just what the doctor ordered!!!

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Thank you for this blog and for helping people like me to find a way to get organized and set goals in our professional as well as personal lives. That little yellow pad will help me out so much...I'm going to dig mine out now. Thanks again for all you do!

Great blog Dean! I know this

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Great blog Dean!

I know this is going to help me out in the long run. I frequently find myself getting stressed over small things like this, so thanks again! You're a lifesaver!


Thanks for the genuine advice you give us on a regular basis. Stress and fear seem to be the things that slow us down on our journey to success. The yellow pad helps us focus and not get overwhelmed on the many things needed ahead of us to get to our destination.

stress reduction list

love it! Thank you Dean, will implement today. Felt like you were speaking directly to me. Kathy

Cant thank you enough!

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Dean it is amazing how you lay things out so all of us can understand and also put your ideas to work. Yellow simple, but it does help us focus. Started mine this morning. Ill be listening tonight!!

God Bless you for all you do.

Gooooooo Ohio!!!!!

Thanks Dean,
Your blogs are always so informative. I definitely like the idea of prioritizing goals on lists. So many times I feel like I am overwhelmed with things to do, but I have tried this and it does work! It has taken us a year to get our team together and get a deal under our belts, but we finally made it and there is nothing to slow us down. We are closing(double closing) our 1st deal on a multi unit apartment on March 7th and making 22K. Yeah. It's off to the races. Thanks for everything Dean and God Bless...
-The DeLori Group
Jon, Jack, and Tim


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You hit the nail on the head. I have so much going on in my life right now I haven't been about to concentrate. This is just what I needed to relieve stress and get focused. Thanks Dean. You are so unselfish and thoughtful for sharing your personal sucess secrets.


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Thanks, this was great. I need a system because I do wake up at night with tons of ideas and "to-do's".

I got that aha

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feeling about the yellow pad, Dean. This is gonna work for me. I will do it right now. Thanks.

Will put into practice!

Deb in OK's picture

I have seen that on the EDGE DVDs...but forgot about it. I will start with it TODAY!!!! I was up for about an hour last night stressing over so much I need to do!

I am also looking forward to the call!

Thanks, Dean for all you do!

Deb in OK

....any other OKIES out there? lol!

Thanks for the idea!

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I'm glad to be reminded how handy the yellow pads can be. I used to love to use them at work when taking notes. I even used sticky tabs along the sides of the pads to help me reference pages by date or key words, etc.

However, I have never thought of the right to left strategy. This is really cool because it will help me to see whats going on for several days instead of just all notes on one page for one day. Great idea!!!

RE: whistle

Sorry Dean obviously the lockett holds a very personal value to whistle comment was way out of line..the pad with three colums works for me also as I am technically deficient and I can find stuff faster when I have written it down..It's a visual driving through a neighbourhood not remembering the name of the street but remembering the scenery around you and finding your way by doing so..Thanks for this Blog today ATB Doug

Great idea Dean

samm5195's picture

I'll implement that today and let you know how it goes.
Thanks again


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Great advice Dean,
I hope the private lending gets going, I need to refi a few properties I got with Hard money lenders. See you at the call.

Great Reminder

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Dean, I appreciate the reminder about the yellow tablet. I had forgotten about the organization you use for it and I had gone back to my own method using the yellow tablet. I believe yours is a much better method. Thank you again.


WOW! MY Stress Level Went Down Just By Listening

To You , I Wont Miss The Call For Nothing.


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