Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #120 - The Myth of the Leisurely Life

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Well for many students this is the first week of Spring Break.

A time where students everywhere throw aside the books and exchange their classes and studying for something else.

Right now, countless kids across the country are happier because they PERCIEVE their life just got easier.

Would you agree with the statement "most of us are looking for a way to make life easier?"

Did you ever stop to wonder whether life is SUPPOSED to be easy?

Are we inherently designed for leisure or labor?

This week Dean shares something he JUST discovered that could hold the answer to those questions and make you think in a whole new direction. Watch and then let Dean and all of us know what you think.

Thank You Dean

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Thanks again for another great blog. I know last year at this time I wanted to go the the Edge event and was unable to make it last year. We got over not having enough money to go to the Edge in 2010 and we are going to the Edge 2011. To others on this site do not give up if you can't get you first deal done right now or you can not make it to the Edge this year, do not give up. Later this year or next year may be your year to get deals done and go to the Edge or make a video to send in to Dean. Never give up.

God Bless Dean and all the DGers.


As I listen to your blog

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As I listen to your blog about the journey, I realized how much time I have been on it. As I try to help others everyday on my journey I forget that is what I am doing. I come to the threads to see what new questions others have asked to see if I can offer some help. I can't believe that it's been seven months since I first posted here.

I guess when you enjoy doing something you forget about the time and effort that you spend.

So I say this, stop and help someone everyday and that journey won't seem so long.

Thanks for being here. Jim

Hey Dean!

An email I got from you the other day made me want to comment on your next blog. It was the one about the guy who watched all your blogs and did all the exercises in 5 days. It made me want to tell you how awesome ALL of your teaching is. In the past few months since joining the success academy I've also watched all the blogs, done all the exercises, read all your books, listened to all your conference calls, watched both gain the edges multiple times, and in the weeks before leading up to Matt's three day onsite read all 700+ posts he made on

The amount of information you give away for free on this site is incredible. I don't usually comment on your blog but I make sure to watch every week. I'm also putting everything I'm learning into action! It's not 100% yet but it looks like I should be assigning a contract in a few days on my 25th birthday! You're awesome buddy I hope I get the chance to meet you at the edge 2011.

Salient points

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are often the most simple. Recovery time from the setbacks of life ARE what makes the difference between a winner and a loser in the real estate business. The usual culprit is leverage. When we use it to increase our wealth, it is great; however, when the market turns against us, we need to take quick action to rise above the destruction and not put our heads in the sand. Your points in this blog are spot on.

Falling Down

Nice message here today. No matter what stage you are at in your REI endeavor, time spent off that horse is a big part of how one deals with challenges. Keep taking action! Thanks Dean.

Another great one

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Dean, once again you've come through with the wisdom as only you can deliver it. We truly all have setbacks, the recovery time is so critical to determine success. Frankly anything you learn from a group that cost 25K has to be life changing even if it seems simple. Thanks for all you do and always being on time with the video blogs. God bless.


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog for us. It is so true that everyday we have challenges we face and it makes us a stronger and wiser person. Life can be like a jigsaw puzzle that each day the pieces begin to come together. Some pieces don't fit and we make adjustemnts where necessary but the key is to keep trying. We wish you continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thanks Dean!

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Another great blog. You always give me something to think about for the week and I'm really grateful for all you do.
I have just gotten back from the print shop and will be sending out my first postcard campaign. Wish me luck.


Thank You

I don't know how Dean does it every week. He posts the things I know I personally need to hear and it just gives me that little or big push that I need to getover the humps. Thank you for another great blog with wonderful adive and encouragement. Keep them coming:)

Recovery time!

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I believe the recovery time depends on how quick you realize that you made a mistake, learn from it and move on. Most people when they make a mistake they find someone or something else to blame. The truth is that your in control of your own life so if something goes wrong it's all because of you. So stop looking for who or what to blame and just learn from it and move on. You can only fail when you stop trying!

Quicker Recovery

Jaguar.Investments's picture

Thanks Dean. I wholeheartedly agree that quick recovery is such a critical piece of any successful business. Finding solutions is our lifeblood. Time spent bemoaning setbacks does not produce anything except further misery and more serious problems. This is something I can really put into practice. Resilience is another way to say it. Just like Brody last week. How long does it take him to get back on the bike after falling off? Probably not too long!

Have a great week!

Roger Schafer
Jaguar Investment Group

Once again great blog

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Dean I enjoy your blog its so true, I look at my journey as a learning tool. Last week I kill a deal all over a LOI, yes I was pss but I learn what not to do again. A new week and I have new deal to close. I love what I do. Thank Dean I'm looking forward to your new book to add to my library.

I think you must have a 6th sense

Ok Dean, now you are beginning to scare me. I was given some very upsetting news at work just last night. I was telling my wife that no matter what we will get through it and you know what, we will. Instead of dwelling on it we will come up with a plan of action to deal with it right away and move on.

P.S. I think you must have a 6 sense.


Life's Journey

Thank you for your insight again this week. I try to teach my children this same lesson. We all face different challenges in life, but how we cope with each challenge will impact the outcome. We can't control everything or everyone in our lives, we can only control how we respond to and overcome the obstacles we face. Our attitude will determine our success!

Great Video Blog!!!!!

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Hi Dean,

Always, thank you for another great video blog, I like those outdoor videos. Set backs not always easy but seem to be part of the plan. Helps in the growing process. Recovery is top of the list. Your books, video blogs, and the DG site have helped tremendously for me. Looking forward to your new book. I'm sure you are on cloud nine in those brain storming sessions. God Bless

I got a call at 6:00 a.m. from New York, from a fellow who knows Chad Merrihew, he wants to invest in properties in MO. He really likes your caring spirit and your creative techniques in real estate.
He is just getting started and is thinking about coming to our REI Meeting in Springfield. He said he would let me know by Tues. Exciting!!!

Achieving Our Brand of Success

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Dean, That recovery period you have discussed here seems to be the key! It seems that where you are in your own life determines how big your setback is for you. And.... like you said, our own method and speed of our recovery is the key to achieving the goals we have set before us to accomplish. Thank you Dean for this insight. I am determined to learn how to recover and move ahead. This is a very important lesson for me and I expect for everyone striving to get ahead of the game.


Recovery started with your book!

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Just like I stated in my video, my recovery started after I read one of your books and joined the success academy. My business was loosing money and I had a negative net worth . Now 24 months later I have over $600,000 in earned income and equity!!! I am going to make it to the bigger number with your help.Thank you so very much!

John Wakefield

Another Great Blog

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Hey Dean,
Recovering from setback...I've always tried to keep a positive spirit but we all have our low moments. I love coming to your inspirational what I call "Deanisms" I also appreciate the enthusiasm and support of other DGers.


Dean, I thank you for your wisdom. I haven't made any deal or money yet, still learning my way through this path.

The excitement i experience is contagious, as i sense its not ONLY about making money,but about how we treat,and help ALL the people we meet on this journey.

Helen Fakande.

Re recovery blog March 14/11

In my area people are paying between 5 and 10 thousand below full market value for REOs Is it any wonder Canadian Banks continue to show amazing quarterly profits I'm in the GTA..I suspect that my answer is to shop in a diffewrent area..perhaps S.W Ontario where the pickings are better..and prices are more in line with Michigan and REOs are more plentiful..thanks for your blog today : I'm looking forward to your upcoming book

recovery time

hi dean i alwats enjoy your blogs today is just another great one i beleave just as in health recovery is very important so yes when you fall down you got to get back up dust yourself off and carry on looking foreward to your new book i bet its a dozy god bless you your new book your family and the dg family have a great week.

Other ways of looking at things

Dean and other members My house was robbed during christmas,and it was done by a kid who my wife and i tried to help.long story short dean your right you cant sit and dwell on things.I was going to use some of that money to join edge 2011 but now i cant.That is not pulling me down though since i will join next year.I havent done my first deal yet but i will.THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION.

Thank you Dean, once again a

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Thank you Dean, once again a great message.

Taking the fear out of it.

Mighty1 Real Estate's picture

Sometimes the reason why we don't want to get on the bike again is because we're afraid of taking the hit, if we do fall down again. What did I get from this weeks blog? Learn to recover from a fall and don't be afraid of scraping up and getting a few bumps. It will all work itself out if we just keep trying. NEVER SAY DIE!

Thank you !

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As always dean you know the right things to say and to give us alot to think about. It really helps as well when you really think about it just like yesterday i was going over your books and i thought about a few things as how it would benifit me and what i can do to work with others and i was kinda stumped at first. We all make mistakes and thats how we learn."With failure comes greatness!" Yes we fall and we get back up and continue on forward and keep going strong,and yes we will fall again and repeat that process sometimes with a little help.

Thanks Dean for another great blog

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I always look forward to your blogs.Your words of wisdom & inspiration really ring true.It is true that we all face challenges along lifes highway.That helps build our character.I believe we should look for opportunities each day to help someone,even in the small ways it makes a huge difference.
"I can do all things through CHRIST which strengtheneth me"(Phillipians 4:13)

Dean, you keep on

Dean, you keep on encouraging us, and I am truly grateful. I become better, stronger and seasoned in what I do.


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Hey Dean,

That's great... I would just like to speed past this recovery period that I have been going through and start building this new business. As you stated, I just need to put the old deal behind me a start anew.

There is no success without failure. If you never fail you never learn. You learn to ride a bike by falling and then learning how not to fall.

Great comment this week about recovery.




You are first, "a teacher."
What you are teaching can be used in the real estate arena which we're involved ... or, any area of our lives.
That's why I watch every every week.
I apply your lessons. Collect your thoughts.
Can't wait for your new book.
Jay Cadmus


boi212's picture

This is exactly what I was thinking last night! All these mistakes I look at great learning lessons because there's no need to waste too much time griping and moaning. As long as continue to open my eyes i'm going to stay plugging away at this. I do have a story to tell. I don't have the camera yet to put everything on video, however, it will make for great reading one day. After one weeks of honest efforts, I now have 4 qualified buyers. Time to kick it in an other gear and compound it.

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Well for many students this is the first week of Spring Break.

A time where students everywhere throw aside the books and exchange their classes and studying for something else.

Right now, countless kids across the country are happier because they PERCIEVE their life just got easier.

Would you agree with the statement "most of us are looking for a way to make life easier?"

Did you ever stop to wonder whether life is SUPPOSED to be easy?

Are we inherently designed for leisure or labor?

This week Dean shares something he JUST discovered that could hold the answer to those questions and make you think in a whole new direction. Watch and then let Dean and all of us know what you think.

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