Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #122 - World News, Graziosi Style

This week Dean has a brand new trick for us all.

We actually have a new way to share the things that YOU think are worth sharing from this site. Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
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He also has an announcement about a very cool project that you can be a part of shaping.

So for some exciting new stuff to start your week, take a moment and watch now.

Love your new set

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Really has a professional feel about it. Good Luck with your new project as I am sure it will help a deserving family.

You keep finding boxes to step out of!

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This is truly phenominal! I remember you mentioning very briefly at the Buying Summit in December that you would be doing a reality show. I never could have guessed how amazing it would be. Not only is this generous and creative, it really is teaching a family to fish - that is the ultimate gift. Once again, you are a great leader and role model. We will find ourselves saying, "Oh Dean, yeah, I knew him when he was 'only' my RE guru, now he is a famous humanitarian" (though I have no doubt you have been quietly helping many all along). I hope many of us will take your inspiration and extend our help to a broader circle as well. And do let us know when you need some "guest" appearances! LOL
Also I really like the share buttons provided below the video. I have been striving to become social network savvy in my marketing and communications. This will help and encourage that progress.
May your week be blessed!

No doubt !

With certainty I am sure your new reality project will be very helpful to someone and very profitable too. I continue to work on getting my first deal. It really is a wonderful life. Have a great day.


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thank you for another awesome blog and a reality show REALLY makes sense .You are an amazing individual that strives every day to help people and now many more millions of people will be able to see,share and be determined to help others just like you by watching.I love the SHARE button now i can share your message and goal of helping 1 million people to family and friends on facebook !!! by watching these reality shows that GIVE we are inspired to give ourselves !!! YOU ARE AN UNBELIEVABLE MENTOR !!thank you


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Post Dean,What a wonderful thing you are doing .That is why you are so successful, you always give back.Thanks for everything you do for us(students) and everyone you come in contact with.
Thanks for everything Dean,take care and I really do appreciate it.

Take care

Curtis Fillers

Helping others

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Thanks for another great blog.
You have another great idea TO help someone(family) in need.I am glad to be part of the DG FAMILY.You are always thinking of others.

May GOD continue to bless you & and your family.

Cordially in CHRIST,
(Corpus Christi,TX)

OK you did it again, other

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OK you did it again, other great ideal to help someone get their life on track. It's great how you keep coming up with new ideals.It will be nice to see how you help someone out and change their life,so we all can see the outcome.

This will change someones life!

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What an awesome blog today Dean. Ive kinda gotten off track lately but this is just what I needed to hear to get motivated to help someone else out. Please continue your teachings and all you do for us here at Have a great week!!



OK, every week we are motivated by Dean and this week is no different. Except it's bigger than us. In helping ourselves create our dreams, we help others create theirs. Simply amazing. Have a great week everyone.


This really is going to be a very good help to somebody somewhere, I really think that the people
that will be nominated is going to be helped to the
max by you and all your staff.
God bless you for doing something like this.

Love It!

Dean you always amaze us! I don't have the person's full information. Greg Harmon shared an awesome story about Amy who inspired Dana and Marilyn (I hope I got the names right) to read the books (your books that is) out loud to her and so motivated them into the REI world. I think Amy is well deserving of your services for this reality show and would make a great premier episode so to speak. Just a thought Smiling

Blessings to all,
Cathy L


Chasing The Dream's picture

You always amaze me! What a great idea. You are right, teaching someone will be worth so much.

I wish you luck with this new adventure.

Carpe Diem :0)

Love the reality show idea

Regina's picture

I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for a family in my area that I can recommend. Thanks for the opportunity to help my neighbor.


Jan Malek's picture

What a great way of giving back. I am sure this project will be a huge success. Many thanks to what you do every day...Jan

Great Philanthropic Effort

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Dean, I strongly support you and this latest effort to make a REAL difference in someone's life. I am sure that the chosen family will be blessed beyond measure. Additionally, showing the results of this effort will surely multiply the results when so many others see what can be done with a change of heart and some real effort. Just believe!!! Sometimes getting out of the "hole" brought about by circumstances is so daunting that what is really needed is a humanitarian "hand up"! May God bless this plan and may He multiply the outcome many times over. I can only imagine the golden feeling God is and will give you because of this plan.

Exciting Opportunity

Jaguar.Investments's picture

Sounds like an exciting opportunity for someone! Encourages me like crazy today because I have 31 Days to complete my 5 deals for Academy refund and these guys are going to be in and out of a deal in 7 days. That's flying.

Blow up>>>

Lex Templar's picture

A Reality show would really make this site blow up. It goes hand in hand with the revamping of Can't wait to see the deserving family and their transformation. You're the definition of "what is greatness" Dean, real talk. I look up to you so.. much. I can't wait to have the opportunity to help others as well. May God bless you with Eternal Health.

todays Blog

Excellent idea..can't think of anyone at the moment but will give it more thought in the days ahead. It's a beautiful morning in Oshawa Ontario Canada Cold but Sunny hope your day opens up the same RGDs

Great Idea!

I don't know anyone around me in real estate that I could nominate and benefit from this great opportunity. But one thing I do know, it's my desire to help those that are in my immediate world that are in need of help. Right now, I'm stock, unable to do any deal for lack of funds, and no more room to charge for the cost of programs to have business credit that one needs to get funds. If one can not make payments on what is on ones credit cards, there is no sense in keep charging, and this is the predicament that I'm in now. House price in my state is high, and for beginners like me, it's a challenge without a business capital.

Even though, I determine to make it work, it seems like an unending circle.
Thanks for listening.

That's What I'm Talking About!!!!

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Dean, Tyrone and I are new to your family and the Dean Graziosi communtity and are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful Family!! We Love, Love, LOVE what you are currently doing for others, and can't wait to see how this new project will go.
What an awesome idea, and a wonderful way to help someone, and like you said "teach someone how to do this for a lifetime!" I love your spirit and desire to help people. You are already do so much for our family, and can't wait to share with you all of our successes!
Congratulations on your new adventure, we support you all the way!
Renae & Tyrone

Your going to hit it out of the park again with this..

Taskmaster's picture

Well Dean you've manage to top yourself again. Awesome idea your on. I do have a name for you to bounce. After thinking of this one. I thought this could be a good name. Hard Times To The American Dream.....Have a strong day. Hope you like it. Salvatore....

A different Guru

There are a lot of TV and Seminar Gurus out there that are only in it to make money. They don't care about their students except for how it affects their bottom line. You, Dean are different. You can see it in your website,(no membership fees)you can see it in your weekly blog (not a sales pitch) and you can see it in this new idea for your reality show. Of course you can see the promotional value in it, but I think its more than that with you. Its not just getting more people to buy your products so you can make more money, its so you can help more people in these desperate times for your American brethren. I know someone will nominate a very worthwhile family. I look forward to seeing and hearing the whole story!
As for myself...wish I could make the edge this year!


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Awesome, awesome, awesome! This will be incredible and may God continue to Bless you:-)

Jaw dropping VB!

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I have to tell you my jaw literally dropped. WHAT A GREAT IDEA. I will have to watch this blog again in a bit because my brain went fron 0 to 100 mph with all the diferent ways this idea could go! What a great way to start my day!! I feel like I just hit the lottery and the jackpot was HUGE!! Thank you!!

Thank You Dean

steve and veronica's picture

I think this will be a home run Dean. I will look even closer at all of the people around me and see what family needs to be on this show the most. Thank you for taking the time to put a show like this together.

Steve and Veronica.


Good morning, Dean. As I sit in front of my computer this morning I can't help but sing the verse "How Great [You Are] Sing with me How Great [You Are] How Great How Great You Are]! My eyes are filled with tears of joy for the AWESOME things you do to help others. God has opened up the windows of heaven and pouring out blessings; so, Dean, GET READY for more DIVINE BLESSINGS and OVERFLOW. Amen, Amen.

You Truly Understand the Concept of Giving Back!

Thank you Dean for showing everyone the Concept of Giving Back. This is a terrific idea, run with it! You are an awesome human being!

May God continue to Bless you and your family!


The Blassing To Giving

John Sowers's picture

terrific id not all pepole are like you you giv and give and you dont wont nothing back tat is what macke you you go Dean

You are the best

This is really going to help a special family in need. Really How Great Are You?Who does This?Dean I guess thats you.May god bless you and your family for all times.

Gr8 idea

danyatborder's picture

I love that you are thinking about doing a program like that I watch "secret Millionaire" and is the same concept about they just give money but what about when they leave? so your idea really makes a difference on people's lives it will change their path on life and will benefit not only their family but even generations to come.
Congrats and keep up the great work.

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